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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

Our Caring Donors: Individuals, Businesses, 
Helping Hands and Grants-2010-2021

Donors Privacy Policy and Rights: 

Circle of Hope's privacy policy is when your name or business is 

not listed on our website. The donor's information is not visible or 

shared when it is anonymous. If at any time you want it to be 

anonymous, let us know. We respect an individual, group or 

businesses right to discontinue contact or be removed from the 

solicitation list, as it applies to Circle of Hope. Just call, 

1.218.464.1626 or E-mail us at: You can also mail a 

letter to: Circle of Hope, 5204 Otsego St., Duluth, MN

55804, and it will be removed immediately.


Donations are listed on our website that are Financial

and In Kind by individuals, groups, and businesses. 

The amt. donated by businesses is often listed with 

the financial  donation. Others are listed in categories

based on the value of the donation.


Receipts are given and sent out from donations. These

are gift acknowledgements. These donation slips list 

name, address, phone numbers and are NOT shared

on the website. Only the name is shared. Credit card

information is NOT shared on the website. All donations

are deductible to the extent of the law. 

Unfortunately we are not organized enough to use donor

information to send out for future solicitations. We have 

sent out some but not a lot.


We use this policy as well: "We also use a Donors Rights

Policy from the Minnesota Non-Profits."

The Financial and In Kind Categories On This Page are as Follows

Leadership Donors-$15,001-$70,000; 
Silver Medallion Donors-$10,001-$15,000; 
Silver Sponsor Donors-$2,000-$10,000;


Leadership Donors ($15,001-$70,000)

Circle of Hope has received 2 grants for two calendar years from Susan G. Komen, 
Susan G. Komen, Minnesota, $62,250.00-Completed and Fulfilled Grant-We helped 
42 Patients with emergency daily living expenses from lots of advertising in northern
MN in 2014.  This grant provided financial assistance to breast cancer patients in northern
MN (and middle MN) who are struggling financially from a breast cancer diagnosis. This 
was a need based grant.  
Susan G. Komen, Minnesota-2016-We received a grant of $23,200.00 to help breast cancer 
patients in northern MN, rural areas and areas not covered by other programs. This included
patients going through reconstructive surgery who get infections or are struggling. The grant
helped 22 patients. Total patients helped with these two grants was 64 patients in two years.

Get ER Done-Annual Pink Run-Cumulative Donations and In Kind Donations: 
Financial and they have raised $53,990.67 to help breast cancer patients in 
Douglas County and the surrounding areas in which people donate to this fund.
A special thank you to the committee members: Kathy Rose, Mick Johnson, Mike Bowe, Karen Olson,
Donna Meltz and Jean Bowe. Thank you for the many local restaurants and bars in the Gordon area. 
-The 2nd annual Pink Run was Oct. 1, 2011-A special thanks to Mark, Marilyn & Swede at Y
-Go-By for their donation of over $500 from their meat raffle and to Dolly at McNamara's Bar for
hosting the event. The amount raised was $2,904.00.
-The 3rd Annual Pink Run started at 4:00 p.m., Oct. 5, 2012 and went to 7:00 p.m. Saturday, 
October 6, 2012. The entry included a poker hand, food, raffles, door prizes, a pink contest, and 
lots of fun. You had to buy your card at one of the 11 locations you needed to go to with your 
ATV, motorcycle or car. The amount raised was $3,500.00 in 2012. A special thank you to 
the Get ER Run Club, Timothy and Michelle Johnson, and all those who donated to the cause.
A special thanks to Mic Johnson and to all the other hard workers.
-The 4th Annual Pink Run started Oct. 4 and ending Oct. 5, 2013. It involved a $10.00 
donation, participants visited 10 sponsoring businesses, collecting stamps.for a porker hand. 
The final event was a Buckhorn Bar and Grill in downtown Gordon at 6:00 p.m. There was 
prizes for the best poker hands, raffles, door prizes, and food. The amount of money raised
was $3,030.00 in 2013. Thanks for Mic's extra fundraising efforts! Thanks Courtney Rose
for bringing the truck down. thanks Jean Bowe and all the other hard worker of all the 
committee members. We want to especially than the Get-Er Done Recreation
Club. This year due to the weather, the poker run involved
driving in cars. Thank you Jeff Foster for having the truck at the event.
The 5th Annual Pink Run raised $4,115.00!!!
The 6th Annual Pink Run raised $6,600.00 (Check other Page)-$6,415.00
The 7th Annual Pink Run raised $8,727.97
The 8th Annual Pink Run raised $11,909.00
The 9th Annual Pink Run raised  $13,215.71 (after expenses); Another $244 added. The total is
The 10th Annual Pink Run raised $17,601.67
A special thank you to Ecel employees, Excel Energy and Charities Aid Foundation of America!

LeAnn Gutting Fundraiser-$2,668.34

Curves and Curves Members-Helping Local Breast Cancer Patients
With Treatment Bills-$29,054.72 Has Been Raised for Local Medical
Hospital Bills-The Kalkenbrener owned Curves.

Mount Royal-218.724.7097; Superior-715.398.6179; Hermantown-218.279.2878

Curves Total for 2011-2012-2013-2014- 2015-2016 (All Curves)-$29,054.72
(Owned by Jon and Erin Kalkenbrenner)   Curves-Hermantown, Mt. Royal, 
Cloquet, Superior, West End, and Cloquet
-In 2011-$7395.66 (with the can money)Hermantown-218-279-2878, Mt. 
Superior-715-398-6179, and Cloquet.-In 2012-$4445.00 ($1926.00 and $2519.00
and $105.00)
In Kind Donor as well!
-In 2013-$1,000-In Kind donations-located at 4310 Menard Drive, #600, 
14 E. Marie Street, Duluth, 1.218.724.7097, Superior Curves, 
-In 2013-$5,071.60-from the three Curves owned by Erin and Jon 
Kalkbrenner-Superior, Mt. Royal and 
Hermantown Curves
-In 2014-$5,002.46 from three Curves owned by Erin and Jon 
-In 2015-$3,787.00-Curves (Superior and Hermantown)-owned by
 Erin and Jon Kalbrenner
Mount Royal Curves raised $3,626.00 for Circle of Hope patients 
from 2015-2018:
In 2015-$960.00-Curves (Mt. Royal)-owned by Sheila; In 2016-$964.00-
Mt. Royal Curves-Sheila;
In 2017-Mt. Royal Curves-$702.00
In 2018-Mr. Royal Curves-$1,000.00
Superior Curves/New Co-Owners Raised $475.00 from 2016-2018:
-In 2016- $140.00-Superior Curves-New Co-Owners; In 2017-$150.00
-In 2018-Superior Curves-$185.00
-In 2019-Superior Curves-$220.00

Miller Hill Curves New Owner Raised $5,268.00 from 2016, 2017 and 2018:
-In 2016-$1316.00-Miller Hill Curves-New Owner; In 2017-Miller 
Hill Curves-$2137.00; 2018-$1815.00; 2019 -$590.00
Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition-2014-2020-$44,000.00 to help patient
in Minnesota

Color Dash Night Run-Walk-In Two Years We Received $23,576.57 
from the these events in 2014-2015. We received 0 donations from Color
Dash in 2016.  In fact, our event that we paid for was canceled.

Rally for Circle of Hope/Ridgeview Country Club: ($51,590.97-after expenses)
2018-Income: $14,174.30 (Expenses: $297.55 and $1182.78)-$12,702.97 for patient care. 
The new income balance is $14,234.30.The income has changed because we got another
$60.00.The amt. is $12,702.97.
2019-Income: $15,320.00 (Expenses: $1,127.33 & $14,192.67 for patient care.)
2020-Income: $14.039.00 (Expenses: $800.00 & $13,239.00 for patient care.)

Landmark Lanes has raised $17,980.00 for Circle of Hope patients from 2013-2018.
Landmark Lanes-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-Bowling for Boobies
-Strikin Out Cancer! (In 2013-$1679.50 was raised.
In 2014 was $3,609.00 was raised.The total for 2013 and 2014 is $5288.50! The amount
for 2015 was $3,712.00. The amount raised in 2016 was $2,755.00. ) Total: $11,755.50;
Income 2017: $2675.00;Income in 2018: $3,550.00; Total $17,980.00
Income for 2019: $3,151.00, Grand total is $21,132.00
Landmark Lanes-1914 Broadway Street, Superior 54880, 1.715.394.4422

Jeff Foster Trucking-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor, 313 Winter Street, 
Superior, WI, 1.715.394.6099;

In Kind Advertising Events:  2013-2016-Lake Superior Dragon Boat Races, Get ER Done/
Pink Run, Rockin for Hope Concerts, Color Dash Events, Christmas City of the North Parades,
Julie's Benefit, Across The Road, Etc., Participation in Circle of Hope events, various


Silver Medallion Donors ($10,001-$15,000)

Grandma's Marathon 2019-Over $14,000 was raised.

Karen Geegan/Jack's Place-Financial-($10,955 from 2011-2013)
Karen Geegan-Jack's Place-Bowling Event/2011-Financial/Breast Cancer Block Grants For 
Clients in Douglas County; -1923 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI 54880, 1.715.392.1994, a special
thank you to all that helped with these events and supported them.
Karen Geegan/Jack's Place-Golf/2011 (Etc.)-Financial/Breast Cancer Block Grants For Clients
in Douglas County-
A special thank you to all who helped with these events and  supported
Bowling for Breast Cancer (or Boobies 2012)-The first thank you goes to Karen Geegan
for putting on these events with her volunteers. It wouldn't of been so great if it wasn't for all
their efforts. Thank you everyone so very much!  You truly make a difference in the lives of others.
Ice Golfing was in the Superior Bay-Our Circle of Hope team dropped members faster than 
flies for those who worried about the ice. In the end Peggy and Jim Anderson did ice golfing as a 
team, lost two of their grippers but had the time of theirlife.
Bowling for Breast Cancer (or Boobies 2012) at Landmark Lanes was so much fun. I liked the
fluorescent lighting and steam the best. There were two time periods that were made up of various
teams.Thanks to all the teams who participated, donated, and all
the donors who gave so many items. Wow!  We had a 15 foot swimming pool, a wooden doll 
house, a bocci ball set, lawn chair, and so MANY items. Thanks to Who's Bar for donating 
homemade wine, and all the other donors. Thanks for all the enthusiasm and CARE. 
Thanks to Pat Pachello, the DJ, Landmark Lanes for sponsoring the event, Karen Geegan and
her husband for putting it on and all her volunteers. (If we forgot anyone, let us know.)
Circle of Hope Bowling Team 2012: Terri Newman, Peggy Anderson, Liane Britton, Jim
Anderson, Linda Haire. Peggy got the award for the worst bowler but she did improve with time. 
She was trying to raise her leg back like a dog lifting it's leg.
(Trying to follow Newman.) Circle of Hope Volunteers: Thanks Pat Esse and Peggy Anderson
for helping Karen Geegan and her friends with the event. Thanks to Terri's Treasures for selling
jewelry for the cause, breast cancer jackets, etc.
Thank you everyone!!!!!

Sunrise Memorial Cemetery and Park-Financial and In Kind Cumulative 
Donor; Tom Porter and More

Peggy and Jim Anderson-In Kind and Financial from Peggy's own side business and
personal donations.(2010-2020)

A & E Supply Company-In Kind

Curtis Oil-Advertising-In Kind and Cumulative Advertising Donor


Clyde Iron Works-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Twin Ports Night Life-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Duluth Police Dept.-In Kind


Rockin for Hope Concerts 2013-2018-For Breast Cancer Treatment bills in 
Northern MN and Northern WI-an event sponsored by many sponsors, donors
and Circle of Hope. Thank you to all who helped make a difference in the 
lives of others struggling with this disease and have helped raise money for 
treatment bills.

Midwest Communications, Inc.-In Kind, Cumulative Donor-11 E. Superior Street, 
#380, Duluth, 1.218-722-4321,

WDIO TV-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Lamar-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

The Coppertop Church-First United Methodist Church-In Kind and Cumulative Donor
-We are eternally grateful for your support!

Larry Zalesky-In Kind
Silver Sponsor Donors ($2,000-$10,000)

Excel Energy-Financial and Cumulative Donor

Texas Roadhouse-In Kind and Cumulative Donor for Many Years

Charities Aid Foundation-Financial and Cumulative Donor

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers-A variety of donors

Mount Royal Market-$6,555.72

Brad and Leann Gutting, Pink Run-$3,365.00

Terri Newman-Terri's Treasurers-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor

Diane Miner-Financial and Cumulative Donor

Miner's-Financial Donor

Lois Stone-In Kind and Cumulative Donor (700 cc)

Salem Lutheran Church-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

A. Porter-Financial Donation of $2,656.00. (1/2 for stage IV research and the other 1/2 for patient care)

Clyde Iron Works-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Northland Plastic Surgery-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

H and R Block-Financial and Cumulative Donor

Bell State Bank and Trust-Billi Jo Carpenter-Financial

Jeff and Wendy Tucker and Integrity Health Network-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor

WDIO-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Carol-Lily By The Lake-In Kind

Texas Roadhouse-More than $10950 in kind donations and financial donations other years.

Pat Esse-In Kind, Cumulative Donor

Red Hat Ladies/Red Hot Mamma's-$3,000.00

H and R Block-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor (4 years)

Phizer, Inc-Financial

Brent's Biffies-In

Lakewalk Surgery-Financial and Cumulative Donor

Red Rock Radio-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Phizer Incorporated-Financial

Anonymous Donor/Estate-In Kind and Cumulative Donor ) 2016-2017

David and Christine (Chris) Apitz-Financial and In Kind-Boobie Bash and 
Other Financial Donation By David and The Cajun Party  (Chris and David)
(We Love Healthy Breasts Party), Cumulative Giving
--Also a special thank you to Joe Fye for helping us.

Minnesota Lynx-In Kind and Financial, Cumulative

Anonymous CD Donor-In Kind

Inn on The Lake-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

The Coppertop Church/First United Methodist Church-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Salem Lutheran Church-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Clubbing For Breast Cancer-Financial-Nemadji Golf

Northland Arts and Crafts-Financial

Private Women's Group-Financial and Cumulative Donor

Landmark Lanes-Financial

Clyde Iron Works-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Pat Esse-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Texas Roadhouse-In Kind, Financial and Cumulative Donor

Northland Plastic Surgery-In Kind and Financial Donor, Cumulative Donor

Duluth Event Lighting-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Janice and Greg Wallace-In Kind, Financial and Cumulative Donors

Superior Spartans-Girls Softball Team

Anonymous Donors-Financial

Bent Paddle-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Lamar-In Kind and Cumulative

Landmark Lanes-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor

Midwest Radio-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Maurices-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor

First United Methodist Church/The Coppertop-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

KBJR-In Kind

Brent's Biffies, Inc.-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Northland Plastic Surgery-Financial and In Kind,

Clyde Iron Works-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Inn on The Lake-In Kind and Cumulative Donor,

Phil Birdseye-Elite Tinting and Graphic Design-In Kind and Cumulative Donor
Thank you for the Jeff Foster Circle of Hope Truck, Four Esse Stock Cars and 
The Duluth Police Dept. Car!!!!

Esse Stock Cars-In Kind and Cumulative Advertising Donor

Elite Tinting and Graphics-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Anonymous Donors-Financial

Bent Paddle-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Lamar-In Kind and Cumulative

Landmark Lanes-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor

Midwest Radio-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Maurices-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor

First United Methodist Church/The Coppertop-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

KBJR-In Kind

Brent's Biffies, Inc.-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Northland Plastic Surgery-Financial and In Kind,

Clyde Iron Works-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Inn on The Lake-In Kind and Cumulative Donor,,

Lamar-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Shopko-Financial and In Kind Donor

Walt Alpin-Twin Ports Night Life-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor

Maurices-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor,  

Phil Birdseye/Elite Tinting & Graphics-In Kind, Cumulative Donor-4114 
West Superior St., Duluth,

Northland Plastic Surgery-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor

Kathy Heide-Heide's-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor

WDIO TV-In Kind, Cumulative Donor, P.O. Box 16897, Duluth, 

Clyde Iron Works-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Texas Road House-In Kind and Financial Donor for 3 years-over $3,000 in donations.

Janice and Greg Wallace-In Kind, Getting Donors, and Cumulative Donor

An Escape Limo/Limousine-In Kind and Cumulative Donor, 1.218.393.5466,

Private Pink Parties: 1. The Suites 2./3.Inn on Canal Park

Yarn Harbor-In Kind, Cumulative Donor-Thank you Yarn Harbor and all the knitters
 that make patients/clients happy to get their feel good/prayer boxes!

Tortise &Hare-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor-4602 Grand Avenue, Duluth, 

 Health Science Supply-McCoy Medical (a subsidiary of Mathews Book Company)-In Kind Donations
-Wholesale Only-Medical Apparel and Accessories, Pink Ribbon, The Heart Truth, Multi Cancer Awareness/
Scrub Stuff/Share the Care-, 1.314.432.0369 (formerly A& E Company) 

The Northland Arts and Craft Guild-Financial

Texas Roadhouse-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor-Helping local breast cancer patients
Heide's Mastectomy-Financial, and In Kind Cumulative Donor, 701 1/2 North 6th Avenue E., Duluth, 
1.800.777.4596, 3400 W. 66th Street, Southdale Place #440, Edina, 1.952.9257837,,
Jobst, Bellisse, Juzo, Medi, Sigvaris, Comprefit, Circaid, Truform, Jovi, Bio concepts, Farrow Wraps,  Swimwear, 
The Duluth Grill-Financial and Donations (Below Wholesale: Red Long Johns Sales, Be 
Patriotic for a Cause, Flag Shirt Sale, Hope, Concert ticket sale, Hope CD sales, appetizers
for the Hope Concert)-

Clyde Iron Works-In Kind, Cumulative Donor, 2920 W. Michigan St., Duluth,

 Northland Plastic Surgery-Financal and In Kind, Cumulative, Lakewalk Center,
 Suite 101, 1420 London Road, Duluth, 55805,
1.218.724.7363, Dr. Andrew Baertsch, Dr.Dean Weber, Dr. Andrew Messa, 
Dr. Thomas Rishavy
Anonymous Donors-Financial

Lisa and Joel Post-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor

Integrity Health Network-Financial, Cumulative Donor

Superior Spartans-Financial Donor

UMD REC Dept.-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

The College of St. Scholastica-In Kind and Cumulative Donor

Greysolon Plaza-In Kind

Anonymous Donors-Financial and Cumulative Donor

Yarn Harbor-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative Donor

Tina Prior-Shirts Unlimited-In Kind Cumulative Donor

Biker's for Boobs-$17,523 cumulative donations:
2016-$4,000.00, also Gail Pearson $23.00 from sales. 
2017 the donations was $5,000.00  
2018 donations were $3500.00
2019-donations were $5,000.00
Thank you so very much!!!!

Super One Grocery Stores-Financial and In Kind, Cumulative

Our Very First Concert Put On By David and Chris and Joe as Part of Their 
Wedding Events (We received the money from the silent auction.)The BOOO-BIE 
Bash at Black Bear Casino & Resort-
A special thanks to Joe Fye from Danger Productions, Duluth Dodge for their sponsorship, Black Bear 
Casino & Resort for sponsoring the event, Twin Ports Night Life, 95 KQDS, Circle of Hope Volunteers
and Board Members (Peggy Anderson,Jim Anderson, Pat Esse, Sam Rathe, Joyce Rathe, Nancy Wentz, 
Betty Harward, and Pat Haney), Spud & Captain and their volunteer friends, Van Halen Army
(Van Halen Tribute), The Centerville All Stars, Liz Zissos and Travis Farleigh. This event
wouldn't have happened without all the compassion. Thank you to the silent auction donors as well. 
The Costume Party wasa hoot, like the Hooters guy, Satan and many more unique costumes.

Clothing Donation Sales-Sponsored by First United Methodist (The 
Coppertop Church), Board of Directors, Lily By The Lake and Shopko 
for Circle of Hope; There was donation sales in 2011 (2), 2013, 2013, and 2015, 2016.

The first clothing sale was new clothing and it was at Faith Lutheran Church
in 2011.
The New Clothing Sale at Wild and Crazy Prices-#2-Donation to Circle of Way Below Wholesale Clothing Sale #3 (with Circle of Hope as the 
Beneficiary)-First United Methodist Church, the Coppertop.
-A special thanks to these individuals who made this possible: First United Methodist Church, 
the Coppertop
-Thursday's Hope Moving Company: Greg Wallace, Jim Anderson, Pat Esse, Tom Esse, Jerry 
Metcalf, Peggy Anderson
-Friday's Top Notch Organizers: Jerry Metcalf, Bruce Hasforth, Jim Anderson, Colleen Hasforth,
 Peggy Anderson, Janice Wallace, Beth Hanson, Helen McGovern, Jim Anderson
-Saturday's Volunteers: Helen McGovern, Beth Helfont, Glenda Nordberg,Terri Newman, Sharon
 Rogers, Jerry Metcalf,
Peggy Anderson, Jim Anderson, Christine Good, Linda Haire, Colleen Hasforth, Kelly Hughes, 
Bruce Hasforth, Sam Rathe,
Deb Kules, Judy Nelson, Dominic Pitoscia, Kathy Miller, Jesse Kilpela
-Saturday's Hope Moving Company: Jerry Metcalf, Jim Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Terri Newman,
 Tom Esse, Dominic
 Pitoscia, Jesse Kilpela, and Bruce Hasforth
-The Baker BeesPeggy Anderson, Colleen Hasforth, Judy Nelson, Helen McGovern, Pat Esse, 
Janice Wllace, Mary Lanaski, Yvonne Pilcher, Dominic Pitoscia, Sam Radtke, Julie Sonsoski or as 
Peggy calls her" Julie Up North."
-A special thanks to our donors: Scott Carlson & Peter Regis
Way Below Wholesale Clothing Sale #4 and Gently Used Clothing & Accessories Sale (with
 Circle of Hope as the Beneficiary)
-First United Methodist Church, the Coppertop
-A special thanks to our bakers for the Bakesale: Janice Wallace (who donates a super amount 
amount), Peggy Anderson, Nancy
Wentz, Yvonne Pilcher, Ken & Mary Broman, Mrs. Hasforth. 
-A special thanks to the people who prepared or purchased items for the quick breakfast 
& lunch: Colleen Hasfoth,Peggy and Jim Anderson, Cubs, Walmart, Circle of Hope, and Scott Carlson.
-A special thanks to our gathers of purses and accessories: Sam Rathe, Nancy Wentz, Peggy Anderson
 & Others.
-A special thinks to Thursday's Hope Moving Company: Greg Wallace, Jim Anderson, Jerry Metcalf, 
Peggy Anderson,Terri Newman, and Lougan Neil (UMD)
-A special thanks to those who brought gently used clothing & accessories to Damino on Monday
 after the sale: Colleen Hasforth,Glenda Nordberg, and Chris Davila. This was three pick up loads/vehicles
worth of bagged clothing. All of it was in excellent condition.
Together we made a differnce in the lives of others.
-A special thanks to our Hope Set Up Team on Friday, the 30th of March:  Helen McGovern, Glenda
Nordberg, Janice & Greg Wallace,Peggy & Jim Anderson, Bruce & Colleen Hasforth, Jerry Metcalf & 
Terri Newman, Pat Esse, Sam Rathe, Nancy Wentz, Reff Mohsenian (UMD),
Logan Neill (UMD), DJ Tollefson (UMD), Helen Sandwick, Kristin Ogbum, Jeff Schneidewent, Lacy Solheig
(UMD),& Javiera Nunez (UMD).
-A special thanks to the volunteers on March 31st: Chris Davila, Luigi Donayre, Lori Donayre, Amy Jindra, 
Thelmy Maldonado, Nini DleValle, Marvin Neito Robles, Andrew Gani, Dennis Mila & Luggi Donayre from 
The UMD Latino Chican Student Programs. A special thanks toother UMD students and volunteers:  DJ Tollefson, 
Logan Neill, & Reff Mohsenian from UMD. A special thanks to Jody Hedquist, Siyao Cal,Grant Phillips, Holly 
Grissman, Alicia Norby, Molly Fridstrom, Erica Karrels, Donna Dell, Ariel Moses, Allyson May, Ann Fanger, Lacey
Solheid, Lauren Smude, Jelisa Phillippi, Jeff Schneidewent, Cody Hordon, Natusha White, Laurie Donayre, Marvin 
Meto-Rables, Gantian L,Siyou Cai, Jenna Anderson , Kaitlyn Sex, Kayla Kurtenbach, & Holly Grissman.
-A special thanks to other volunteers: Jim & Peggy Anderson, Colleen & Bruce Hasforth, Jerry Metcalf & 
Terri Newman, Sam Rathe,Nancy Wentz, Pat Esse, Kelly Hughes, Judy Nelson, Deb Kulas, Dominic Hughes, 
Linda Haire & Sharon Rogers, Greg & Janice Wallace.
-A special thanks to Hope Unloading Company: Janice & Greg Wallace, Peggy & Jim Anderson, DJ Tollefson, 
& Chris Davilla.
-A special thanks to Colleen Hasforth, Bruce Hasforth, and Glenda Nordberg for delivering all the bags and boxes 
left over to DaminoCenter. (They delivered 60 garbage bags and 3 boxes of clean, gently used clothing, dress clothes,
 and accessories to this facility.)
-We want to thank First United Methodist letting us use their facility. We want to thank the church secretary and
both of the building engineers.
-We want to thank Peggy Anderson for All her efforts in advertising& All board members who put out mini posters.
-We want to thank Chris Davilla group at UMD for gathering all the clothes, Peggy and Jim Anderson for gathering
so many clothes from dedicated donors and other board members (Bonnie Nimmo, Sam Rathe, Pat Esse*, Terri Newman,
Peggy Anderson* and Volunteers*. With out the great Donors this event would not of been possible. The UMD students
who collected clothes as well as East High School need to becommended as well. 
-We want to especially thank our family, friends, and the people who care. Thank you for donating to us.This event would
not of been possiblewithout the combined efforts of everyone involved.
Janice Wallace-In Kind and Financial, Cumulative Donor
Pat Esse-In Kind and Financial, Cumulative Donor
The 5th and 6th Clothing Sale helpers are listed on the fundraising page for that year.

Hope Concert

Album of Pictures: 


Pam Boettcher-Financial Donor-$2,650.00 plus $100.00 more from Essentia, Together We Thrive

Wendy and Jeff Tucker-Financial and Cumulative Donor
Kolar Sponsorships for RCC-More than $3,000.00 and In Kind Donations