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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:


Breast Cancer Patients, Survivors, Thrivers, Supporters

Being involved is important toward survivorship. It gives one a sense of purpose in life. Helping others gives one a sense of accomplishment and self worth. 

We are always looking for patients, survivors, supporters, and thrivers to knit, sew or crochet chemo caps, slippers, pray shawls and quilts for us.
-If you need a patterns, we have some chemo cap patterns.
This is a prayer we often put in the box for any breast or gynecological cancer patient. The wording may be different.
A Prayer Shawl, Blanket or Scarf Blessing
This shawl, blanket, or scarf has been cut, sewn,
knitted or crocheted or you by someone who
supports the Circle of Hope, Inc. organization. 

It has passed our gathered circle through many
praying hands from the dedicated doner to the
blessing of many loving hearts. It is now in your
hands, _________________________.
May divine grace be upon you, as you wear this
shawl. We hope you feel enfolded, embraced,
warmed and comforted. This shawl, blanket or
scarf hopefully will transcend and give you
peace during this most difficult time.
Be cradled in hope, faith, and courage. Know
that the donor and the Circle of Hope organization
wants you to be graced with peace
and be wrapped in HIS loving care.

Clothing Donation Fundraiser-1 time per year-We look for people to donate clothes, have a family clothing drive, organize one through their business or organization.

We have a clothing sale that is gently used clothing and light household items. The items are donated, and we give a donation slip. The left over gently used items are donated to another charity.
Gathering items, having a drive, working at the event makes one feel good.

We have two dragon boat teams for those interested in being on the team. Breast cancer patients have first priority.

Circle of Hope has teams for running, walking, crawling, jumping through various events. 

Circle of Hope has a private pink party for breast cancer patients 1 time per year.

Volunteers are often time needed at various events: Color Dash, Concerts, selling raffle tickets, picking up baskets at garage sales and donating them, putting out posters and the list goes on.