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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

Resources for Patients in Northern MN and Northern WI:

What about participating in activities, events, and survivorship activities? 
Circle of Hope doesn't charge those who cannot afford to pay like other organizations. It is because
of the great donors who give Hope and Help that this is possible. Clients can participate in activities
free of charge. Just let the secretary about your financial situation.

Everyone needs to feel a part of something great and healthy, as they celebrate each day.
"Everyday is a Gift!"

Circle of Hope provides short term emergency help for those going through treatment who 
receive emergency or life saving treatments. It also helps patients to get back on track 
depending on the situation. Cancer Center Referrals !

Medical Assistance for Breast Cancer Bills:

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer and have to stop working for treatment, there is financial help available. For breast cancer medical bills, have your bills sent through insurance, then apply to Community Care through your provider. Community Care is found on most medical providers websites. After this contact Circle of Hope. Call 218-464-1626 to see if we have funds in your area or e-mail:

Also remember those diagnosed under the Sage Program will have their breast cancer medical bills paid for, if treatment is necessary.  If you are under 40 and have symptoms this same program will pay for it through special funding. (Susan Komen Minnesota)

Those under Medical Assistance will have their bills paid for as well. Medical Assistance will go back a few months. It is a great program for breast cancer patients.

Circle of Hope wants you to send the first two pages of your income tax with your application. Most medical providers have the applications. Call if you need one sent to you.

Short Term Daily Living Expenses For Those Who Have Had to Quit Work to Receive Treatment:
If you have had to stop work for treatment and need help with your daily living expenses, contact your medical provider if it is for short term gas for appointments or groceries for a special diet. You often have to fill out an application. There are many local resources in your community that can help you. If you are not able to access or obtain any of these, contact Circle of Hope. Most daily living expense money is local money. It covers rent, a house payment, utilities (uncovered ones), maybe a gas or grocery card. We pay the providers of services. If you need long term help, you need to contact the county for assistance etc.

Breast Cancer Education and Awareness:

Susan G. Komen Minnesota Resources Link:

Local Medical and Breast Cancer Financial Help in Duluth, MN; Superior, Wisconsin, and Other Locations:

Generations Health Care Initiatives/Health Care Access Office/Health Coverage Outreach Coordinator
Health Care Access Offices/Lake Superior Community Health Center/Duluth and Superior
4325 Grand Ave., Duluth, 55807-1.218.722.1497; 3600 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI 54880-1.715.392.1955
Health Care Access Office/Social Worker
Lake Superior Community Health Center, 4325 Grand Avenue, Duluth, 1.218.722.1497, sliding scale of fees
Lake Superior Community Health Center, Superior

St.Louis County-Duluth, Etc.:
County Assistance-St. Louis County Social Services-1.800.450.9777
211 United Way
Salvation Army: Dental, Food, and Other Financial Help
Heating Assistance: County Assistance, Salvation Army/Heat Share, AEOA (You can get help 1 time from each of these sources for a total of 3 times.)
Food: Food Shelves such as Chum, Ruby's Pantry, etc.
Clothing: Damino's (free), Clothing Vouchers from Salvation Army, Lincoln Park Hope Center (if you live in this area)
Shelter: Steve O'Neill Apartments for Homeless individuals, Chum,  Call Elsie at Salvation Army-722-7934, Human Development Center Homeless Project-727-1918, Life House can make arrangements for teens, etc.
Taxes:Community Action-Help With Taxes for
Money Management-1.866.531.3440
Mastectomy Products: Heide's Mastectomy, Heide's Mastectomy Shop-All items needed for breast cancer treatment, 701 1/2 North 6th Avenue E., Duluth, MN,

St.Lukes Cancer Center:
St. Luke's Hospital-915 E. lst St., Duluth, MN 55805-1.218.726.5555
Financial Help:
Gas cards for treatments are available. Tina Roberts and Kim Largo- Social Workers

Reconstructive Surgery:
Northland Plastic Surgery-1420 London Rd. Suite 101, Duluth 55805-1-218-724-7363,

Integrity Health Network:
Integrity Health Network, LLC (formerly Carenorth, Northstar Physicans Network, Inc. & Northland Medical Associates of Duluth)

Patient Care:
Family Practice Center, 330 N. 8th Ave. E., Duluth, MN 55805-1.218.723.1112

Pink Ribbon Cupboard/Brainerd: They do not cover medical expenses, drugs and reconstructive surgery. They cover daily living expenses for the following counties: Cass, Crow Wing, and Aiken.

Iron Range:
Care Partners, Inc., P.O. Box 217, Eveleth, MN 55734, 1.218.404.1411,,
Service Area: Orr to Cotton and Hibbing to Ely is the service area. Patients must reside on the Iron Range in Northeast Minnesota. Covered areas include: long distance travel (gas, food, lodging), medical bills, daily living expenses, local travel (gas), medication/supplies, complimentary therapy, other, including lazy boy chairs. They receive funding from Susan G. Komen Minnesota, Sand Lake Shuffle, Other Grants and Savings Accounts. They pay once per month from a decision made, and their grant is a $400.00 allotment. They will pay up to $400.00, 3 times.

Fairview: Angel Fund, Hibbing-This is $200.00 for gas and $200.00 for groceries; They have an active fundraising account for patient needs.

Range Respite in Virginia, MN-1.218.749.5051 or 1.877.507.7324
Care-A Van, Hibbing, MN -

Essentia Cancer Center:
St. Mary's Hospital-400 E. 3rd St., Duluth, MN 55805-1.218.786.4000
St. Mary's Hospital-3500 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI 54880-1.715.395.5400
Breast Care Navigator at Essentia Clinics-1.218.786.3625
Gas (for chemo and appointments only) and Grocery cards (for special diets only) are available for breast cancer patients from an application.
Community Care applications are available the Essentia website. This is based on income.
They have a fund from Bikers for Boobs that covers lodging and travel to chemo appointments. It an help buy wigs and prosthesis.
Essentia Clinics/Cancer Centers/Hospitals-Duluth, Brainerd, Fargo (ND) are places they can be faxed or mailed to.
They have a Essentia Health Breast Fund. 
They have an EEF (Employee Emergency Fund-St. Mary's.

Essentia Collection Policy:

Insurance: Minnesota
Minnesota Care-1.800.657.3672
State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP)/Senior Link Age

Ashland, WI:
Memorial Medical Center-1635 Maple Lane, Ashland, WI 54806-1.715.682.4555
They have an patient account from fundraising.

St. Croix-

Miriam B White Foundation

Piper Breast Cancer

Lakewalk Surgery, Duluth

Circle of Hope: located in Duluth, MN serving Northern MN and Northern Wisconsin
1.We provide financial help for breast cancer treatment bills in northern Minnesota when we have financial
donations and resources. The same goes for Northern Wisconsin. First you must run it through your insurance
and then the hospital/clinic community programs. We are the 3rd payee.
care program. We only pay breast cancer treatment bills and some bill paying (as funds are available.)
2.We have various books, pamphlets, CD resources. We can guide can individuals even if they do not
qualify for our help. This is only for breast and gynecological cancer patient in northern MN and WI.
3.We provide free services to help gynecological cancer patients access financial help. At this
time we do no offer financial help as an organization. We send out prayer boxes in the areas we serve.
4.We offer free sporting and craft activities for clients who are breast and gynecological patients to participate in.
St. Lukes, Cloquet  Memorial Hospital, Essentia.
5. Most hospitals have Community Care Programs. These are income based. Ask about them and apply for financial assistance if your insurance does not cover all of your bill.

Circle of Hope has received a Susan Komen grant two years but not four other years. They have elected to not apply due to the intensive work involved (2018 onward)

Douglas County:
Douglas County Dept. of Health and Human Services, 1316 N. 14th St., Suite 324, Superior, WI, 1.715.395.1612, Sarah Barder
Northern Waters Parish Nurse Ministry, 3500 Tower Avenue, Superior, 1.715.392.3080, E-mail:
Mariner Clinic-109 N. 28th St., Superior, WI 54880-1.715.395.3900
Health Care Clinic & Lake Superior Life Care Center-2231 Catlin Avenue, Superior, WI 54880-1.715.394.4117
VA Clinic-32 E. lst St., Suite 302, Superior, WI 54880-1.715.392.9722

Safe Haven Shelter-Community Resources-


Spooner-Essentia-Financial Help

Hayward-Essentia-Financial Help
Hayward Hospital

Sawyer-Ashfield, Bayfield Counties-Memorial Medical Center-Namakagon Cancer Fund

Minnesota and Wisconsin-$500.00 for Men and Women with Breast Cancer

Wisconsin-Marshfield Clinics

Mirian White Foundation-Wisconsin

Priceless 4 Purpose, established in 2013 to give patients 3 nights away for free at the Mystic View Bed and Breakfast near Pequot Lakes, MN. You must be a cancer patients. There are suites and meals are served.


International Falls Financial Assistance:
Koochiching County Services-

Lake County Power Heating Assistance:
Lake County Human Services-1.218.834.8400

Beltrami-Itasca-Hubbard Counties:

Bemidji, MN-Sanford:


All Cancer Patients:

Supplemental Security Income-This is a program to help disabled people with little or no income. It is mean to provide basic needs such as food stamps, clothing, and shelter. Ask social services in your town, city, or county.

Hope Lodges's/ACS-If you are being treated at the Mayo Clinic for 3 days, you may qualify.As the Cancer Resources Library.

United Way/2-1-1 Progams-Ask your local United Way what resources are available.

Cancer Resource Foundation, Inc., Cancer1SourceApp-(Genetic testing paid for) if you are 
250% below the poverty level, have been referred by a health care provider or genetic counselor 
specific medical criteria for test, 225 Cedar Hill Street, Suite 200, Marlborough, MA 01752  (to apply on line)

Metastatic Breast Cancer Resources:

Metastatic Breast Cancer- 1.888.599.0370

Social Security Disability or SSDI-If you have metastatic breast cancer you may qualify for social security disability. See if you qualify.

Fund Raising:
Give Forward-Your Own Fundraiser

Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation-Medical Bills for Women Under

Cardon Outreach Services-(medical bills paid for-Essentia uses. You can apply individually.), 1.218.722.0766

Cass County:
Cass County Health and Human Services-1.218.547.1340

Crow Wing County:
Crow Wing Social Services-1.218.824.1250

Native American:
Fon du Lac Reservation Health Center, Duluth (Att.: Carol W.)
211 W. 4th St, Duluth, 55806

Carlton County:
Volunteer Services, Carlton County-1.218.879.9238
Carlton County Health and Human Services-1.800.642.9032
Carlton County Volunteer Services-1.218.879.9238
Fon du Lac Reservation, Health Services, Cloquet

Fairview Pine City-Nicole-612-884-3414

Gilda's Club Twin Cities

11:29am Feb 11

Gilda's Club Twin Cities serves the greater Twin Cities metro area but we offered statewide resource and referral services.

The Pink Fund

Patient Partnerships-Madison

Road To Recovery (ACS Rides/not that available)-1.800.227.3345

The Cancer Card Xchange (Gift cards to cancer patients-$10.00-$100.00)

Hope Lodge-ACS-Across The United States-Places to stay for treatment.

The Pink Ribbon Riders

Itasca County Health & Human Services-1.800.422.0312

Aitkin County Health and Human Services-1.218.927.2141

AEOA, Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency-1.800.662.5711

Hope Chest

Young Women:
Fertile Hope's Sharing Program (Livestrong) for young women facing infertility, 1.855.220.7777,


Serious Financial Help for Patients:
Patient Advocates-Financial Help-1.800.532.5274
Patient Access Network Foundation-1.866.316.7263
Patient Advocate Foundation's Co-Pay Relief Program-1.866.512.3861
CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation.-1.866.55.COPAY
Chronic Disease Fund-1.877.968.7233
Healthwell Foundation-1.800.675.8416
Catherine H. Tuck
Patient Resource Cancer Guide
Pay It Forward Fund
Cancer Care (gets you there by paying gasoline, parking tolls, taxi, bus, train fairs, esp. for
metastatic breast cancer patients)
Cancer Care, Inc., 1.800.813-HOPE
Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA)
Susan Komen for the Cure/Patient Advocate Foundation's Co-Pay Relief Program
Needy Meds
Partnership for Prescription Assistance or PPA-1.888.477.2669

Medical Treatment Flights:
Corporate Angel Network Flights (to get the best treatment/cancer patients fly free), 1.866.328.1313,

Care Givers: Meal Train-

Joe's House

Prevention of Breast Cancer
Free Mammograms and Pap Smears:
The Sage Screening Program
Minnesota-1.888.643.2584-If you get diagnosed under the Sage Program your breast cancer medical bills will be paid for.
Important Mammogram Screening Information:
-If you are qualify to be screened through the Sage Program due to income requirements, are diagnosed through this program, have breast cancer; they will treat you through this program. 
The exception is if you are from Wisconsin and get screened in MN; they will not cover the cost of your breast cancer treatments.
-If you are under 40 years of age and have symptoms, or a sister, mother, or daughter with breast cancer, Susan Komen has given money for screening through the Sage Program. The
American Cancer Society recommends a mammogram every year starting at age 40.If you cannot afford a mammogram, ACS has low cost mammograms. The number is 1.800.227.2345.
-Digital mammograms picks up cancers in dense breasted women. This is the preferred type of mammogram over analog.
-New: Some medical facilities are using ultrasound and mammography for dense breasted women.
-New: Three D mammograms are replacing digital mammograms in major medical centers.
-New: Molecular Imaging is being done at the Mayo Clinic for dense breasted women and is more accurate.


Healthy Products, Feel Good Items, Peace of Mind for Cancer Patients:

(Do you know about Chemo Angels? If you or a loved one is just beginning IV chemotherapy treatment and would appreciate some positive support in the form of weekly cars and letters from caring, encouraging people, consider applying for a Chemo Angel. Visit the website link to sign up. This free program is available to IV chemo patients living in the United States and Canada at this time.)

Pinkspired-Inspirational Videos-
(Our favorites include What Faith Can Do, A Cancer Prayer, I'm Going to Love You Through It, I Run for Life, Pinkwell Breast Cancer Survivor Dance Tribute. There are others on this site. Check all over.)
*Specializing in Affordable Wills, Medical Directives and Power-of-Attorney-Brian Lukasavitz, Lukasavitz Law Group, LLC, Duluth, MN 1.218.310.4530,
My Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
TherapEase Cuisine/Oncology Nutritional Service-Eat Well, Be Well, Every Step of the Way,Greenville, Wisconsin-
Free Monthly Health Screenings-Duluth Sam's Club-Second Saturday January-October 11 a.m.-3 p.m.-Get a Free Pocketbook to record info
TCCD International (Sold at Walmart, Walgrens-Deodorants that are chemical free, etc.)-
Happy Chemo-(chemo box and other items)-
MiraCell Inc-(creams for scars, products to heal 37 skin conditions)
Cancer Nutrition Center- (Nutrition and Cancer)-
The Healing & Happiness Company-(Healing Baskets, Happiness Baskets, Bracelets)
Turban Diva-(turbins)
Cancer Shop USA/Cancer Sensibility Foundation, Putting Cancer In Its Place (cancer foods, hydrating solutions, mouth washes, skin care, nausea relief, unique needs, relief and comfort before, during & after treatment, MD recommended)
Ink About It-(therapeutic activity and coloring book with proceeds going to children and youth in crisis)
Look Good, Feel Good Program (ACS, where available, St. Lukes and Essentia in Duluth each has a program), 1.800.395.5665
Free Wigs (ACS)
Sharsheret (free make up kit), 1.866.474.2774
Melanie Project (SPF 10 Sunscreen Soap/Bethesda Skincare, 1.800.915.9716,
--Kimmie Cares
Alternative, Complementary and Integrative Medicine:
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine-1.888.644.6226
Center for Mind and Body Medicine-1.202.966.7338
Complementary/Integrative Medicine
Federal Trace Commission Cancer Treatment Scams
Herb Med
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
NIH Office of Dietary Supplements
Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Mayo Clinic's Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program
Fake Cancer Cures
I'm Gonna Love You Through It
American Music Therapy Association
Breast Cancer Books:
My Three Lumps by Gwen Rosha
Advocacy, Lobbying For Research Funding, Education:
The National Breast Cancer Coalition
The National Breast Cancer Coalition lobbies each year for funding of the Defense Breast Cancer Research Program. 
The person just puts in their state and the appropriate area & it will indicate all the years & institutions.
MN has had at least $26 million come to the state in research monies, central and southern MN. Check out the
The Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition
The Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition
(MN) African American Breast Cancer Alliance-
San Antonio Breast Cancer Coalition
Patient Advocate Foundation
Florida Breast Cancer
Virginia Breast Cancer Coalition
National Institute of Health
You Can Thrive
Education, Support, General Cancer Information, Workshops and Speakers:
Breast Cancer Awareness Association (Minnesota)
American Cancer Society-1.800.227.2345
Cancer Prevention and Treatment Fund
Information: info@stopcancerfund
Mayo Clinic
Minnesota Cancer Resources
Association of Cancer Online Resources
Patient Power
Cancer Life Line-1.800.255.5505
American Society of Clinical Oncology-1.888.273.3508
Funding, Grants, Education, Fundraising:
Minnesota, Susan Komen
Susan Komen provides breast cancer funding grants at this link:
The link for Susan Komen national grants is:
Wisconsin, Susan Komen
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Southwest, Susan Komen
Lance Armstrong
National: Susan G. Komen Foundation
Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Cancer Care's Linking A.R.M. S.-small grants
Living Beyond Breast Cancer Grants-1.484.708.1542, State of Penn. only
-Arin at
The Lynx Foundation

Lotsa Helping Hands
PTEN Cleveland Clinic Score Calculator
Help4Breast Cancer
Wings of Hope
Verna Bradley
Reading Your Pathology Report and Biopsies:
Breast Cancer.Org
Susan Komen
- (Type in Pathology Report)
My Biopsy
Triple Negative Breast Cancer:
-After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis-1-800-977-4121 (Ask for Vicky Carr or other TNBC folks.)
Inflammatory Breast Cancer:

Metastatic Breast Cancer- 1.888.599.0370

Risk Factors/Education:
Breast Cancer Fund
Breast Cancer Risk
Lynch Syndrome
Understanding Cancer Risk (NCI)
Cancer Net, 1.800.422.6237
Gene Tests
City of Hope
Myriad Lab, 1.866.BRACNOW, 1.899.469.7423
Bright Pink
Ambry Genetics
Susan Komen For The Cure, 1.877.465.6636
Genetics Home Reference
Men Against Breast Cancer
John W. Nick Foundation, Inc., 1.866.222.4441
National Society of Genetic Counselors, 1.312.321.6834
National Asian Women's Association
Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC), 1.888.753.5222
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, 1.888.OVARIAN
Gynecological Cancer Foundation, 1.800.444.4441
Diet and Healthy Eating:
My Calorie Counter
National Cancer Institute-NCI
Breast Cancer Trials
Cure Launcher
Genomic Health-My Breast Cancer Treatment (Info on Genomic Health Oncotype
DX Breast Cancer Test, real-life patient experiences with the test.
Abbvie Patient Assistance
Genetech Help
Patient Assistance

Genomic Health-My Breast Cancer Coach (Patients questions answered with a personalized overview of
what their treatment options might be to discuss with their doctor.)
Breast Reconstruction:
Centers for Disease Control
Saint Luke's Plastic Surgery, Duluth-
Dr. Frank Wolf, Duluth-1.218.724.7363
Association of Cancer Online Resources-ACOR
American Institute of Cancer Research-AIRC
Genetic Counseling, Duluth-1.218.786.3012, Diane Bierke Nelson and Laura Witrak
Physical Therapy for Lymphedema, Duluth-1.218.786.3550
American Society of Clinical Oncology
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
National Comprehensive Cancer Network-NCCN
Lymphedema Careline
National Lymphedema Network
Answers To Radiation Therapy
Radiology Info
Lab Tests Online
Cancer Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials
Center to Watch Clinical Trials Listing Service
Mayo Clinic-Clinical Trials
American Academy of Family Physicians
Emerging Med
Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative
Cancer Facts and Figures-ACS
Cancer Education
Cancer Information Service
Health Finder Guide
Research Advocacy Network
The Wellness Community
National Coalition For Cancer
National Comprehensive Cancer Network-NCCN
Cancer Quest
Cancer Care
CancerAnswers (for all types of cancers)
Guide To Quality Breast Cancer Care
Association of Cancer Online Resources
Cancer Consultants.Com
Cancer Facts.Com
Cancer Education.Com
Breast Cancer.Org
Breast Cancer.Net
Breast Cancer Prevention.Org
Health Searches.Org
Healthy Women Empowered
Beyond The Pink Ribbon
Parish Medical Center
FDA Breast Implant Information Line
Medicine Plus Health Information
National Institute of Health
National Women's Health Information Center
Clinical Trials Help.Org
Oncology Nursing Society
AmericanCongress of Obstetsicans and Gynecologists
American Medical Women's Association
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
The Plastic Surgery Foundation
The Symphony of Hope
KS Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation
Web MD
Cancer Help Hot Online (links to several support sites)
Lily Oncology (Resources)
Beyond The Shock (Created by physicans on breast cancer)
Stand Up For Cancer
Medicine Plus
National Cancer Institute
Patient Power
The Empty Cup Runneth Over
Cancer and Careers
Cancer Wise
Minnnesota Oncology
Chemo Guides: calendars, complementary therapies, tools, drugs
Guide2 for Cholesterol
Bone Health
Breast Cancer Options
Society of Breast Imaging
Pink Ribbon Blues-Gayle Sulik-
Well Spring
Network of Strength
Mothers Supporting Daughters
Rethink Breast Cancer
Pink Ribbon Girls

Emotional Support, Education, Inspirational, Survivorship and Feel Better:
Catherine Musinsky's Story; a story was done about her in Everyday Health 

This was a Boston film done in the Computer Lab at Harvard. Watch the link.
Feeling Better-Women/Men-St. Luke's Hospital/Cancer Center
Cancer Crusade
The Survivors Movie
The Pink Glove Dance
I Will Survive-Gloria Gaynor
I'm Gonna Love You Through It by Martina McBride-You Tube
Cancer Sucks
When Pink is Just A Color Again by Kal Hourd
Melissa Etheridge Singing-I Run for Life
Renewing Life Weekend-Duluth Clinic-Essentia-1.218.786.3581
Amazon Heart Adventures-Various locations
Healing, Hope, Humor
Simple Truths
Cancer Really Sucks/Teens
Casting For Recovery-Various Places-1.888.553.3500
McCabe Renewal Center-Duluth, MN-1.218.724.5266
American Self-Help Group Clearing House
Our Daily Scripture & Reflection-Pray on Line, on the Phone, or Write Prayers on Line
Bible Guide
Guide Posts
Inspiration Peak
Well Spring
We Can Weekend-Essentia Health-1.218.786.8327
Tiffany's Retreat-Crosslake, MN-1.612.462.3931
The Cancer Show
My Hope Space
Wings of Angels
I'm Too Young for This
First Descents-1.970.845.8400
I Did Not Know What To Say
Northern Lights Foundation-Duluth
Toby Sillanpa-Patient Navigator, free wigs, rides, Feel Good Program, Other/Duluth or 1.218.786.8541
The Dwelling in The Woods, McGrath, MN-1.320.592.3708
Pathways-Minneapolis, MN-1.612.822.9061
Mother Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer-1.410.778.1982
(MN) Women's Cancer Resource Center-
(MN) Survivor's Training-Wendy Rahn-
Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups-1.877.227.8451
National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship-1.301.650.9127
Compliementary Health Care and Healthy Choices
The Annie Appleseed Project
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Women to Women
Complementary/Integrative Medicine
Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Alternative Healing Medicine-NCAM
Pathways, Mpls.
National Green Pages
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
Green Business Network
Silent Spring
Breast Cancer Action
Environmental Defense Organization
Cornell University-Breast Cancer Research
Mesothelioma Center: Asbestos and Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma
Low Blue Lights
Vassar College
Breast Cancer Options
Think Before You Pink-
Family and Friend Support/Survivorship:
Caring Bridges
Beyond The Cure
Cancercervive-Dedicated to the Challenge of Life After Cancer
Gilda's Club Worldwide
Journey Forward:
National Coalition of Cancer Survivorship
Cancer Caregiving
Cancer Care Support
Kids Connected
Prepare To Live
Pregnant With Cancer-1.800.532.6274
Pet Loss
Bob Riter's Cancer Columns
Male Breast Cancer
Support Groups:
HER2Support Group
Brain Mets
Circle of Support, Duluth, MN
Individual meetings by appointment. 
Cancer Hope Network
Mautner Project For Lesbians/Etc.-1.866.628.8637
Sisters Network
Sisters Network, Inc.-1.866.781.1808
Breast Friends
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation-1.877.786.7422
Sharsharet-(Young Jewish Women)-1.866.474.2774

Native American Cancer Research
Dr. Susan Love (and Avon)
American Association of Cancer Research
Stand Up to Cancer News Blog
Directory of Health Organizations Online
Medscape Hematology-Oncology
Medline Plus
American Pain Foundation
Cancer Symptoms
American Medical Association
Cancer Research Foundation
Research To Practice
The Breast Cancer Charities of America-1.936.231.8460
Fertility and Young Women Issues:
Fertile Hope
Genecological Cancers:
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition,
MAMM magazine
Cure magazine
Heal magazine
CR Magaine by AARC
Women & Cancer Magazine
Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine
Coping With Cancer Magazine
Cancer Discovery Magazine (AARC Magazine)
Cleaning Help/Caring for Patients:
Caring For a Reason
Touching Hearts at Home (Duluth-Superior-Proctor-Hermantown-Two Harbors-Cloquet)
Reporting Poor Care:
The Attorney General's Office
Complaints to The President
Reporting Charity Fraud:
Federal Trade Commission
- or call 1.877.FTC.Help or E-mail:
Melissa Data (Accountability)
IRS Questions About Donations:
Legal Resources in Duluth and Wisconsin:
-Legal Aide, Duluth, Brainerd, Grand Rapids, Pine City, Virginia
Cancer Legal Resources Center
MN Legal Corps
Wisconsin Judicaire, Inc.-1.715.842.1681
Legal Action of Wisconsin-1.800.362.3904
National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
Charity Navigator
Health Care Privacy:
Government and Hippa
Health Privacy Project (HPP)
End of Life Choices:
On Line Funerals:
Lighting a Candle for Some One Who Has Died: