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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would
 be less because of that."-Mother Theresa

WHAT IS A VOLUNTEER?  A VOLUNTEER IS......Someone Special who Takes Time to
make a difference, Gives from the Heart, Plants seeds of Kindness and builds a Better Tomorrow.

Guide Star Levels We Have Achieved:


We are part of the Cancer Support Network USA.

The rest of the organizations we belong to are along the left side bar.

Current and Past Board Members; Some of Our Great Volunteers are Pictured Below:





Circle of Hope wants to thank our volunteers: George Pierce, Christina Luoma, Toni Piazza, Kayla Ceryes, and 
so many, many others. It takes a village of volunteers committed to the cause! We could not do it without you!

2018-2021 Board of Directors: 
Rebecca Bullard, Chair of The Board
Tom Porter,  Vice Chair of the Board and Past Board Representative of the Board
Jim Anderson, Treasurer of the Board
Peggy Anderson, Secretary of the Board, Coordinator, Adminstrator
Sam Rathe, Past Chair, Volunteer of The Board, Comunity Represenative
Circle of Hope Coordinator: Peggy Anderson
Peggy is the President on all Federal paper work, State of Minnesota and
State of Wisconsin paper work since inception.

2016-2021 Board of Directors:
Peggy Anderson, Secretary,Coordinator of The Organization, Web Designer, Survivor, Leadership Team, Business Representative, 
Advertising Committee, November 15, 2010- , Large and Small Gifts Committee, Local, State, Fundraisers Representative, Volunteer 
Coordinator, Fundraising Committee July 10, 2012-, Marketing/Advertising Committee July 16, 2012-, Finance Committee July 17, 2012-   
Peggy has participated in all local fundraising activities from 2010-2016.  Nov. 16, 2015-UMD Medical School Community Advisory 
Board; February 18, 2015-FLD Wiidookaage Cancer Team, 2013-Lake Superior Fundraising Executives             ,
-If you would like to receive periodic E-mail Updates, would like to volunteer, write Peggy, our secretary and coordinator.
-We have a Twitter account called: Circle of Hope at
-We are members of the following organizations:The National Breast Cancer Coalition
-We are members of The United Way of Duluth Affiliate, Volunteer Program. Our United Way of Greater Volunteer website link is:
in The United Way Day of Caring, Leadership Match and Goods Match.
-We are also a part of the Volunteer Match Program.
-We are members of MN Council of Non-Profits and our link is-
-We are members of GuideStar and have uploaded our past financial
reports from Jan 5-2010-Jan. 31-2010 & Jan 31-2010-Jan. 31-2011, Jan. 31, 2011-Jan. 31, 2012. January 31, 2012-January 31, 2013. 

We are a member of (Razoo)-                                                                 
-We were a Stay Classy Award Qualifier and the link in 2011 was
In 2011 we were nominated for the Stay Classy Award, we had 357 people who liked us, we didn't make
it to the next stage but got invited to San Diego.
In 2012 we were nominated for the Stay Classy Award, got 123 shares, 4 tweets, 2 Linkedin's, 2 Pin It. We 
did not make it to the public voting stage.The criteria was a little different this year. Peggy also created a Facebook
event, we had 50 going to it, 17 maybes, and 2,403 that did not respond.
-We are a member organization of The Great Downtown Council as of June 1, 2012
-Do you want to give product to us? Check out our needs at:
-We are a member organization as of June 1, 2012 of The Lake Superior Fund Raising
Executives for 2012-2014. 
-Aha Moment:                                                                                                                                                                                
In May of 2012, Circle of Hope located out of Duluth was nominated for the prestigious
13th annual Better Business Bureau (BBB) Integrity Award by one of its customers.
Unfortunately they have not been in operation for 3 years, so they had to decline the
consideration. They were blessed to have the nomination.
We are a member of the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

Why did I (Peggy) start Circle of Hope with 2 other breast cancer survivors? Because I became a breast 
cancer survivor or thriver in 2004. I also had gynecological cancer at 22 and abnormal vaginal wall cancerous cells 
at 32. The first procedure was surgery. The second procedure was going to the Mayo Clinic several times and 
then having freezing of the cells. So far I am a survivor of three types of cancerous cells. I am high risk for thyroid
cancer. I knew I had good insurance but I saw other friends with poor insurance. Some had $5,000 deductible, 
died from clinical trails, had to stay at home because they had no money for hospice, others were not given the same
quality of care,  some were denied procedures due to lack of insurance and no insurance. I saw friends being turned
into collection agencies, some were depressed, some cried often, others who were not treated well, and there were 
others who I felt like no one REALLY cared. Personally, I was a mis-diagnosed breast cancer patient. I was sent 
home with breast cancer. I wrote a book through my treatment, Dear Auntie, Why Me?

Board of Directors:

Rebecca (Becky) Bullard, Board Chair June 2, 2015-    , Board Vice Chair March 16, 2015- June 1, 2015,  Representative, 
Survivor, Essentia Health Care, Rep.-February 1, 2015-March 16, 2015, Fundraising Committee January 19, 2015-

Jim Anderson, Treasurer, Retired High School and College Teacher, Advertising Committee, Volunteer, Cancer Survivor, 
Finance Committee July 17, 2012- , E-mails:,,November 15, 2010-         . 
Jim has participated in all local fundraising activities.
Why did I join the Circle of Hope Board of Directors? My wife was a breast cancer survivor and seemed to 
be very impacted by this disease. I knew her breast cancer sisters and friends, not all. She became involved in 
every way that she could be to impact the lives of others who had the disease and were trying to survive with the 
disease. I am also a cancer survivor, prostate cancer. I participate in a support group in Cloquet.
Tom Porter,  Vice Chair of Circle of  Hope June 5, 2018-        (New) Fundraising Committee July 10, 2012,  
Sunrise Cemetery & Funeral Home in Hermantown; Board Member, Community Representative June/2012- June 5, 2018     . 
Tom participates in most all local fundraising activities.

Sam Rathe, Shadow Board Member June 2, 2015-       , Board Chair January 12, 2015-June 1, 2015, Representative, 
Survivor, Volunteer, Business Representative from the Social Services area (Lutheran Social Services), June 2011- June 2013, 
(New) Fundraising Committee July 10, 2012-June 2013; Came Back to Board-January 1, 2015-June 1, 2015 Finance Committee. Sam participates in most all of the local fundraising activities. January 1, 2015-June 2, 2015.
Dr. Kim Storm, Board Consultant, Volunteer, (New) Grant Consultant

Circle of Hope's Adopted Vision, Values, and Priority as of 7/2/12:
Vision:The Circle of Hope organization is a vibrant organization consisting of a volunteer board
of directors. The board along with volunteers serve as ambassadors to increase our mission, 
resources, and community impact to help the lives of those in need in the breast cancer and
gynecological areas.
Values: We value who we are and what we stand for in the communities that we serve.
We take pride in the fact that we have impacted the lives of others and will continue
to impact others lives by the contributions of our dedicated volunteers and donors. 
These values serve as the foundation for Circle of Hope.
-We value each clients needs, and we will try to help them to the best of our ability.
-We value the spirit of volunteerism and leadership in ourselves and others who we
help to engage in this mission.
-We value the friendships that we gain from supporting each other, our volunteers, 
and our donors.
-We value the diverse perspectives of our board members, volunteers, donors, 
and our clients.
-We value the our organization and all that it does to help clients.
Priority: We will actively carry out our mission of helping breast 
cancer patients and women with gynecological cancer.
Board Members and Position Recommendations:
Jim Anderson, Peggy Anderson
-We have board members who are all not Caucasian. Some are Jewish, Native American, etc.
Past Board Members:
1. Katie Moden-Business Representative, Fundraising Committee January 1, 2016-June 7, 2016
2. Pat Esse, Vice Chair (November 4, 2013- March 16, 2015) Social Services/Board Representative (St. Louis County), Survivor, Volunteer, Board
Member (June 2011- March 16, 2015), (New) Fundraising Committee July 10, 2012-March 16, 2016-Pat was at most all local fundraising events.
3,Terri Newman, Board Chair (November 4, 2013- November 16, 2014)Vice Chair (June 23, 2012- November 4, 2013),
Past Representative (Nov. 15, 2010-June 23, 2012), Survivor,Volunteer,(New) Fundraising Committee (Also Chair of 
Fundraising Committee July 10, 2012-November 16, 2014, Small  Business Representative, Board Member-November 15,
2010-November 16, 2014. Terri participated in all local fundraising events.
4. Peggy Rydberg(Vice Chair, Survivor, Leadership Team/medical leave) 
Peggy died on February 10, 2012 at 6:45 a.m. of metastastic breast cancer. 
She was a member of the Red Cliff Tribe. (November 15-2010- February 10, 2012). Peggy participated in the events she could. She was the captain
of  The Many Faces of Breast Cancer team, team member for several years. 
5. Tammy Graves (Copp) Miller(Board member, Leadership team/moved
to Grand Rapids, MN.), (November 15, 2010-)
6. Jaima Hanson (Duluth Grill Board Representative from the Business
Sector.), (November 15, 2010-)
7.Carol Snoeyenbos, Small Business Representative, Graphic Designer, (New) Fundraising
Committee July 10, 2012-July 16, 2012, Marketing/Advertising Committee July 16, 2012-, 
E-mail:,-Board Member June-2012-
January 7, 2013. Carol attended board meetings and helped us with graphic design projects In Kind.
8.Colleen Hasforth, Community Representative, Survivor, Fundraiser Committee 
Representative, (New) Fundraising Committee July 10, 2012-March 23, 2013
November 15, 2010-March 23, 2013. Colleen participated in most all fundraising activities and was a dragon
captain as well.
9.B. Nimmo, Chair, Business Representative, Advertising Committee, Volunteer, Board Member Recommendations
November 15, 2010-Oct. 13, 2013. Bonnie participated in 1 fundraising event, a concert.
10.Angela Bolen, Representative, Business Representative, Cancer Survivor, 
Fundraising Committee-Oct. 7, 2013-July 15, 2014. Angela participated in most fundraising events.
11.Janice Wallace, Representative, Survivor, Advertising in Superior, Small Gifts,
Small Business Representative, Finance Committee-July 17, 2012-Oct. 2, 2014 ,
Board June 2011-Oct. 2014. Janice participated in the fundraising clothing sale events, one night event, dragon boat picnic, 
gathering items, and getting donations.
12.Carol Dahl, Board Representative 8/13/16-1/4/17, Teacher with ISD 709, Fundraising Committee-8/13/16-1/4/17
13.Cathy Jo Ogston Tastsides-Board Vice Chair June 2, 2015-May 10, 2018, Board Representative March 11, 2015-June 1, 2015 
Teacher with ISD 709, Fundraising Committee (March 11, 2015); Past Chair, Community Representative June 5, 2018-12/26/18

What about physical activities?
Circle of Hope believes exercise is important to clients, volunteers, and its membership.Circle of  
Hope has two dragon boat teams called "The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams I and II."
There are various bowling teams (Save The Ta Ta's), golf teams (Save Second Base), walking 
teams  (The two teams are Sageless Team and Walk The Block Team), an ice golfing team, 
and Much More.

Where does my donation go?
Circle of Hope doesn't raise money for salaries, unlike other breast cancer organizations.They are
a grass roots organizational of volunteers and the organization is run by a volunteer coordinator.

Helping Hands: 
They want to help as many clients as possible. All patient services are free.

Money, Assets, Tax Information:
Circle of Hope does not stockpile large assets and incoming income. You can read their financial
report on Guide Star.

Circle of Hope, Inc. was recognized in 2010 as a MN Nonprofit on Jan. 5, 2010 even
though part of their paperwork was missing. Peggy Rydberg, Tammy Miller Graves, and
Peggy Anderson put together the idea in 2009 after seeing a friend being called weekly in regards
to her breast cancer treatment bills. She was dying of breast cancer.  It broke other patients heart
 and affected everyone forever. Tammy, Peggy R., and Peggy A put money into an account for 
the purpose of starting a non-profit in 2009.  On 12/2/09 Peggy Anderson filed the papers for 
the Lake Superior Initiative which they didn't get funded through The United Way. They were 
very much in the start up stage. 
January 5, 2010-November 15, 2010:
Peggy Anderson, Peggy Rydberg, and Tammy Miller Graves made plans on how 
Circle of Hope could develop as an organization and really help breast cancer patients.
They involved Kim Storm, Bonnie Nimmo, and Jim Anderson. They had small group meetings
and discussions.  They decided to expand their board for their first official board meeting,
November 15, 2010.
They held their first board meeting November 15, 2010. 
The new board members were officially: Bonnie Nimmo, Tammy Graves Miller, Peggy 
Anderson, Jim Anderson, Jaima Hanson, Terri Newman, Colleen Hasforth, Peggy 
Rydberg, Kim Storm (consultant).
MN and Federal Paper Work: 
Circle of Hope officially applied for a Federal Non-Profit status in 2010 after they met with
their attorney. Their exemption letter as a 501(c) 3 non profit that is tax exempt,and it 
dates back to to Jan. 5, 2010 (which they asked for) and is tax exempt with the Minnesota
Revenue since April 8, 2011. Peggy is the President of this 501 (c) 3 non-profit.
Block Grants for Breast Cancer Treatment Bills:
Circle of Hope started giving out block grants (or payments) on April 19, 2011.
What is Circle of Hope?
It is a grassroots volunteer organization and no one is paid a salary.The board and organization
is made of volunteers in the true sense of the word. Some are business leaders, survivors, and 
supporters. Circle of Hope values the mission of REALLY helping those in most need."They
put the breast cancer patient above all else."
Who was Circle of Hope's first leadership team?
It consisted of Peggy Anderson, Peggy Rydberg, and Tammy Graves Miller.

Tell us More About Circle of Hope's First Board of Directors:
Peggy Anderson-President on all State of Minnesota Paper Work; State of Wisconsin and Federal Government Paper Work
Bonnie Nimmo (First Board Chair-11/15/2010) 
Jim Anderson (First Treasurer-11/15/2010)
Peggy Anderson (First Secretary/Coordinator-11/15/2010) 
Peggy Rydberg (First Vice Chair-11/15/2010) 
Board Representatives:
Colleen Hasforth (11/15/2010),
Terri Newman(11/15/2010)
Jaima Hanson(11/15/2010),
Sam Rathe-June/2011) 
Janice Wallace(June/2011)
Pat Esse-(June/2011)
----Many of the Circle of Hope board members are breast cancer survivors and cancer
----Dr. Kim Storm is the board consultant. 
----Circle of Hope has an attorney, 
two insurance agents and a CPA. 
----For more details check out our Board of Directors

Policy on Circle of Hope Sponsorships:

Large Fundraising Events:
Circle of Hope may sponsor large fundraising events where Circle of Hope is the sole recipient and a large pre-established percent of the proceeds is donated to the organization. Thee events must be coordinated by an established business. Circle of Hope may assist with these events at the Board of Directors discretion. It is the policy of the Circle of Hope Board of Directors that donation requests must be sent out on approved letterhead stationery and donors are to receive thank you notifications and donation receipts.

These donations and applications must be approved by the Board of Directors and contain the Circle of Hope's name, logo and mission statement.

The Circle of Hope Board of Directors may approve support for small fundraising events and have the discretion of listing such events on their website. For purposes of consistency and adherence to the organization's mission, Circle of Hope Board of Directors may choose to remove events from the website and their support if the event does not provide sufficient documentation detailing specifics related to the fundraising effort or if the Board of Directors does not feel that the event is serving the Circle of Hope best interests or mission.

Your Donations: 
Circle of Hope makes sure that 100% of your donation goes to what you have
designated it for. Circle of Hope is tax exempt non-profit, and your donation is deductible to 
the extent of the law. One must not receive anything in return for their donation.  Circle
of Hope does give receipts, and your donation (Financial and In Kind) is listed on their 
website. They double receipt everything. If your name is omitted in error,  please let the
secretary/coordinator web designer know by e-mailing her. Circle of Hope believes in

Chemo Caps Donated to Cancer Centers-7,100!
We want to recognize Lois who has donated 998  chemo caps!
What Are The Breast Cancer Block Grants (Breast Cancer Treatment
Bill Payments)That Circle of Hope Provides? 
Most of their mission is to provide breast cancer treatment payments) to breast 
cancer survivors who REALLY NEED HELP with their breast cancer medical bills 
(surgery, chemo, oncology, lymphedema treatments, radiation, prescription help, or 
dental related to chemo treatments). Circle of Hope PAYS BREAST CANCER 
the provider for these completed services. Patients must fill out the necessary paper 
Why Do These Clients Need Help?
Many Clients Are Struggling Financially and are Not Getting The Help They
----Circle of Hope knows many clients struggling with these issues. They can tell you
some tear jerkier stories. 
-Women who couldn't get reconstruction due to lack of insurance.
- There are those individuals who didn't get their their teeth fixed before chemo and 
their teeth rotted out.
- Those who went on clinical trials ( because it was free) due to their high insurance
deductibles and died. 
-They can tell you about women who lost their homes/ apartments due to high
breast cancer medical bills. 
-They can tell you about patients who left their family with high medical debt after
 they died, so the spouse had to file bankruptcy.
-Then there are those who have had to drive elsewhere for treatments due to local
treatment errors and the list goes continues.

Circle of Hope  includes "Circle of Support," a breast cancer community support
group started by Peggy Anderson that has been operational since 2005-2013.

For years they met at the Duluth Grill in the back room from 7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m.except in 
August and December. They moved due to the room configuration.They would meet 10 x 
a year, the last Wednesday of the month (except in August and December). This was
because of the dragon boat races and the holidays.

Then Circle of Hope  use to met from 4-5 p.m. at 314 W. Superior St., #610. People would have
people call or e-mail her for details. You will need to 
fill out a simple form at the first meeting, so we can contact you in a rare occasion when a 
meeting needs to be canceled due to an emergency.If you cannot meet at this time, someone 
can meet at another time, or line up a breast cancer survivor with the same kind of cancer to 
meet with you. Know that you can call Peggy anytime to chat. Most of the board are breast 
cancer survivors. Some are other cancer survivors and a couple have never had cancer.
Details about Circle of Support:This is a time to laugh, celebrate life, share, and discuss your 
concerns. Everyone needs hope, faith and courage in their journey. "Circle of Support" 
provides this, as well as free books, resources, videos, DVD's, materials,
and companionship in a nurturing environment. They are part of a study at a medical 
facility out east. Yes, they laugh a lot and once in awhile there has been a few tears too.

Currently Circle of Hope consists of one on one calls to patients, meeting with them for coffee, and 
referrals to other organizations. Some are local, others are online, others involve speaking on the
phone. Circle of Hope has a home office, 5204 Otsego St., Duluth, MN 55804 until April of 2016. 
What are Other Activities? 
There will be other activities throughout the year to participants.
These activities can been physical activities, in the art area,
entertainment, writing, and Much More.
The Coordinator: 
Peggy A. has a history of helping women with breast cancer, is a speaker, participates
at health fairs, besides being an author of the book, Dear Auntie, Why Me? 
---She also wrote the first chapter in a national book called, Reaching for Life
that has been re-printed twice. (Breast Cancer Survivor sand the Sport of Dragon Boat 
Racing). She then wrote another chapter in a end book.
---She is always available to talk to people on the phone (218.464-1626), as are many
other breast cancer survivors on the board. 
---She actually was instrumental in really starting breast cancer fundraising in this community
with the Peggy and Jim Anderson Breast Cancer Fund started at the Duluth Clinic 
Foundation in 2005.
The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams I and II: 
In 2009 Peggy Anderson, Tammy Graves Miller, and Peggy Rydberg started two dragon
boat teams called The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams I and II. The team captains
were Peggy Rydberg and Tammy Graves Miller. (Peggy Anderson has remained the team
secretary or energized bunny.) 
In 2010 The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams I and II teams captains were Jim Anderson
who took Peggy Rydberg's Team I spot, as she was going through treatments again and 
Tammy Graves Miller was captain of Team II. (Past dragon boat experience includes Peggy 
Anderson being on the Survivor Sister ship team for 4 years. Several others were on the 
Survivors and Supporters Team II for one year.). 
In 2011-2012 Jim Anderson and Colleen Hasforth have been the two team captains.
Community Volunteers: 
Participating in activities can always be fund. Our non-profit can not fund raise for other
non-profits. Our  board members help as volunteers with Woman Rock,the Sage Phone Bank,
The Lake Superior Dragon Boat Races (The Many Faces of Breast Cancer teams), The National
NBCC activities in Washington DC, Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition activities, Breast Cancer
Awareness activities, Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition activities, Lee Denim Day, ACS activities
 including CAN,Circle of Hope Walking Club etc.
Surviving Without Overhead: 
You may wonder how we survive without overhead expenses. It is not easy. Circle of Hope
 has people donating overhead expenses and start up expenses as per their designated donation. 
Circle of Hope was a non-profit in a box for quite awhile out of the Anderson home. 

Circle of Hope board members have had friends who have sold candy bars and other 
things to pay their breast cancer treatment bills.

People donate "In Kind Items and money" Circle of Hope honors all people and their 
donations, and Circle of Hope gives them credit their website. There are many Guardian 
Angels; Circle of Hope's, Hearts and Helping Hands.

Board Training: 
Circle of Hope Board Boot Camp 101-June 26, 2012, Sunrise Bldg., 
Trainer: Dr. Kim Storm-Intr., Program Mission, History of the Program, The First Yr. Accomplishments, Basic Responsibilities
of the Board, Individual Member Responsibilities, Board Exercise, Board Etiquette, Managing Conflict, The Second Year, 
Strategic Planning & Evaluation)
Circle of Hope Boot Camp 102 -June 17, 2013, Sunrise Bldg., 
Trainers: Dr. Kim Storm: Building a Foundation and More
Brian Lukasavitz-Board Governance, Professionalism, Liability
Peggy and Jim Anderson-Housekeeping-Taxes, All Important Documents Notebook, Goals for 2013, Financial Foundation, 
Community Impact Statement; 
Circle of Hope Boot Camp 103 -May 19, 2014, Sunrise Bldg. 
Trainer: Dr. Kim Storm-Board SustainabilitySeeking Donors, Building a Philanthropic Organization
(ie-A Good Elevator Speech, Asking People You Know (The Ask), Building
Relationships, The Importance of the Same Message Conveyed in the Community)
Brian Lukasavitz-Privacy, Hippa  and Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest
Peggy Anderson-Conflict of Interest and Volunteer Hours
Jim Anderson-Housekeeping Activity, Additional Pages in Our Notebook
-A special thank you to Sara Mae Catering and Sunrise Funeral Home and Cemetery Bldg. for all of the above.
Circle of Hope Boot Camp-2015-Information was included in Board Meetings.
Circle of Hope Boot Camp-104-May 2, 2016, Sunrise Bldg.
Trainer: Peg and Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson:
Taxes-2014 Review
Evaluation for the Coordinator.  Conflict of Interest Signing
Circle of Hope self evaluation.
Discussion of diversity, age, equity, inclusion. Discussion of not discriminating people due to race, age,
nationality. Who will track information? Peggy from applications, volunteers, board members, etc. the 
best she can. Add nationality back in newly printed applications. They are in some of the grant applications. 
Peggy Anderson
Charities Review:
Why it is important to be a transparent non-profit. The steps we went through to become licensed by
Charities Review. The value of Charities Review. Additions to our notebooks. Circle of Hope has 90% 
of its money going to patient programs. They are a 100% volunteer driven non-profit.
Other Circle of Hope concerns.

Board Social and Educational Training Events: Karen Geegan Night-2012 (Wine Tyme, 
Choo Choo Restaurant) Anderson Barbecue-2012 (canceled to a death of a board members husband),
Board Boot Camping (Training) 2012, 2013, and 2014)
Board Mini Social Fundraisers for Operating Expenses (by Specific Board 
Members with Businesses: Lucky Bucks (a different version), $5.00 auction items, 
$2.00 auction items, wine auction
Volunteers: We have a large volunteer base. We have over 150 volunteers for various events.  No board member or volunteer
is paid a salary. All services are free of charge. We don't fund raise for salaries
or to provide services. There are folks that donate toward our operating costs.
Professional Services:
1.  Circle of Hope's #1 CPA is Steve Alaspa.
2.  Circle of Hope's  Current Insurance Agent is:
Timothy J. Rothe-Agent/Holden Insurance Agency, 1.218.628.3618 & 1.715.394.7741
3.  Circle of Hope's Lawyer is Brian Lukasavitz, Lukasavitz Law Group,
LLC, 1.218.310.4530,
Brian specializes in Non-Profit Law. Wills, Medical Directives, Durable Power of Attorneys
and Art & Entertainment Law.
4.  Circle of Hope's Graphic Designer is Carol Lilyquist at:

Robert Zimmerman-Liscomb-Hood-Mason/VP, 218-722-7472

Charity Partners:

Clothing Sale-2015-Charity Partner-Salvation Army (Duluth Store)

(Clothing Sale 2014: Life House (Prom Clothes and Accessories, Big Red Book Shelf (United Way of 
Duluth), and all the rest to Lincoln Park "Hope" Center.)
Life House-

United Way-Big Red Book Shelf
Lincoln Park "Hope" Center

Sacred Heart Music Center (left over food items 2 concerts, Hope Concert and
Sh Boom Concert), 201 W. 4th St, Duluth, 723-1895, 

Damino Center (2012-clothes from a clothing sale at the 
Coppertop Church), 206 W. 4th St., Duluth, clothes for anyone
who needs them and 
(Clothes from 2013 sale Coppertop Church to Salvation Army store and baby clothes to Safe Haven.)
Salvation Army-3 locations: 2101 W. Superior St.,Duluth (Clothing Store), 722-7723; 215 S. 27th 
Avenue, Duluth(food and other services), 722-7934; 916 Hughitt Avenue, Superior, 715-394-7001, 
providing food, clothing, dental care and help for those most in need,

St. Lukes Hospital, Clinic, & Cancer Center, 1001 E. Superior St., Duluth, 
915 E. lst St., Duluth, (Chemo caps given),
Heide's ( chemo caps and also other items for hospital patients), 701 1/2 N. 6th St., Duluth,

Denfeld Strive Program (School Within a School), Denfeld High School, 401 North 44th Avenue West, Duluth (Left over
Food from The Pink Party)

Essentia Duluth, Essentia Clinics on the Range and in International Falls (Chemo Caps given) 
(2011-2012-2013), Cancer Center, 420 E. lst St., Duluth; Essentia Main Clinic, 400 E. 3rd St., 
Keep The Spirit of Hope Alive