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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

Circle of Hope has decided to have themes for their dragon boat picnics starting in 2014. 
In the past, we didn't have a theme. We centered it around our shirts and good eats for our 
picnic. We had some GREAT food! The following are our themes for future years:
2014-Hawaiian Lula
2015-Mexican Fiesta
2016-A Western Rodeo Theme-Give Cancer The Boot
2017-Picnic Fun-Strike Out Breast Cancer
2018-Beach Party-This is our last year of dragon boat racing. 

                     The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams I and II
                                    2009-2010 On Line Scapbook

These pictures were taken by Debbie Tendrup, Dr. Kim Storm, and Peggy Anderson
The Power of Green, The Power of Pink, The Greatest Gift is Caring For Others, Believers, The Greatest Gift is Helping Others, Being Compassionate,The Power of Survivors in Green or Pink, We Let The Good Times Roll, Determination, Remembering Those Who Have Died, Conquering and Challenging The Lake, Keeping The Spirit of Hope Alive, We Learned How To Play Nice in Kindergarten, We Won the Battle But Not The War, Hearts of Gold, Spirits of Hope, We All Have Our Stories and Songs, Cherish Each Moment, At The Dragon's Door, Teamwork, We Shared Our Cancer Journey, Life's Simplest Pleasures is Helping Others Who Are Suffering, Money Doesn't Count On Our Team, Caring is Number One, We Celebrate Life Not Death, Courage is in Every Moment,The Will To Survive and Thrive, Life Should Be a Celebration, Sisters in Faith, Hope, and Courage.
These pictures were taken by Peggy Anderson, Kim Storm and Debbie Tendrup.
2009-"Cancer Thrivers" Read at Opening Ceremony
By Peggy Anderson
We are survivors who will row
........for you, our friends, neighbors, and ourselves.
We are not victims but living in transition,
through the chapters of our lives.
Some of us have cuts and scars on our bodies,
but not in our loving hearts and compassionate souls.
We have transitioned from survivors to "thrivers."
Some of our bodies hae gone through unneccessary Tasmania, an imperfect storm.
We have survived an insidious disease,
with faith, hope, and courage
We live each days, as we will never die.
Some of us are survivors,
thanks to our supporters.
This cancerous storm may have clouded our minds,
and made strangers of our bodies,
.........But cancer does not own us,
we own it!
We hold on to every moment of happiness with a positive outlook,
as we segway into the rest of the chapters of our lives.
Each day is a celebration, a true blessing.
We ae survivors, not victims, but thrivers we will be.
Tommorrow we will tackle these races over the water
with determination, strength, power, courage, and control.
We challenge life like the water with a will to survive.
We keep the spirit of hope alive, as "we are the spirits of hope."
We will row for you, our sisters, grandmothers, aunts, daughters,
and mothers.
We are survivors and thrivers of "faith, hope, and healing."
2010-Dragon Boat Racing Read at Opening Ceremony
By Peggy Anderson
Racing adults, like children and goats
across Lake Superior's waters
in dragon shaped boats
pausing for striking moments
to wave, hug, or wish a team member
good luck in the sunshine,
Then looking at the magnificent arch
which ends with a light click
as it melts with lapping waves,
Steetching and assimilating
rowing and rowing
across te lake over a period of time
The cycle continues and always will
at each and every festival.
A glimmering string of marble reflections,
Stretching with aching and quiet need,
Creeps down honey like tears
on our faces as we won the race
over the water in one moment
the string snaps
and bursts ecstatic peals
falling gently after coalescing
in mid-air, kerplunking
and into the trembling place of our hearts
As children we arrive at shore so
full of emotion.
We won the war, the race.
How did we start raising money at the Lake Superior Dragon Boat races? It all started when I donated  money from a book I wrote, Dear Auntie, Why Me? on my breast cancer experiences. In fact the book was published, I raised the money, and then in discussing it with Steve Johnston, the CEO of The Duluth Clinic Foundation he came up with an idea. He told me how impressed he was with my raising so much money. Steve told me he would ask the Rotary if the money could go to breast cancer. He got back to me after they agreed. That is how it all began.The problem remained that it went to Breast Health year after year. That is why he started the Peggy and Jim Anderson Breast Cancer Fund for national training for staff in specific departments: oncology, surgery, and radiation, where I had had positive experiences. I write about this in more detail in the first chapter of a national book in which I wrote the first chapter. It is called  Reaching for Life,Breast Cancer Survivors and the Sport of Dragon Boat Racing, Edited by Raul Fernandez-Calienes & Penny Behling. They are part of the Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing Team ( I wrote the Chapter 1-Hope is in Every Moment. I did the bookmarker, "Knowing Oneself."
Knowing Oneself by Peggy Anderson
Know life
              to its fullest.
Know life
              by falling down,
              getting cancer,
              and getting up.
Know life
              by experiencing it.
Know life
              by crawling in words,
              and actions.
Know life
             by knowing oneself
             and friendships
             to the fullest.