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More Breast Cancer and Gynecological Cancer Stories

Diana Lee Caliguire, Age 55

Diana or as we call her "Di" died of breast cancer after a two year battle with it. She had other cancers in her life. 

She was a Cloquet resident. 

She worked most of her life until she got ill. 

She loved the Twins and Vikings and knew the stats of every player. 

She had strong faith and love of the Lord. Diane was kind, giving, and always put others before herself. 

RIP, Di.

Mini Weiland

Mini Weiland, age 41 knows cancer all too well. She has Stage IV B Cancer, is from Cloquet/Esko, but resides with family in Elk River, MN to be closer to her treatments. However, the cancer progressed to other parts of her body, and she chose to quit receiving chemo. You will remember Mini's smile, her humor, and her fun spirit by looking at pictures of her.

Mini had a benefit at the Buffalo House in Esko and was able to cross off a few things from her bucket list. She was able to ride a horse and a motorcycle, she stayed a night in a real cabin,and she stayed in a camper in a campground. She dressed in a pink wig for most of the night, she wanted a pink wig with Dred-locks from the beginning to represent Whoopi Goldberg, as she was one woman that Mini adores and believes can make any situation laughable.The pink was before she found out that blue is actually her specific cancer ribbon color. One of Mini's favorite pass times is laughing.

She started off as cervical cancer stage II b,  then a test showed it was in her lymph nodes moving to stage III b, and again another test found it was much further progressed up the entire trunk of her body moving it to the final stage IV b. At first the chemo showed great progress and the lymph nodes were responding to the treatment but then a third test, three weeks later after being hospitalized for strep and cellutitis infections in her leg, showed that the tumor had grown, the cancer had spread back into her lymph nodes and was also in her vertebra (her lower spine). 

There have been so many women this year that have had some form of gynecological cancer. Unfortunately many are not listening to the problems these patients are are displaying Some have NOT been diagnosed early enough; others are not getting the treatments they need soon enough. Still some are struggling in desperation over the diagnosis and the aggressiveness of the cancer.

Mini was denied social security benefits because of the complications in her divorce papers and because she hadn't earned enough "points" through work to qualify.She is completely dependent on her family for all financial assistance. She can no longer drive the car and is dependent on her daughter for most of her rides to the doctor appointments or to the store. She now lives with her sister, brother-in-law and mother in Monticello. Her daughter lives with her grandmother a few towns over but is with her mother every chance she can get to see her mom.

Mini shows great courage as she fights his horrid disease. She is a great inspiration to all around her, as she fights to maintain her independence. She is now in home hospice and has only been given a few months to live. But when she is feeling good her favorite pass time is shopping and dressing up, as it helps her to forget the battle she is facing.

Mini is rapidly swelling and has gone from 117 lb. to 155 lb in one month. She continues to swell each day due the tumors that are blocking the fluid flow in her lower extremities as well as her abdomen. Her pain medications have been increased each week as this swelling has increased.

From Mini: "As I was sitting here reminiscing about all that has happened in the last year, I had realized that in the very beginning of this journey, I was misdiagnosed as I was "going through the change" by an ER doctor in Indianapolis, Indiana back in April of 2011. I had started hemorrhaging one night and went to the Emergency Room. I had frequently bled with sex and in between my periods, he did a pelvic check, told me with no alarm or urgency that I should get re-checked, as I was starting menopause. I was prescribed hormone pills, as he sent me on my way.

Four months later after returning to Minnesota I began swelling in the ankles and the spotting started again, so I made another appointment. The doctor found a tumor the size of a golf ball or larger on the tip of my cervix. I highly doubt that the tumor had grown that large in just four months. I had symptoms for over five years but didn't have any medical, so I really thought nothing of it other than I was just going through the change. I had no pain and who wants to think they have cancer."

Remember this beautiful woman, her smile, humor, and fun loving spirit. There are many kinds of gynecological cancers and many causes to this disease. Get a pap smear test and have a pelvic exam each year.


Bonnie J. Perkins: If  you haven't see the article on Bonnie J. Perkins in the October issue of  The Woman Today, check out this link:
Amy Adams-Westin by Mark Adams-Westin: In April of 1997, two years into our marriage, my wife Amy was diagnosed with Stage 2B Breast Cancer. Needless to say not just the rug, but the floor, and then the cement felt as if it had given away. The afternoon of her diagnosis we came home and went for a walk around Lake Phalen, right across the street from us, in Saint Paul. It was a perfect day, in the upper 60's, warm sun, blue skies with cotton puff clouds swimming overhead, and a lovely 3 mile path that weaves between trees around the lake. Though we were clearly shaken,somehow our walk along the path becamea lesson for our walk with cancer that lay ahead. We clearly felt that if we stayed on our path of faith and knowing that we were indeed loved and cared for we would make it through somehow. I could feel the demons of fear that lay in wait just outside of the secure warmth of our path. I knew that from time to time we would divert from our path the reach out and wrestle with them. But the words, We'll Make It Through Somehow, kept coming back to me and after we finished our walk, these words turned themselves into a new song. After Amy finally finished her treatments and had recoved ample strength, we recorded our first CD, Sail Away, which of course, is included. We did indeed make it through, but not alone, every step of the way we were held up with miracle after miracle and 15 years later, Amy & I are alive and well.
Over the years we've performed countless times and it always seems to work its magic. Folks going through their own challenges have told us how much their copy of this song has meant to them.  To listen to the song, go to the full streamed version at: purchase it go to:
"Cindy" Smith Paisley (Cynthia Kay Paisley): Our cabin mate from Infinite Boundaries passed away on September 29, 2011 after a seven year fight with breast cancer. Cindy was 52 years old.  "She truly fought this disease like a girl." She had many recurrences and had Triple Negative Breast Cancer three times before it took her life.  She was our Facebook friend as well along with our friend Diane. We have lost three people from our cabin, Tenley Ireland Witte (not from breast cancer), Pepper (below) and now Cindy.
This is a sad time for her family and her very close friends. Our hearts go out to the loss of Cindy but many of us know she is an angel up there.
We all gave words of encouragement on a memory quilt this past winter for Cindy, as it was a never ending battle of Cindy. 
Her obituary states" Cindy held various jobs during the course of her lifetime but her favorite and most important was being a wife and a mother. Cindy was an amazing woman with love and enthusiasm for life like no other. Morgan said it best, "Cindy gave the meaning of the word love and spread it better than anyone I know and helped me to realize that love is forever."
Cynthia Smith-Paisley-"Ahhh...Remembering Madeline Island takes me back to a place that helped me to heal, yet bond in many ways. The reatereat is forever engraved in my heart and soult! The above photos reveal my feelings. Way to go "lilygrace design." Diane, "Yes, Cindy...Oh to be back there again with our other "sisters." Something about the Island is almost magical."
"Pepper"/TaRell Pepper Gort: Our dear friend Pepper died of breast cancer at the age of 45 years of age on August 20, 2011. She attended Infinite Boundaries with many of us. We had the most rocking cabin ever filling it with stories and laughter, like there was no tommorrow. Peggy Anderson would always tell Pepper that she was so beautiful. She didn't feel that way after breast cancer surgery. She would write her E-mails and tell her how beautiful she was as she knew it would make her laugh.
Pepper struggled with metastica breast cancer until it finnaly took her life.  (More details will be added.)
She was a dialysis technican in the Aurora Medical Group from 1998 until 2010 when she could not longer work. "She was known for her contagious energy, spirit and smile that endeared her to anyone who met her."
Barb Perrella:"Hi, my name is Barbara Perrella, and I live in Duluth, MN. I have a significant amount of breast cancer in my family-aunts, mother, two sisters, and myself. I was lucky-I caught mine at the precancerous level. Because of my family history, I was aggressive with my treatment-lumpectomy and radiation. They put me on Tamoxifin but it DID NOT agree with me at all! I had to get off the drug. At the time they had nothing else to give me for cancer protection I needed. I was literally sacred to death because what's to say it wouldn't reappear. I hopped on the Internet-looking for a prevention. I totally stumbled onto a natural product called Xango made from the Mangosteen fruit.
I never tried any supplments before, so this was new to me. What prompted me to order the product was science behind the fruit before someone said, "Hey, let's put it in a bottle."  This company called Xango came after the science. One study showed one of the Xanthones from this fruit and not found in anything else in nature-Cardione E-had the greater tumor-killing action than the usual chemotherapeutic agents (Metotrexate, Vincristine, 5-FU, Cisplatiunum, Mitoxantrone). Here's the quote: "Unlike other anti-cancer drugs such as Metotrexate and Vincristine, the cytotoxic effect of Garcinone E does not vary greatly among different cancer cell lines and could achieve total killing of the target cells. Garcinone E should be a more effective drug than Metotrexate, Vincristine, 5-FU and Cisplatinum suggesting that it is potentially more effective than some of the commercially available anti-neoplastic agents presently in use."
Here's another one: Antiproliferation, antioxidation and inductioin of apoptosis by Garcinia mangostana (mangosteen) on SKBR3 human breast cancer cell line P. Moongkardi, N. Kosema, S. Kaslungkab, O. Luanratanac, N. Pongpan and N. Neungtond Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 90, Issue 1, Jan. 2004, Pgs. 161-166: They found that an extract from the mangosteen fruit inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells. They also showed that the extract had potent antioxidant and cancer cells death properties.
Go Then search for Mangosteen and Xanthones. You will be amazed at all the studies.
I ordered it based on the science behind the fruit. Well, it tasted great, and I drank it faithfully which is the key to the product. Within that first month I noticed a considerable increase in my energy level-I felt great. I also realized too that the bursitis in my right hip was completely gone!
Today, six years later, no more bursitis and no recurrences of cancer. I feel great!  After I had those inital results with the juice, I hopped on an airplane to go check out this company. There was not way I was going to be involved with a compnay that was not legit, and I wanted to find out if my results were just my imagination. Well, I met the owners of the company, walked through the state of the art headquarters, and met thousands of people like me with results from this product and now COMPLETELY complelled to share this wonderful life changing product with people.
I encourage anyone that reads this to do some research-go to: I have lots of information to share from doctors and regular people. More information can be found at:
Here's a friend of mine from Michigan and her Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer Story. I'd be happy to induce you to her-Janelle Crane.
Please feel free to contact me with questions. It's an amazing fruit and now available to everyone. Take action Against Cancer! Do your own research on the sites I've provided. Anyone who is looking for prevention or going through chemo today needs to look at the science! Barb at: or go to:
Kim died at 55 years of age, at home, peacefully, September 10, 2013.

"My name is Kim. I have Stage IV Breast Cancer. It is progressing to worse but I'm still hopeful. I try to stay happy everyday, always have a smile for everyone
to see since I was a little child. That's me. I am trying to stay strong and laugh any chance I get! My family and friends have always been important but very 
previous to me and even more now!"

"Financial stress has caused me to get so worked up and sicker."

"My recommendation to others:
I want to others to know that you know your own body. Keep asking for answers and don't settle if you are not satisfied!"