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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

Helping Hearts and Hands

Breast cancer patients are our first priority. Circle of Hope is committed to helping breast cancer patients financially who have had to quit work to receive treatment and struggle with a breast cancer diagnosis. They also help All breast cancer patients in need of Survivorship Skills.

Patients must be in active treatment and their needs must be met by other programs first. The organization does not duplicate services by other programs, as all patients have needs no matter where they live.

The organization provides financial assistance in two areas: breast cancer medical bills for treatment and assistance for daily living expenses: rent, mortgageutilities, food and gas cards when not available from other resources. The organization pays the providers and only gas and grocery cards are given to the patient. Contact the organization directly to see if funds are available for qualifying applications as there may be limited resources in certain areas due to designated monies from donors.

Circle of Hope provides free financial counseling/guidance, emotional/feel good support to all breast cancer patients. They have activities that patients can participate in related to arts/crafts, sporting events such as hiking, biking, jumping, golf, bowling, walking, running, dragon boat racing and much more.The organization has private pink parties and other participation parties. These may include going to stations, participating in an activity they have never done before.  The arts and crafts include knitting, sewing, crocheting, photography, making crafts and cards with kids. They maybe involved in organizing an event, serving on a committee, on the board of directors, participating in a health fair, speaking at an event, listening to speakers, and attending workshops or putting them on.

Money donated to Circle of Hope is in available, designated accounts, and it is not invested. We have limited funds, and we want to help when the time arises. One hundred per cent of the donated monies goes to help patients. We are a non-salaried organization, and we get sponsorship's to cover fundraising expenses.

Circle of Hope sends out a feel good box that often contains a chemo cap, prayer shawl, slippers, and breast cancer educational materials (flyers, cards, book, prayer poem), book, booklets, and other items. Boxes may vary. These are sent to breast and gynecological cancer patients in northern MN and northern WI. Chemo caps are given out to cancer centers and sent out by Heidi's Mastectomy Shop from Circle of Hope.

It takes a village to make a difference. Our referrals come from cancer centers, patients, ACS, other breast cancer organizations and from advertising. 

Every donor gets recognition because it is the combined efforts of many that makes this help possible. From the patients we serve: Thank You!

                                                               Our website is up to date through June 1, 2015.


Paying on Breast Cancer Treatment Bills and Daily Living Expenses Locally and in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin
(As Designated by Donors)

Total Paid Out Through May 1, 2015: 
We have paid out $140, 127.04 (all funds) to help breast cancer patients struggling financially from a breast cancer diagnosis from April 19, 2011-June 1, 2015. Most of our referrals come from cancer centers. 


Comments Made By Clients/Patients about Circle of Hope:
-"Thank so much for the opportunity to entertain at your Private Pink Party. Thanks for the gifts. You are awesome!" "Thank you very much for the opportunity to give back to all your heroes. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the evening. Thank you for the gifts and great time." The Awesome and Amazing Comedy Magic Team
-I would like to THANK YOU for offering wonderful hats to cancer survivors/patients at St. Lukes. This is my 5th time with chemo but the lst winter & I have been so thankful for your hats....Julie, Breast Cancer Survivor
-Chemo Brain-"Thank you for all of your help with our research project! We appreciate it very much! We really admire all the wonderful work, that you do through Circle of Hope! Thanks again."
-"Thank yo for all of your help. I just got the newest information you sent me, and it is a ton of help. Thank you for helping us with our lot rent. The worry alone was too big for me. Your help with that made Thursday much easier for me to do my chemotherapy. I hope that somehow I can help in return.
-"Peggy dear, it is over six weeks since I opened a box and took out the most glorious Caring Shawl I had ever seen. Did you know I consult and write about the Amish in America? The quilt was of pure Amish Colors! Deep pure purple, rich green, perfect blue. This warm and love-made shawl could hang on any line with any Amish dresses freshly hand washed and look like it belonged there. To me, this was a sign that my Angel Band had led me to you for a reason. The shawl is wrapped around me every night. The 'girl toys'were fun! (love those pedicure toe sponges) and the very important literature tucked into that box is still here on my side table.......Today is the last unemployment check dropped into my account, and now there will be no more support from that source. Friends have been working hard to help and get me enrolled in SSD....I am asking Circle of Hope for help. Let me know.....with all gratitude and thanks!"
-"I cannot thank you and Pat enough for all the work you did to make my benefit a success!!! Also the donation from Circle of Hope was such a blessing!!! Thank you for all the hard work you do and the love and support!"
-"Thank you for the chemo cap I received at Essentia for breast cancer treatment."
-"These shawls were knit with prayers for God's healing and love."
-"I'm overwhelmed at the tremendous amount of support and generosity you've shown. Words cannot express my gratitude. A special thank you to Peggy for all her caring and inspiration. I retired to work last week, my co-workers were wearing pink ribbons and also pinned one on me. I've been able to return to my favorite healing therapy-playing my violin in our garage band. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. In Hope, Love and Peace Always.."
-"To The Wonderful Crafty Ladies"-"Dear Team, Just a note to thank you for the love, care, talent that you put into the caps you create for St. Lukes Oncology. It is a pretty horrific thing when we lose our hair.For me it was little animals jumping out of my head. The caps you created were REALLY held up and are warm and comfortable and beautiful. That's how they make us feel, too. So please do not think your talents and efforts go unnoticed. They are so good! Your friend forever."
-"A Thank You doesn't seem enough! The Love, Support, Time, Energy and Inspiration you've given have been so helpful to me. Your generosity, thoughtfulness and compassion have warmed my heart, Forever. I will NEVER forget...All my love..."
-"Thank you Susan G. Komen for the wonderful program. I really appreciated you helping me out during this difficult time. Your generosity is awesome. Thank you."
-To Susan G. Komen-"I can not say enough or give enough thanks for working with Peggy Anderson.She went beyond the call of just going over forms. She talked to me on the phone with kindness and compassion. I was very surprised at how fast everything went. I have peace of mind for the first time in a long time. Thank you so much."
-To Circle of Hope: "Everything was done great. I really appreciate everyone's help and understanding. Thank you."
-"Thank you is not enough. I cannot express how grateful we are for the help. This has been a difficult journey. Everything happens so fast, it all makes your head spin and you wonder how you will be able to make it. This grant helped make my mortgage payment and made one less thing for me to worry about. Thank you so much!!!!"
-"Thank you for your kindness. It reduced my stress when my bills were paid. I rested easy for that month."
-"Can't thank you enugh for your help. It's good to know in the midst of all things we go through there are people like you. You will always be in my prayers that you will
continue to be so kind. God give you the strength, faith and goodwill. God Bless and Thank You!"
-"This was life changing for my patient. Thank you."
-"Thanks for your help and understanding during this time."
-"I would like to thank the Circle of Hope from the bottom of my heart. This program is wonderful that takes some of the stress off when paying bills. This has been a long journey and with people like you, it makes it a little easier again. Thank you so much!"
-"I am currently a cancer patient at St. Lukes and found one of your hats that was made by your organization. Thank you so much for donating and making this wonderful crocheted hat! I love it."
-"Susan G. Komen: This grant allowed me to stay in my apartment." "Peggy was gracious enough to remind me to thank you but the words came from my heart."
"I appreciate everything you did for me." "I thank you for referring me to Heide's Mastectomy shp where I was not only able get a prosthetic but bras as well. Thanks for the love and thoughtfulness that accompanied your g."
-"Thank you for the help your group has supplied at this time. Your kindness has been a blessing to our whole family. This grant came to us at a time when we needed it the most. Thanks again."
-"Thanks for all you do for our patients."
-"Thank you for all the help-cancer is hard enough-helping people that really need it-you guys are amazing!!!"
"Peggy-Thank you for everything-you are an angel!!"
-"Susan G. Komen: Thank you for the wonderful program. I really appreciate you helping me during this difficult time. Your generosity is awesome. Thank you."
-"Thank you for your generous help in early 2014. Going through Triple Negative Breast Cancer has shaken up my whole world but with the support of your foundation and Circle of Hope we were able to breathe during this time."
-"Can't thank you enough. I don't have the words to tell you how much you helped me out."
-"Peggy was so nice and I felt went above and beyond with helping me and getting me the help I needed. So thankful."
-"This has been an awesome program that has been very responsive to or clients needs. Peggy has been fantastic to work with."
-"I want to thank you so much for your help in my time of need. The help that you have given has made me thankful. Circle of Hope and Susan G. Komen are a Blessing from God and I will always pray for you. You are my Angels of Hope. Thank you from my heart."...
-Re: Private Pink Party Comments: 
-"Last night's experience with others who have battled breast cancer, was wonderful. How kind of you and others to brighten our lives with good food, music, pampering, kindness and fun! Thank you for all you do-for all you've helped. Keep up the good work! In Gratitude and Care."
-"Thank you so very much for inviting me to the Thursday night party. I am so grateful for all the love and support I felt meeting so many of the ladies last night. thank you again for all your hard work. God Bless you. Your kindness means so much to me."
-"Thank you for the beautiful evening at the Inn on Lake Superior. The pink limo, wine, chair massage, beauty treatments, yummy food, gift bags were great. But what was truly amazing was meeting these great women! Thank you so much for the generous evening!"
-"This is long overdue, but thank you so very much for the hard work that you do in support of breast cancer patients in our area. The patients whom I care for who have received the Susan G. Komen grant through your organization were so very grateful and appreciate. I also want to say thank you to Peggy for calling me and informing me about your wonderful organization. Keep up the amazing work!"
-"Thank you for helping me with my bills. The gas card will help with all my appointments. thank you doesn't seem like enough for how generous the help.
God Bless."
-"Thank you for the purple afghan and thank you for your support."
-From donated hats with our cards: " Hi, Just wanted to say thank you so very much to all the girls for the beautiful, colorful, warm and soft hats you all make for us. I have a red coat with a white crocheted scarf. My new white hat looks cute with it. Thanks so much. Thanks to you. What a time of year. It's never been so cold here. I am 75 years old. The hats come in handy this time of year. Thank you again. God Bless you all."
-"Thank you Circle of Hope for your ministry and this opportunity to contribute."
-St. Lukes Cancer Center-Circle of Hope-Volunteers-Crafters-Wow-just in time for the deep freeze! Thank you for your generous gift of beautiful hats and scarves for the cancer patients. They are wonderful. Our patients love them. Thanks for thinking of us."
-"Dear.......Hi. This is Hailey. I am 12 years old and my great grandmother. What you did for her
was fonomonal. You brought tears to her eyes. We have been on a bumpy trail but you just cleared a lot of
bumps. Know we can go to bed knowing we will be fine for awhile."
-"Please know how grateful I am to your organization and your kindness and generosity. May your organization go
forward and help others just as much as you helped my mom." "Thanks for the your touching card. My sincerest thanks."
-"Our Family will Cherish the memory, Kindness and Caring of Circle of Hope Forever! God Bless!"
-"Thank you for all your help and support. I appreciate all you have done on my behalf. Thanks for getting 
additional funds."
-"Your box made me cry. You are a ray of sunshine."
-"Circle of Hope, sorry this is late. I would like to thank you so very much for the shawl (with love & caring). 
It has a special warmth when I have it on. Also thank you so very much for the book. A very good book. I could
not put it down until I finished it. Love..."
-"The hospital/clinic does not look at your present income when you got breast cancer, just your past income and you are
denied financial help."
-"I was delighted to receive the generous package from Circle of Hope and its wonderful understanding supporters. 
The afghan was beautiful and cozy; I look forward to listening to the cd and book.....God Bless you!" 
-"Thank you for your thoughtfulness."
-"You are doing God's work." "I pray everyday that I can help." "I will pay this forward someday." "I have been turned into
collection because I could not pay $478.00 a month on my breast cancer treatment bills."
-"This card comes from a very deep place within my soul. during my battle with breast cancer, I got divorced and bought
a home......I got behind in my bills. It brought peace of mind and much needed relief.....I am almost done with my treatment...and now can focus on the future. Thank you again for all you do. I will pay it forward."
-"A special thank you ...acts of kindness warm the heart, soothe the soul, and make the world turn more gently."
-"Thank you so much. What a relief for all the stress in my life. Thank you."
-"I am enjoying reading Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Soul. Thanks for all you have done to help me during 
this difficult time."
-"Thanks a million for your help. It was great to get help. I never asked for help before. Sure was nice. Thanks again."
"-Circle of Hope helped me with expenses. Otherwise I would be living in my car."
-"Thank you so much for the very wonderful package that was waiting at my door when I came home on Friday! 
What an unexpected surprise!  The prayer shawl and cap are lovely. I've started reading the Chicken Soup boo. The CD is restful and
the information, etc. helpful. Thank you also to the Circle of Hope for providing resources and support. A Determined Survivor."
-"I can't thank your organization enough. This will help me and my family more than I can explain. We are
so appreciative of people like you who are willing to help people get back on their feet.....Thanks again."
-"I can't say thank-you enough for the very useful gifts. It will help more than you know. A lot of people who
become sick get so behind on bills, worry about getting food, gas to go to appointments and everyone says
"Don't worry, just get well." "That's nice but the bills just keep coming plus extreme medical bills. Your 
organization is truly a gift from God because it REALLY does help people feel better and eases their burdens.
God Bless you all and thank you so much!" "So VERY, VERY GRATEFUL!"
-"Your organization saved my life."
-"Thank you Peggy for helping me."
-"Thank you! Gracias! Merci! Just can't thank you enough! Thank you. These cards will be a lot of help. I appreciate it!"
-"I appreciate all the help and all your personal time that you have put into helping me. I cannot put into words 
what your help has meant for me and my family."
-"It's nice to know that there are still people who take such pleasure in doing special things and making others feel good. 
Thank're really someone special."
-"Thank you so much for everything. I can't thank you enough how helpful you and your organization have been. 
If there's anything I can everything do for Circle of Hope, I would love too..."
-"Thank you so much for all of your help. My whole family appreciats all the time and effort you put into helping us. 
Your organization is a wonderful thing and helps people feel less stress and worry about financial issues which lets 
them focus on their help. God Bless you Peggy and to all who make this organization happen. It will be wonderful 
to be caught up and starting fresh in June."
-"Dear P, J, and Circle of Hope. Thank you so much for the beautiful fuzzy gift. If summer ever gets here, it will 
be busy to keep me toasty and it sort of looks like "no summer" is the plan. Thank you again."
-"We are thankful for all the help."
-"A very special thank you for being so very thoughtful. Thanks."
'"I am actually homeless staying with friends and relatives. I would be living in my car if it was not for them."
-"It is such a help ad blessing that there is an organization like yours. When I lost my job and had no money
coming in, I called and searched everywhere to try to get any kind of help, always to reach a dead end. Having
 terminal cancer is horrible bu even worse explaining it and then hearing "sorry, can't help you." "I wish there
 were more organizations like yours to be able to help more cancer patients. What are people to do to pay for 
groceries, gas, toiletries, car payments, insurance, loans, phone bills in general; they don't stop because of
 cancer." "Thank you so much, you really brightened my day and got rid of my bad toothaches. Bless all of you!"
"P.S. Thank you Peggy A for the phone calls and being supportive!"
-"There is Hope."
-"Amen in Gratitude"
-"I think circle of Hope and anyone who can help breast cancer patients is so wonderful. After working a person's whole life and ending up being sick, with money and depending on others really destroys one's total reason for living."
-"Dearest Peggy-Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude, thank you for helping our sister, You have been an inspiration and special blessing to our lives."
-"Thank you for the beautiful shawl, which was such a lovely surprise. Please thank whoever made it, as I truly
 appreciate the time, effort and compassion such a gift represents. The materials were also much appreciated 
and very useful. Gratefully...."
-"I was homeless after being in intensive care from breast cancer surgery, an infection. Circle of Hope helped pay
for a place for me to live through a Susan G. Komen grant."
-"Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for you, your encouragement, your gifts and your help. My cancer 
was the icing on a miserable 3 years of crap. The shawl, the book, the ornament, were the first encouragement
I had felt for a long time. Bless you, thank you, words seem banal. My heart is so full of so much Kindness. 
What you did, what you do, is amazing. You are a gift to all who suffer. You helped me to begin again. x0 xo."  
-"Thank you for your help with my breast surgery bills. It is a great birthday present."
-"Thank you for the help you have given me."
-"There are no words that can describe how I feel! I have been crying happy tears all morning.
I thank you and your organization very much! You have made a challenging day so much better.
Thank-you very much again."
-"Again, I would like to thank you very much for all that you are doing. God bless you and keep up the 
wonderful work!!!"
-"Although friends and family leave us, we always have memories so they live on."
--Your donation will make a difference in the lives of others. 
-"Thank you so much Peggy for everything you have done for us. You are an amazing woman with such a
big heart."
-"I want to take the time to thank you and your organization for the help you gave me in 2011."
-"I received your package and was extremely moved by your kindness. I instantly wrapped the scarf around me
and felt so much comfort. I can't even explain. Ironically it was purple and white and just the day before I 
bought myself some purple and white gloves. I read your book in 3 nights. I felt like I know you now, like a 
friend. Thank your Auntie and yourself for sharing your feelings and thoughts with others. God bless everyone
from Circle of Hope for all they do."
-"To whom it may concern: Thank you again for your prompt response for help with my medical bills. Your 
organization is a blessing."
-"Thank you for the thank you. Really you think they could help again what a life saver that would be this time."
-"That is fantastic. Thank you so much! Thank you for your assistance. I will not forget Circle of Hope."
-"I can't express enough my gratitude or you organization. I don't know what I would have
done without you and your help.""Your kindness is appreciated more than words can say.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
-"Thank you for showing such great interest in my story and for taking the time and energy
to share it with others, I very much appreciate it."
-"Thank you so much for the book, prayer shawl and information. The words of
encouragement will remain with me through the following year. I am so very grateful for
everything you have done and continue to do for others in a devastating situation."
-"Thank you so much for the gifts you sent. They mean so much!"
-"I could never thank you enough for helping me out with my medical bills. I feel so
blessed and hope fills my heart. The book is a real treasurer and the shawl reminds me
of those who continue to keep me in their prayers. I am coming up on my one year mark
and hope all tests come back with good results. Keep the Circle of Hope going, and I
hope to one day I will be able to return the hope to someone else.....God Bless You All."
-"Thank you for your support during my mom's illness."
-"Thank you so much for helping me out."
-"Thank you so much for the lovely surprise package with the prayer shawl and the book.
I am anxious to read the book and the shawl is precious. I thank you for both. This is a
very scary time in my life. My skin is burning & peeling from the radiation-but I must go on. 
Thank you for caring and thinking of me. It means so much. Love,"
-"We are members, thank you for everything you do."
-"Thank you for your support during Mom's illness."
-"Thank you so much for the beautiful prayer shawl! It keeps me warm as I get chilled from chemo. 
I thank you for your thoughts and prayers."
-"I was sleeping on the floor in an apartment. Circle of Hope gave me the contacts to get a bed."
"Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.
-"The Circle of Hope helped with their support in so many ways. Donations,
advertising, a solid shoulder to lean on, and speaking at the event. Peggy Anderson,
of Circle of Hope, helped out in more ways than she will ever understand. The
support kept coming afterwards, too. I really do not think our family could have
gotten through this without her."
-"Mom got your care package. Thank you so much. She loves it. We even started listening to the CD today."
"Everything looks great o the site. We love it. Thank you. We all thank you so much for all
your help. Its greatly appreciated, you are truly an amazing woman."
-"Thank you so much for all the wonderful donations for the fundraiser....",
 "Also, for the additional donation raised, and for setting up the memorial account.
You helped us out a ton and we are so appreciative. We really would to become
involved or help out with the Circle of Hope in anyway that we could."  "Please
keep in touch and thanks again. You are one wonderful lady whom our mother cared so much for."
-"Thank you SO MUCH!"
-"I have terminal breast cancer (metastatic), am far behind on loan payments, have borrowed money
for gas, prescriptions, unable to get any help, after working my whole life, I am unable to work right
-"I am enclosing a check as a contribution. I was most fortunate to have Medicare and supplementary
insurance to cover all my expenses for surgery and radiation. I cannot imagine how horrible it would
be for someone who did not have insurance."
-"Thank you so much for the memorial donation in our mother's name. She was always thinking of others
and we miss her so much but the thought that in her name-others are being helped-well-that is how she lived. 
All the best."
"Dear Susan G. Komen Foundation, I am jotting this note to say thank you for the gas and grocery cards. You
can't image how much it helped. God bless and keep working to end this horrific disease."
"Dear Susan G. Komen Foundation, Thank you for the help. I used it for groceries, gas and other household 
expenses while going through breast cancer treatment. I appreciate the help very much."
"Thank you so much for the Susan G. Komen Living Grant. I cannot express how much I appreciate the financial
assistance at this time! One less worry on my mind as I finish treatment."
"Thank you for paying my mortgage,utility bills and for the grocery gift cards. it has enabled me to pay off other bills that
I have uncured."
"I just wanted to let your organization know what a great help "Circle of Hope" has been to me. What a blessing for all the 
help for food and gas. the application was quick and easy as was the response from them."
-"Bills were paid lightening fast." "Peggy A made it so easy. She has been a true blessing to me!!!"
"Thank you so much for the help. You don't know what it meant to me."
-"It is so difficult dealing with end of life issues and wondering how to live month by month. I don't
even have money for a funeral-whose to pay for that. I just don't want those left behind to have to
deal with a burden such as that. Cancer is scary and very hard but when adding the near poverty, it's
almost impossible. Thank you for accepting my application for consideration."
-"Thank you so much. This all helps a great deal. I have met many wonderful people along this journey and 
am thankful for that.....Again...thank u so much."
-"Thank you so much for the beautiful hats you donated to our patients. They have been appreciated by so many and they are simply beautiful. Thank you for all you do."-The St. Lukes Cancer Staff

Our Accounts are as Follows: 

1. Metastatic Breast Cancer Account for Local Breast Cancer Research, University of Minnesota, Duluth
-Please make checks out to Circle of Hope and we will re-write them. You can mail them to Circle of Hope, 5204 Otsego St., Duluth, MN 55804 or add them as a donation on line on this website. Please state that it is for research. We will mail the donations and checks out right away. 
Income: $50.00-55811-Hermantown patient
Paid $50.00 through Circle of Hope-55805
Balance: 0

2.Homeless Breast Cancer Account-Patients currently going through treatment. This is to help with groceries, gas, rent and utilities.
Balance: 0

3.These are Circle of Hope Accounts: 
The Double Account: Both Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin Account was created by our Board of Directors, Our Wonderful Caring Donors, Supporters, and Volunteers. These funds help clients in northern MN and northern Wisconsin.  This account is for breast cancer medical bills and feel good boxes only.
The funds came from the following income:  Razoo/MN Give-$77.68, Five Guys-$378.13, Miche Fundraiser-Andrea/Colleen-$100.00, Zumba-Jill/Others/Northern Photo Booth-$543.00,  Anonymous-$100.00, Bucks for Breast Cancer/Kim-$116.36, 
Road Kill Patrons-$66.00, Bunco-$190.00, Way Below Wholesale Clothing/Coppertop-$2442.72 of the $4505.10, Black Bear Boo-Bie Bash/Joe/Spud and Chris Fundraiser-$3228.00, Jimmy's Strike Zone-$180.00, Blondie's-$1.10, Community Day Booklets-$170.00, Laughing Stock-$30.00, Lakewalk Plastic Surgery-$1,100.00, Individual Donations-$130.00 from cycle ending Jan. 31, 2011, Individual Donations-$171.00 from cycle ending January 31, 2012. 
-Donations in 2012-2015: Curves $1.40, Country Lanes $7.80, Anonymous Donor $100.00, Patti's Beauty Shop $1.38, Five Guys $95.35, Clothing Sale $1625.70 (after expenses), Sh Boom $1513.23 (after expenses), Dr. Walt Gower & Kay Gower $50.00, David and Christine Apitz-$200.00, Anonymous Donor $100.00, Fosters Jimmy's Strike Zone-$1.68, Donna Lenfest-$200.00, Dr. Jim and Jacqulin Sebastian-$100.00 for breast and gynecological services, Bonnie Nimmo-$100.00, Jim and Peggy Anderson-$40.00, Michael Bradley (patient bills)-$90.00, Cynthia Finch-$50.00, Barbara J.Coffin-$50.00, Anonymous Donor-$20.00, S.E.R.V.E.-$20.00, 55802 Income-$37.50, 55802 Income-$960.00, 55802 Income-$82.81, 55105 Carla Blumberg-Income-$100.00; Madeline Island Ferry-$100.00, Customer Link-$295.79, Pak's Green Corner-$100.00, New Page $250.00, Dorothy Rydberg-$200.00, Jeff Foster Trucking/Rodeo-$400.00, Diane Miner-$1,000.00, Lynn Youngbloom $25.00, Rockin For Hope ($12,216.17-minus expenses=$9502.99,Northland Plastic Surgery in Honor- $240.00, Women's Expo-$416.00 in donations, Radiological Associates-$188.18, Anonymous 55804-$200.00, In Memory of Diane Caliquire-$200.00 by Nick and Julie Neuberger, Sandi V and The Donors for The Hot Dog Sale-$344.13, Denise McDougall/Spa Party-$130.00, R- $10,661.27, Bras for Football-$35.00, Century Link-$200.00, United Health Group Dollars Doers Program-Christina Luoma and Angela Bolen Hansen-$1,000.00, Shopko-$300.00, Northland Plastic Surgery-$220.00. Rockin for Hope $10,611.27 (minus expenses), Rayme Adzema-$100.00
-(Pd. Out From This Account in 2011-January 31, 2012):  56628-$109.39, 56628-$1789.94, 55720-$214.24, 55720-$704.21, 56474-$466.04, 56474-$1533.19, 55720-$704.21) 
-(Paid out of This Account in January 31, 2012- January 31, 2014):
55720-$5.30, , 55807-$5.30, 55811, Delivered, 55580-$5.30, 55807-$5.30, D, 56474-$5.75, 56474-$466.04, St. L-$364.19, 56474-$1,533.96, 55803-$5.75, 55803-$1378.01, (LM/look up zip code)$1569.68, NPS-$285.62, St. L-$782.29, 56433-$5.75, 55779-$5.75, 55804-D,NPS-$430.32, 55805-$5.75 55812-$5.75, 55720-$5.75, 55812-$5.30, 55362-$6.30, 55811-$5.75, 55007-$5.30, 55705-$5.75, 55806-$5.20, 55805-D, 55805-D, 55812-$5.75, 55750-$5.30, 55616-$5.75, 56649-$2.98, 56649-$5.80, 56649-$.66, 55436-$7.45
55811-$6.00 (Patient Prescription/difference), 55808-$5.75, 55810-D, 55811-D, 54880-D, 55749-$5.75, 55768-$5.75, P-$8.09, P-$29.00, 55812-$5.30, 55802-$17.00, 55802-$15.10, 56628-$5.75, 55811-$31.35, 55744-$6.60, 55805-$3.26, 54880-$6.60,55797-$6.60, 55723-$6.60, 55812-$24.95, 55804-$24.95, 55720-$291.50-55804-0/delivered, 55807-0.delivered, 56431-$7.92, 55811-$418.17, 55803-$104.80, 54880-$5.80, 55811-$6.60, 55808-$5814, 55806-$7.26, 55811-$122.00, 55806-$117.94, 56551-$7.60, 55787-$5.80, 56601-$5.80, 55812, 55732, 54880-$12.27, 56601-$842.07, 56601-$6.60, 56601-$5.8, 56431-$5.28, 55812-$7.45, $55807-$1854.02, 56686-$16.85. 55807-$106.43. 55604-$12.35,
55807 (55806)-$4.62, 55808-$6.60, 56721-$6.15, 55812-$165.48, 55808-$19.60 ($16.95 and $2.75. 56650-$6.60, 55803-$6.60, 55792-$7.45, 55719-$5.80, 55744-$6.60, 56560-$7.60, 55063-$7.45; 54701-.$.46; 55803-$6.60; 55806-$5.80; 56560-$7.60; 56716-$8.90; 54880-$6.60; 55720-$7.45,56515-$7.60, 56619-$150.00, 56619-$218.50, 56515-$2,000.00. 55747-$5.80, 55880-$500.00, 55880-$3.56, 55722-$5.80, 55709-$5.80.55802-Gave To, Zip 55811- $643.96, 55733-$6.60, 56686-$2,000.00, 56721-$2,000.00, 55805-$5.80, 55779-$7.45, 56759-$8.90, 55744-$6.60, 577744-$6.60, 55804-D, 56303-$7.92, 55718-$5.80, 55733-$400.00, 56636-$6.60, 56649-$7.06, 56501-$7.60, 56649/55808-$7.66, 56654-$5.80, 55744-$7.26, 55744-$6.60, 55779-$8.56, 54880-$3.56, 56542-$6.15, 55604-$6.50, 55707-$6.60, 55744-$348.40, 56537-$23.20, 56537-$78.37, 56537-$641.12, 55720-$5.80, 55803-$7.48, 55812-$8.53, 55709-$12.35, 55063-$6.50, 56721-$7.50, 56538-$6.85, 55037-$5.80, 56401-$5.80, 56542-$419.38, 56470-$6.50,56572-$7.50, 55037-$5.80,55732-$6.50, 55810-$7.35, 55720-$5.54, 55719-$7.35, 54880-$6.50, 55804-D, 54820-$6.50, 55806-$7.35, 55720-$6.50, 55806-$9.60, 55803-$6.50, 55805-$7.35,54880-$5.80, 55792-$7.35, 55707-$7.35, 55803-$7.35, 55775-$6.50, 54880-$7.09, 55615-$6.50, 56303-$7.55, 56303-$8.70, 55805-$1,000.00, 55775-$2,000.00 , 54806-$133.00, 55803-$5.95, 54806-$7.55, 56653-$6.70, 55723-$7.55, 56470-$500.00, 56470-$5.40, 55804-55802-$3,297.15, 55804 55802-$1,248.03, 54821-$5.95, 55802-$17.52, 55803-$3.98, 56661-$5.95, 55805-$265.00, 55806-$7.55, 55811-$5.95, 56686-$250.00. 56515-$250.00, 54880-$8.95, 56481-$6.70, 54990-$5.95, 55615-$5.95, 55805-$500.00, 56601-$4.00, 55734-$6.70, 55804-$17.40, 55720-3-$30.70, 55808-$5.95, 55767-$13.50, 56601-$6.70, 56661-$6.70, 55749-$3.08, 55803-$6.70, 55802-$21.90, 55802-$25.63, 56679-$5.95, 55805-$2.03, 55804-$6.58, 55802-$127.93, 55723-$6.70, 55790-$7.55, 56601-$6.70, V-$6.79, 55746-$7.55, 54880-$5.95, 55746-$5.95, 55709-$5.40, 56601-$7.70, D, P, 55746-$6.70, 55804-$23.88, 55713-$7.55, 3 local delivered, 54555-$6.35, 55731-$5.95, 56560-$7.70, 54880-$120.00, 55804-D, 55810-$5.95, D , 55744-$5.95, DB-$80.00, DB-$20.00, DB-$3,000.00
3.UV Splash Color Dash-2014; Club For Breast Cancer, and Other Misc. Donations
Income: UV Splash Color Dash-$26,093.71 (Before expenses, Sponsorship's are not removed from this amount here.),  $2,000.00 (back) Donation in Joanne Juliff Honor-$100.00-12/19/14 by L. Severson, CFBC-$3,173.37, Brenda Shoberg, Soycraze-$50.00,CBC-$591.00, Bunco/Wendy Gretchen-$145.00, American Endowment Fondation/United Health Care-$108.00
Expenses: 55802-E ($8,413.25), 55802-$2500.00,  55615-$1500.00 (rent and utilities), 55805-$300.00, $100.00, $335.00 (gas, groceries, and rent), 55615-$300.00 (rent), 55615-$1800.00, 55811 (E)-$500.00, 55602-$500.00 (utilities, rent, gas and groceries), 55767-$1500.00 for house payments and utilities, 55707-$400.00 for rent,  55805-$2,000.00, 57707-$65.00, 55806-$250.00 for gas, 55806-$250.00 for groceries, $325.00 for groceries and misc., 55709-$780.00 (rent, groceries, general gas), 55803-$804.74 (water bill), 55803-$755.75, Excel bill-54555-$288.18, $2,91.44 (E)

4.The Karen Geegan/Jack's Place Account for clients in Douglas County located in Northern Wisconsin. This is a breast cancer medical bills account.
The donations for 2011 are $3417.00, $2514.00, totaling $5,931.00. The donations for 2012 are: $3,721.00 for bowling and another check  of $1304.00.
Karen from Jack's Place has raised $10,955.00 for us so far for clients in Douglas County. 
Pretty Amazing!
-(Paid Out From This Account Ending Jan. 31, 2011 which ends Jan.31, 2011 and paid out of This Account Ending In Jan.31, 2012: 54880-$40.00, 54880-$212.1155880-$602.58,54880-$480.00, 54880-$802.10, 54880-$50.3054880-$30.00, 54880-$40.00, 54880-$834.12; Paid out of this account ending Jan. 31, 2013 and Paid out of this account ending Jan. 31, 2013: 54880-$260.73, 54836-$2,000.00; Paid out in 2014- 54880-$2,000.00, 54880-$1,188.19, 54880-$135.64 )

5.The Get-ER-Done Recreation Club ($13, 549.00) of Gordon Wisconsin/Pink Run for clients located 
in Southern Douglas County located in Northern Wisconsin. The amount donated is $2,904.00 in 2011. 
In 2012 we received $3,350.00 for southern Douglas County. In 2013 we received $3,030.00. In 2014 
$4,115.00 was raised.
-(Paid out of this account 54801-$247.33)
This fund has been changed to all of Douglas county and will include daily living expenses as well as medical bills for breast cancer patients. (5/25/15)

6. Curves Located Out of Duluth Total: $22,027.72-The Five Curves Account ($7,395.66 in 2011) for 
clients located  in Douglas County located in Northern Wisconsin and St.Louis, Carlton County
in Northern Minnesota for breast cancer medical bills only. The amount donated in 2011 was $7, 345.85 that included the can money of
$49.81 bringing the total to $7, 395.66. From The Three Curves: Superior, Mt. Royal and Hermantown, 
the following was donated $4,550.00 from Three Curves in 2012,  $5,071.60 in 2013, $5,002.46 in 2014.
Curves also donates many In Kind donations for events. We are very grateful to Curves who truly makes a difference
in the lives of breast cancer patients.
Paid out of this account in 2011-
Paid out of this account in 2012-55807-$1782.29, 55807-$430.32, 55807-$285.62, 55616-$317.98, 
Paid out of account in 2013-55812-$567.40,  55811-$200.00, 55811-$969.02, 55720-$1836.80, 
55720-$214.24, 55807-$364.19, 55802-$1378.01, 55807-$1569.68, 55720-$72.00, 55802-$82.00, 
Paid  Out In 2014- 55733-$2,000.00, 55810-$2,000.00, 55807-$1,000.00
7.The HOPE CD Account for clients in northern MN and northern Wisconsin. (Hope
Concert and CD Sales to be listed in 2012.) (Hope CD's sold outright in 2011 were $390.00. 
Some in 2012 sold by the organization are $570.00)  Some were embedded in other fundraiser efforts by donors. We have these businesses selling them: SuperOne Grocery Stores, Art in The Alley, Sweet Peas, Dublin Pub, Duluth Grill, Electric Fetus,The Happy Place and Peggy Anderson.
(Pd. out 2013-55802-$960.00)
2013 Income: $40.00 (taxable)
2014 Income: $40.00 (taxable)

8. Other Accounts:
Tea for Strength-$327.97-UMD Students-Business School-Minnesota Account
Expense: 55802-$327.97
Pink Dig-$334.00-East High School Volleyball-High School Education Account
Knock Cancer Out of the Park-$2500.00-Spartans Softball-Knock Cancer Out of The Park-Superior Account

9. Compudyne Photography Project for Stage IV Breast Cancer Patients (Locally)-$1056.80

10.Landmark Lanes-1914 Broadway Street, Superior 54880, 1.715.394.4422
*Find us on Facebook!Create a team next year!
Account-Bill Paying for Superior Clients
Income 2013$1679.50
Account-Bill Paying for Duluth and Superior Clients
Income 2014: $3609.00
Account-Bill Paying for Duluth and Superior Clients
Income 2015: $3,712.50
(Money paid out in 2013 for daily living expenses by bill paying and gas and grocery cards: 54880-$538.00; 54880-$500.00, 54880-$641.50)
(Money paid out in in 2014 for daily living expenses bills and gas and grocery cards: 54880-$500.00 in gas and grocery cards; 54880-$4.21;
55810-$500.00 gas cards, 54810-$3.79, 54880-$200.00 gas card, 54880-$3.79, 55805-$400.00 in gas and grocery cards, 55880-$1500.00 
(SWLP over due bills), 55805-$200.00 gas card, 55802 grocery card, 55805-rent)
(Money paid out in 2015-55802-$297.90(E)

Left to Right-Jan Christianson, Yvonne Pank, Danielle Hudacek, Cari Thompson, Diane Mencel, Peggy Anderson

From left to right is Jan Christianson, Dianne Mencel, Peggy Anderson and Yvonne Pank is absent.
(The committee has white shirts.)
-"I would like to thank the business that has been so kind in helping me for the donation that made life easier. 
My family cannot thank you enough. You all have been great."

Our First TV Commercial is called:  982311 Circle of Hope

10. Closed Account-The Winnie Nelson Account-Patricia Nelson ($50.00), Peggy Anderson ($25.00), 
Theresa DeLuca ($25.00). Brenda C. Baker ($20.00), Phyllis C. Halverson ($10.00), 
Alboph Sno-Deveils ($60.00) 
(In 2012 $190.00 paid out to 55802.)

11. Closed Account-The Peggy/Margaret Rydberg Memory Account. The criteria for this account is bills
(including breast cancer) related to Peggy Rydberg's bills as designated by the donors. 
(The income was $50.00/Alyssa Rydberg, $50.00/Peg and Jim Anderson, $50.00/Bonnie Nimmo,$50.00/Ann Berkhof, $50.00/Kim & Steve Kastern, $25.00/Lisa Savoy, $40.00/Diane and Tom Lewandowski, $100.00/John and Claudia Kurki, $25.00, Lee Ann Sorenson)
(In 2012 $415.00 was paid paid out for bills of this account to zip code 54880 for bill paying
and $25.00 toward memorial brochure.)

12.Closed Account- Michael "Rex" Kern Memorial Fund in Memory of Peggy Rydberg: This fund will
go toward patients' bills who are struggling financially in the Douglas county area. The types of bills will be rent/mortgage, utilities, food and gas. Patients could apply for these funds by using thesame application developed and approved by The Board of Directors for use in 2013. Jimmy's Saloon/Bar-1812 Iowa Avenue, Superior, WI 54880-2118-$500.00
(Paid out in 2013-$500.00-54880.)

13. Superior Douglas County Tavern League Foundation: 
This fund is to help a breast cancer patient with daily living expenses. (Zip 55880)
Income for 2013-$500.00
Expenses out for 2013: $500.00 for a grocery and gas card for a stage IV breast cancer patient

14. Closed Account-Rick and Deanna Peterson Account: $100.00 toward bills for a breast cancer patient in Douglas county.
(Paid out in 2013-$100.00-54880)

15.Hair Tactics Salon, Superior, Wisconsin Account: $620.00 toward bills for a breast cancer patients in Douglas county, Hair Tactics is located at 5008 E. 2nd St., 1.715.398-6996, hairtacticssalon.com
(Paid out in 2013-$320.00, zip code 54880) (Paid out in a grocery card 2014-$300.00, zip code 54880)

16.Cloquet Curves Account-$291.50 in 2012-This money was specifically designated
for a breast cancer patient in Cloquet for needs. 
(Pd. out in a card- $291.50-55720)

17. Closed Account-Alaina Privette-Mayo Clinic Expenses.She is going down there for a Clinical Trial.
These donations as tax deductible, and you will get a receipt in the mail. You can send
a check in the mail or use a credit card on line. 
(Donations: Peggy Anderson-$25.00)
(Paid out $25.00-55718)

18.The Bill Paying Account for Northern Minnesota-Breast Cancer Patients
The money listed in this account is not available at this time. It will be listed  
in 2013. This is a very lengthy application that will needed to be filled out by 
two medical professionals and the patient. Money will be paid as directed in
the application.(2012 Donations: Dr. and Mary Aufderheide-$30.00)
(Pd. out in 2012-$30.00 to zip 55811-P. for cancer drug co-pay.)
19. The account forclients northern MN and northern Wisconsin. (We
never got this check.)

20.-There is the possibility of a naming accounts for other northern 
counties Bayfield, Burnett, Washburn and others not listed in Wisconsin by a donor.
-There is the possibility of a naming account for the following
Northern MN county: St. Louis County.
- There is the possibility of a naming account for the following 
county:  Cook County.
- There is the possibility of a naming account for the following 
county:  Itasca County.
-There is the possibility of a naming account for the following
county: Koochiching County
- There is the possibility of a naming accounts for other northern
counties in Northwest, MN. (Lake of The Woods, Roseau, Kittson, Marshall, Pennington, 
Beltrami, Red Lake, Polk, Clearwater, Mahomen, Hubbard, and Cass Counties)
-There is the possiblity of a naming account for the following
county: Carlton.
- There is the possiblity of naming accounts in these counties:
Aitkin, Crow Wing, Wadena, Becker, Norman, Clay, Wilkin, and Otter Tail.
-There is the possibility of a naming accounts for other 
northern counties in Wisconsin: Douglas, Bayfield, Ashland, Iron, Vias, Florence, Burnett,
Washburn, Sawyer, Price, Oneida, Forest, Marinette, Polk, Baron, Rusk, Price, Lincoln,
Langlade, Oconto, Door, Saint Croix, Dunn, Chippewa, Clark, Taylor, Marathon, Shawano,
Pierce, Eau Claire
21.Closed Account- The Tina O'Neill Account for a Superior family suffering from breast cancer
expenses. The criteria for this account is that the family must be suffering from financial
distress from bills related to breast cancer as per donors request. This will be from several
recommendations. This account was created by the efforts of Sara O'Neill & Jerry, 
Joe O'Neill and Kelly Miner. The amount given to this account from the event was $500.00
from the Second Annual Tina O'Neill account.
(In 2012, the $500.00 was paid out for bills for the client zip code 54880.) 
This was a 1 x partner event for us.
22. Operating Account: Peggy Anderson, Terri Newman, Janice Wallace
Some people donate to this very small fund. These are third party fundraisers who
are crafters as well. Other Board members help as well.
-For example, money came from The Duluth Grill (Red Long John Sale and 
Flag Shirt Sale-$1968.00), Wild and Crazy Sale/Faith Lutheran-$1019.10, 
Women Rock-$1345.00,Coppertop Church Sale-$2062.38 of the $4505.10
made in 2011 to cover expenses. We moved over un-designated money in 2012-$300.00 
Janice Wallace and Crafter's Guild monies for $2160.00. 

23. Peggy Anderson, Colleen Hasforth and Jim Anderson/The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Account
This portion of our account is for dragon boat team fees or team sponsorships, and
it should be designated by a check or a credit card transaction.

24. Closed Account-Essentia Patients Bill Paying for Superior Client
Trends Salon & Spa LLC, 823 Belknap St., Suite #119, Superior, WI 54880, 1.715.398.5868,
($100.00 paid in by Trends; 
Paid out to 54880, utility bill direct-$100.00)

25.Pink Party Account-Established 2014-Heide's Mastectomy and Health Source and Partners
Income: Heide's-$500.00, Health Source-$167.00, Health Source $452.50, Kassie Berkhof-$75.00
Income: $1194.50; $25.00 from Jan Voni Nugent
Paid out: (55802)-$28.50, $48.00, $226.00, $40.99, $654.56, $22.50,$7.88, 

26.Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition 2014-Donation-$1500.00 for Minnesota Breast Cancer Survivors
(Money paid out of this account: 55805-$200.00 (groceries), 55805-$200.00 (gas), 55707-$1035 (rent, utilities, etc.), 55802-$65.00 (groceries)

27.Deborah Morse Kahn (Stage IV) Online Account for Additional  Rent, Utilities, and Additional Bills:
Income: Anonymous-$25.00, Lassila-$100.00
Paid Out-$25.00 for a specific need.Paid out $125.00 for a need.


28.Completed and Closed Grant-Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Minnesota Affiliate of Susan Komen for The Cure
April, 2013-$62,250.00 ($2,250.00 other related expenses) for patients who are struggling financially with a breast cancer diagnosis
in northern Minnesota. The referrals came from social workers, the oncologist or oncology nurse and was used for gas 
and grocery cards, utility payments, rent or house payments.  The later three payments are paid to providers. The application was 8 pages long. 
-Daily Living Bill Paying (Susan G. Komen Grant, Minnesota Affiliate)- We have paid out $62,250.00 for daily living expenses to breast 
cancer patients struggling financially from April 1, 2013-April 1, 2014.  It helped 42 patients going through active emergency help. The maximum each patient received was $1500.00. A couple received $500.00. (42 grants were filled)

29. Closed Account-2 Dye 4 Salon for a breast cancer patient or two in the Duluth area who needs help with bills and/or breast cancer treatment bills as determined by the organization.-2012 Donation-$537.04. This beauty shop and the beauticians gave up a day of pay to help Circle of Hope. They donated 100% and then gave 10% from products sold as well. This salon is located at: 905 W. Central Entrance, Duluth, 55811, # 218.727.4543
(Paid out of the account in 2013-$500.00 to zip code 55808 for patient bills, 55802-$37.50)
(Paid out of this account in 2014-$400.00, zip code 55812;  )

2011-2012-2013-2014  Circle of Hope-FACT SHEET
-Volunteer Hours since Inception of Circle of Hope-August 6, 2012-3,264 volunteer hours; August 5, 2013-  _______                   , August 6, 2014-  ___________                    
-Number of chemo caps given out from June 1, 2011-December 31, 2014-1345 caps, scarves, wigs
(hospitals, clinics, Heidi's for the hospitals, patients direct and in prayer boxes)
-Number of items given out to breast and gynecological cancer patients- through February 1, 2014-876; through December 21, 2014-_________
-Number of clients that Circle of Hope has helped obtain other financial resources through other 
organizations and other organizations directly through 2012-$1711.00-2 clients; various from other organizations
-$22,000.00-6 clients; 2013_________________, 2014-_____________________
-Number of breast and gynecological benefits members of Circle of Hope helped with in some way
-April 11, 2011-February 1, 2014-14 benefits; through December 31, 2014________________
-Number of women served in "Circle of Support Group" in 2011-2012-15 clients; in 2013-_____________
-Number of breast cancer clients helped with specific items through Circle of Support-15 clients
-Activities that breast and gynecological cancer clients have participated in from January 5, 2010
-August 6, 2012-77 activities; 2013-2014-_________________
-Number of clients who didn't qualify for Circle of Hope financial services but the organization
was able to guide them toward other services-20 clients; ___________________
-Number of health fairs and public events Circle of Hope Board members participated in from January
1, 2012-March 31, 2014-47 events and fairs; March 31-December 31, 2014-______________
-Number of events spoke at in regards to Circle of Hope from June 1, 2012-August 6, 2012-4 events; 2013-____________, 2014-________________
-The amount of money paid out to breast cancer treatment bills from April 10, 2011-December 15, 2012-$19,163.26; through January 1, 2015-_______________________
Tax Statements
(Circle of Hope has a finance committee. Finances are approved by the Board of Directors. The finances go to a book-keeper/CPA and then to another CPA.)
Raised also includes the sponsorship monies raised for putting on an event, advertising, insurance (2), internet, telephone, postage, and printing.
-The amount of money raised for the tax period ending January 31, 2015-$64,059.00
-The amount of money raised for the tax period ending January 31, 2014-$99,110.00
-The amount of money raised for the tax period ending January 31, 2013-$37,157.40
-The amount of money raised for the tax period ending January 31, 2012-$48,640.00
-The amount of money raised for the tax period ending January 31, 2011 (including start-up in 2010)-$3554.00

Circle of Hope Announces 3 Peggy Rydberg Volunteers for 2014-2015 with Plaques on Oct. 19, 2015:
Peggy Rydberg died of metastatic breast cancer, one of the founding members of Circle of Hope.
These awards are to recognize these individuals who have helped out the organization by going out of their
way to participate. it is because of these volunteers, we have impacted patients lives, and made our message 
heard in the community.

1.George Piece from Jeff Foster Trucking Inc., Superior drives the Circle of Hope Jeff Foster Truck all over. Her gives out our Circle of Hope website cards and promotes our mission. George calls the truck, "The Pink Lady" or "Pinky." The father of 8 children George knows how important this issue is to women and some men with genetic breast cancer. George brings the truck to many of our Circle of Hope events and donates his time.
  George has brought the truck to Rockin for Hope concerts, Dare Me for Charity in Blaine, MN. He also participated in our Pink Flying tutu team. George jumped and jumped forty feet in the air. We can't thank him enough for the memories this event brought. You just don't know how hard it is to get people to jump 40 feet in the air.
  He was also with a large Jeff Foster team for the UV Splash Color Dash. He wore his pink tutu. He brought the truck as well.
  George in the most brutal weather drove the truck and pulled the float in the Christmas City of the North Parade. George and Tom Porter wore Santa Caps. Peg and Jim's UMD Pharmacy students decorated the very large float-Pharmacy at The North Pole. It was quite a work of art. This was a Kodak moment for them.
  He also pulled the East Key Club Float in the 4th of July Parade in Superior. It was fun and a meaningful event for the Key Club students and his own children.
  The truck has been brought to other events such as Julie's benefit, Get ER Done, Annual Pink Run, The Lake Superior Dragon Boat races promoting breast cancer awareness and adverting Circle of Hope. We thank George and Jeff Foster Trucking Inc. for making a difference int he lives of others.
2.Christina Luoma is a supervisor at United Health Care. She has been on The Many Faces of Breast Cancer dragon boat teams for several years and will be taking a more active role next year. She goes out of her way to help us and has continued to make additional offers.
  She was on our Dare Me for Charity Team, also wearing a pink tutu. She got three other members to sign up and be on the team. The problem was then they changed the dae on it. She took time out of her busy life of running races to participate in this event.
  Christina formed a UV Color Splash Dash team as well.
  She does not stop at this, she has been a volunteer at two concerts, sold raffle tickets, and helps to promote our agent. She applied for a grant to help us. She has truly volunteered more than 80 hours. 
  We are grateful for her support and friendship.

3.Toni Marie Piazza came into our life as a breast cancer patient after having two other cancers. She has truly made a difference in the Circle of Hope in many ways. We especially loved her TV interview. She is our new spokesperson for Circle of Hope.
  She helped with the UV Splash Color Dash when it felt a little overwhelming to the coordinator. She helped by meeting with me, and helping to make organizational decisions. She got us a photographer, one of two food vendors and much more. She had 46 people sign up for her team. ($1610.00) If they didn't sign up she asked them to make a donation. She got an additional $100.00 in the mail. She organized the After Party at Grizzly's with two donated kegers and one raffle item. She got several banners made and she also got $300.00 worth of donations.
  Toni has offered to help with sponsorship's for our UV Splash Color Dash on September 12, 2015 in Bayfront Festival Park. She has a lot of experience and lets me know various view points from her experience as an event planner. She presently is the event/advertising planner for the Greater Downtown Council.

Circle of Hope is grateful to its many volunteers. It is because of our volunteers that we can make a difference in the lives of others. We have many other volunteers that help with clothing sales, sewing, knitting and so much more. It is by volunteerism that we do make a difference.

Volunteer Board Members:
Janice Wallace for getting an exceptional amount of items for the clothing sale and the silent auction this year! She also got us some sponsors for the dragon boat races and concert. She has been instrumental in keeping the records balanced to the penny for the CPA/book-keeper. Thank you Janice for all your hard work.

Terri Newman, owner of Terri's Treasurers donates to Circle of Hope fundraisers and patients benefits. After the Anderson's she is the 2nd largest board donor since Circle of Hope's inception.  Terri hardly ever misses a Circle of Hope sponsored event. Terri has been a very engaged board member for 4 years, serving on the board, chair of the fundraising committee and board chair. She rarely misses an event, retreat, fundraising committee or board meeting. We thank Terri for all she has done to move the mission forward!

Peg and Jim Anderson: Jim never misses an event for Circle of Hope. Correction, he missed Ladies Night Out. Men were not invited. He did not go to the Spa Party either, for women only. Jim is the best "Voluntentold" Volunteer! Peggy puts in uncountable hours day in and day and out. Peggy has never missed an event sponsored by Circle of Hope and others for Circle of Hope.

Pat Esse is Vice Chair of Circle of Hope, she has gotten lots of donations through the years from clothing to silent auction items. We thank you for her dedication to the mission.

Tom Porter and his lovely wife Eleanor Porter-Thank you Tom for putting on the most miles for Circle of Hope. Also for putting the petal to the metal and belonging to the Circle of Hope Grunt and Groan Team. Tom hauled our tent and brought the Anderson's to Dare Me for Charity in Blaine, MN. He has hauled clothes to and fro for two clothing sales, moved cases of water, tables, a golf cart, and other items for the 5K UV Splash Color Dash. He has put up so many posters it would make your head spin.
For the Christmas City of the North Parade Tom hauled wooden benches and road in the cab with George. The 2 Mr. Santa's had smiles on their faces. 

Volunteers-May 18 2014-May 18, 2014 and Volunteer Hours 

Volunteers-May 18, 2013-May 18, 2014

Volunteers-May 18, 2012-May 18, 2013

Volunteers-May 18-2011-May 18, 2012

Our Volunteer Awards for Jan.1, 2010- May 18, 2011:
This is for exhibiting outstanding compassion in helping our organization whether it be
financially or putting in time to help our organization to move the mission. Without the
help help of these volunteers we would not be first class organization in helping clients.
Volunteer Extradonaire Awards for the Period Ending May 18, 2011 Went To: 
(This was published in the DNT.)
1. Peggy and Jim Anderson, Duluth
2. Colleen and Bruce Hasforth, Duluth
3. Janice and Greg Wallace, Duluth
4. Terri Newman and Jerry Metcalf, Duluth
5. Bonnie Nimmo, Duluth
7. Dr. Kim Storm, Chicago
8. Peggy Rydberg, Superior
9. Karen Geegan, Superior
Volunteer Event Helper Awards For the Period Ending May 18, 2011 Went To: 
(This was published in the DNT.)
1. Judy Nelson
2. Sharon Rogers
3. Sam Rathe
4. Bruce Hasforth
5. Greg Wallace
6. Steve Geving
7. Don Brown
8. Nancy Brown
9. Tammy Graves Miller
10. Linda Haire
11. Jerry Metcalf
****Our United Way Volunter Newspaper Recognition Volunteer Center Listings Published In the DNT so far:  
Colleen Hasforth, Dr. Kim Storm, Terri Newman, Janice Wallace, Jim Anderson, Peggy Anderson
Stay Classy Qualifer: We have 367 likes and were a Stay Classy Qualifer.
Our Financial Business Sponsorships include In Kind, Financial Support, and Sponsorships. 
This is from 1-1-2010-5-18-2011.
Without your compassionate help we couldn't conduct our non-profit business in making a difference in
other peoples lives. We thank you so much. 
Financial Business Donors for Period Ending May 18, 2011: 
(This was published in the Duluth News Tribune.)
1. Peggy Anderson Publishing
2. Lakewalk Plastic Surgery
3. Northland Arts and Crafts Guild
4. Duluth Grill
5. Jack's Place
6. Kiwanis of Friendly Duluth
7. Junior League of Duluth
8. Younker's Commnity Days
9. Terri's Treasures
10. Duluth Five Guys
11. Heide's Mastectomy
12. Peggy's Tuperware Biz
13. Janice Wallace's Biz
14. Grave's Drilling
15. Wendy Gretchen

We want to thank our "In Kind Donors" who are making a difference in the lives of others.

In Kind Donors for the Period Ending May 18, 2011: 
(This was published in the DNT.)
1. A& E
2. Maurices
3. Lakehead Constructors
4. Lily by The Lake
5. Duluth News Tribune
6. MN Country Register
7. Charter Media
We cannot do what we have done without your support. We thank you so very much for your help in making a
difference in the lives of others.
Sponsorships for the Period Ending May 18, 2011. 
(This was published in the DNT.)
1. Faith Lutheran Church
2. First United Methodist Church
3. Landmark Lanes
4. Screen Graphcs
5. Beaner's
6. United Way/Volunteer Program/211/United Way Day of Caring
7. Laughing Stock Design
These are the Volunteer Awards from May 19, 2011-January 6, 2012.
The Volunteer Extradionare Awards Are for the Period Ending January 6, 2012:
1.Peggy and Jim Anderson, Duluth
2.Sam Rathe, Duluth
3.Pat Esse, Duluth
4.Janice and Greg Wallace, Superior
5.Colleen and Bruce Hasforth, Duluth
6.Karen Geegan, Superior
7.Terri Newman and Jerry Metcalf, Duluth
9.Bonnie Nimmo, Duluth
10.Dr. Kim Storm, Chicago
12.Mary Gordon, Duluth
13.Katie Bates, Superior
14.Get R Run Volunteers
14.There were many other volunteers as listed on website under Our Caring Donors or Fundraising Pages.
Volunteer Event Helper Awards for the Period Ending January 6, 2012:
1.Wendy Gretchen (Bunco)
2.Jill Heide (Zumba Party)
3.David Spud Apitz and Capt'n Sheff Aptiz (The Boobie Bash)
4.Joe Danger (The Boobie Bash)
5.Kelly Pitoscia ( Below Wholesale Clothing Sales and Dragon Boat Event)
6.Andrea Pavola (Miche Purse Fundraiser)
7.Ted Schick (Hope Concert, MC)
8.Nancy Wentz (Woman Rock, Clothing Sales)
9.Pat Pachello (Bowling, Zumba)
10.Dominic Pitosica (Clothing Sales and Dragon Boat Event)
11.Glenda Nordberg (Clothing Sales)
12.Deb Kulus (Below Wholesale Clothing Sales)
13. There are Numerous Volunteers under the Fundraising Page or Our Caring Donors Pages.
Financial Business Sponsorships and In Kind Donations for the Period Ending January 6, 2012:
1.Andrea Pavola-Miche
2.Five Guys
3.Terri's Treasures
4.Peggy Anderson Publishing
5.Skyline Lanes/Jimmy's Strike Zone
6.Bowling Ball Auction/Matt Smith, Jim Williard, Mike Hayes
7.London Road Car Wash
8.Duluth Transit Authority
9.Northern Images
10.Faith Lutheran Church
11.Yarn Harbor and Knitters
12.Charter Media
13.Karen Geegan/Jack's Place
14.Kathy Heide/Heide's Mastectomy Shop
15.Eric Swanson/Sacred Heart
16.Ricky Coles/Copy Cats
17.Carol S/Lily by The Lake
18.Josh Revak
19.Peter Provost
20.Andy Elwell
21.Steve Kuether
22.Bill & Kate Isles
23.Kim Storm
24.James Moors
25.Sara Thomsen
26.Jane Aas
27.Steve Horner
28.Rachael Kilgour
27.Super One Grocery Stores
28.Manion Building Supplies
29.Steve Alaspaa
30.Poplar Golf Course
31.Dennis O-Hara/Northern Images
32.The Duluth Grill
33.Dave Hill/Inland Recording Studio
34.Real Estate Magazine
35.Ruth Hufnagle
36.Clyde Iron Works
38.Diane Miner
39. Northland Plastic Surgery
40.Landmark Lanes
41.Centerville All Stars
42.Van Halen Tibute
43.Liz Zissos and Travis Farleigh
44.Secret Service
45.Paper Hog
46.Integrity Health Care
47.Sacred Heart Music Center
48.Animal Kingdom Chiropractic
49.Lake Superior Ice/Carlson's Refrigeration
50.Starbucks Coffee
51.Sara Lee Bakery
52.Johnson Bakery
53.Cub Foods
54.Pat Puchello
55.ARCO Coffee
56.Alakef Coffee
57..Lily By The Lake
58.Peggy Anderson Publishing
59.Terri's Treasurers
60.Twin Ports Night Life
61.Duluth News Tribune
62.Coney Island
64.AVR (Audio Video Resources)
(There are many other the donors Under Our Caring Donors and Fundraising pages who knit, sew, crochet, who donate In Kind and give money.)

----Under Construction for the Period January 7, 2012-May 19, 2013
The Volunteer Extraordinaire Awards Went To For The Period Ending May 19, 2013:
1.Peggy and Jim Anderson, Duluth
2.Karen Geegan and Katie Bates, Superior
3.Janice Wallace and Greg Wallace, Superior
4.Colleen Hasforth, Duluth
5.Terri Newman and Jerry Metcalf, Duluth
6.Dr. Kim Storm, Duluth
7.Bonnie Nimmo, Duluth
8.Tom Porter, Duluth

Volunteer Event Helpers Awards Went To for The Period Ending May 19, 2013:
7.Wendy Gretchen
8.Numerous other volunteers who knit, crochet, sew, and volunteer at our events as listed on our website under the events or under Our Caring Donors

Business Sponsorships for the Period Ending May 19, 2013.
1.Curves-Duluth, Superior, Cloquet
2.Get R Run, Gordon
3.Lakewalk Plastic Surgery
4.Integrity Health Care 
5.Lake Head Constructions
6.Heide's Mastectomy
7.Heartwood Construction
8.Lakeshore Ice Company
9.Duluth Grill
10.Screen Graphics/Uniform Connection
11.London Road Car Wash
12.Dr. Mike Bussa
13.Heartwood Construction
14.Five Guys
15.Johnson's Bakery
17.Wal Mart
18.Whole Food COOP
19.Sam's Club
20.Peggy Anderson Publishing
21.Janice Wallace's Biz
22.Duluth News Tribune
23.Sunrise Cemetery/Funeral Home
24.Electric Fetus
25.Sh Boom
26.Sacred Heart Music Center
28.Jack's Place
29.Landmark Lanes
30.Poplar Golf Course
31.Black Bear
32.Halvor Lines
33.Twin Ports Night Life
34.Texas Road House
25.Lily By The Lake
26.Coney Island
27.Midwest Radio
28.SuperOne Grocery Stores
29.Sweet Peas
30.Dubh Linn Pub
31.Art in The Alley
32.Rosemary K
33.Anonymous Donors