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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:


July-December Fundraisers: (A Circle of Hope tax liable event.)
Order The Hope CD locally and on CD You can listen to snippets of the music on the 
CD from each song. (We pay taxes on these CD's.)
This CD is also sold at: Electric Fetus (Downtown Duluth), Dubh Lin Pub (Downtown Duluth), Laughing 
Stock Design EStore-324 W. Superior St., Duluth-http://www.laughingdesignbiz.index.aspx, most of the SuperOne 
Grocery Stores in the region Duluth, Superior, Two Harbors, Sweet Peas in Two Harbors (ask), and at events that 
Peggy Anderson is a vendor. They are all sold at the Duluth Grill.
(Expenses in 2011:                 Expenses in 2012: Ads, $55.00)

November 19,  2012, Monday-4 p.m.- 8 p.m.-A Third Party Fundraising Night at Texas Roadhouse for Circle of Hope.
You need an invitation sheet, so contact, or any board member. Texas Roadhouse is located
at 902 Mall Drive, Duluth. They are donating 10% with an invitation sheet to Circle of Hope. You can all ahead at 218-624-7427. 
"Let's Round Everyone Up!"
 (Expenses: $62.50 printing coupons and paper ads; Donation: $75.00)
November 28, 29, 30, 2012-Mini Crafters Sale (Third Party Fundraiser) to Raise Money for Circle 
of Hope-Holiday Center, Skywalk from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.-Third Party Fundraiser/Crafters 
(Expenses: $37.00 in Ads; Income:                 )

November 15th- to Circle of Hope
Give to Circle of Hope this day. Give to Non-Profits to the Max Day.
November 17-18th-Festival of Trees-Location: South Pioneer Hall, a Third Party Fundraiser 
We are raising money for Circle of Hope. Our booth will have homemade items, Christmas items, Breast cancer items, 
and Much More.Carol has beautiful gnomes and homemade purses. A special thank you to Jim Anderson, Peggy 
Anderson (part time as she needed to work 10.5 JLD hours), Carol Snoeyengaus for set up and working November 
16-18th. A special thank you to Sam Rathe who worked one half a day on the 17th, organizing items and donating. 
Thanks to Peg and Jim for set up, take down, hauling, loading and unloading. A special thank you on the 18th to 
Donna Lenfest (for more than half of a day),Colleen for half a day and helping to pack up, Carol Snoeyengaus (for
a full day), Peggy Anderson off and on when she wasn't doing Junior League volunteering, and Jim Anderson when
he could help.Thanks to Peg and Jim for packing vehicles and unpacking the stuff. 

October Fundraiser by Curves in Cloquet-A Third Party Fundraiser. Watch for the details 
coming up.The Cloquet Curves is at a new location and will be raising money for Circle of Hope 
in October for a Cloquet Fund. The money is paid to providers for patients with breast cancer
treatment bills in severe financial need.
October Third Party Fundraisers by Curves in Duluth and Superior:
This is for regional breast cancer treatment bills of patients in need.
The money is paid to providers. There are silent auctions, apparel sales, donating
in memory or honor of cards, waiving their service in lieu of proof of a mammogram/
physical/or donation of $25.00 to The Circle of Hope.


Jack's Place-Superior, Third Party Fundraisers for Circle of Hope
November 3-Women Rock at Spirit Mountain-Find our booth, a Third Party Fundraiser
"Visit Our Racks, Help Save Racks" We will had BC shirts for sale, 
fleece jackets for sale, and much, much more. Everything is way below 
wholesale as last year.This is a fundraiser booth to raise money for Circle
of Hope. (We have helped St. Lukes in other ways: donations,  obtaining
donations, sending letters out, bidding on the pink limo, etc.)
A special thanks to Peg and Jim Anderson for organizing, packing up, taking down and hauling. 
Also to Tom Porter moving items. We had some wonderful volunteers: All day volunteers: Nancy 
Wentz, Sam Rathe, Peggy Anderson, part day volunteers: Donna Lundfest, Pat Esse, and Jim 
Anderson. Thanks to Jim for being one of the announcers too. We loved having our picture
taken in front of the pink limo. It was fun going to JJ Astor for a free Rockotini and appetizers 
(mushrooms, meatballs, and egg rolls). This steamy drink blew us away.
(Expenses: 0-Income: 

Oct. 27th, 2012-Health Fair on the Rez-Women's Health and Wellness 10 a.m.-12:00 noon
(Booth: free)

2 Dye 4 Salon, A Third Party Fundraiser, October 27th from 9 a.m.-3 p.m., 905 W. Central Entrance.
Call 727-4543. 2 Dye 4 Salon is having a benefit for Circle of Hope.  Walk-ins are welcome.
All proceeds donated to Circle of Hope. Product has a % as well. 
If you have 10 inches of hair you can donate it to Locks of Love for free that day. 
Check out their website at:
(Expenses: $40.00 in ads)

A Time to Pink For A Cause-A Third Party Fundraiser
Holiday Inn-Skywalk Level
October 10th, Wednesday, Oct. 11th, Thursday, Oct. 12th, Friday and then Oct. 16th, Tuesday, and Oct. 19th, Friday
The times are from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Come buy breast cancer jackets (pink) for $10.00,  breast cancer white and pink sweatshirts for $5.00, breast cancer shirts
for $7.00-$10.00 way below wholesale for a cause.
We will also be collection donations, giving out our website cards, breast cancer brochures, and explaining what we do at Circle of Hope. 
We will have different items each day but some will be the same.
(Expenses: Ads            Income:

Oct. 17-Senior Expo Booth 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.-Come and find out what Circle of Hope is all about. 
Volunteers: Peggy and Jim Anderson, Tom Porter

Oct. 18-Essentia Craft Fair/Business Center-Over the Lunch Period, A Third Party Fundraiser
Volunteers: Peg and Jim Anderson
(Expenses: Product)

October 6, 2012-Get R Run in Gordon, Wisconsin for Circle of Hope. This was the 3rd Annual Pink Run, A Third Party Fundraiser.
A whooping $3500.00 was raised in 2012.It involved using your ATV, motorcycle, car and supporting the fight against breast cancer.
Each person paid $10.00 to get your card. They had it stamped at at each location:  Moose River Bar, North Shore Resort, 
Poodle Inn, St. Croix River Lanes, Buckhorn, Bootleggers, J& K  Halfway House, McNamara's, M& MY-Go-By, Clearwater Resort,
and the Cabin Store. The Cabin Store is where you get your raffle ticket and poker hand starting at 6:00 p.m.
There was food, door prizes, raffles, and.much more. There was a Pink Ta Ta drink for purchase as well. Folks purchased a Solo Cup
shirt for $20.00.Proceeds raised will be donated to Circle of Hope for breast cancer treatment bills for clients for patients in the area. 
(Expenses: Ads $35.40, Income: $3500.00)
$20.00 shirts

Sage Phone Bank-Free Mammograms-Oct.  18th-Phone Bank Call in WDIO TV
Through the years we have had a lot of fun being on the call bank. This year it was Peggy Anderson, Pat Esse, Terri Juntti (Tracy Plunkett's sister), Arlie McGinnis, Patty Parker, Gloria Burnette, Sara and her mom and the staff. We did the phone bank this year from 5:00-6:30 p.m. I remember in years past Peggy Rydberg and Tracy Plunkett both did it with us. (both of died from breast cancer), Tricia Waltman, Bonnie Nimmo, Como Oil Staff (John Heino and Mr. Berg (I think that was his name), Jim M from Sage, other people we know. I remember Cassie making that whining sound off air, the laughing, the giggling, the taking picitures in the interview seats. Yes, we had lots of laughs, good food, and refreshments for the cause.

October 17, 2012-Five Guys Benefit for Circle of Hope, A Third Party Fundraiser-Order in or 
take order out for the cause.-4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.Fries cooked in peanut oil. Best burgers ever!  We love 
the double burgers, large bag of fries (one order is enough for two people) and the ice tea. 
(Expenses:          Income:     )

October 8-9-30th Annual St. Louis County Health & Human Service Conference-
"Scarred by Struggle, Transformed by Hope"
Find The Circle of Hope Booth. We will be giving our cards and information on what we
do as a 501(c)3 organization. We are very close to having paid out $17,000 in breast cancer treatment bills.
We have other bills to pay that are being processed. You know the bill processing game.
(Expenses: $200.00, Misc. $9.64, Donated items, Donations:           )

September 15, 2012-Chester Bowl Fall fest Craft Sale-This fundraiser will be Peggy Anderson, a Third Party Fundraiser
Publishing and volunteers with the money going to Circle of Hope. It is a third party fundraiser. This fall crafts, breast cancer
items, below wholesale clothes and Much More.

September 19, 2012-Five Guys Benefit for Circle of Hope-4:00-8:00 p.m.-Order in or order out for the cause. This was 
a Third Party Fundraiser.
(Expenses:                Income:            )
September 23, 2012-Lester River Rendezvous-This fundraiser will be Peggy Anderson Publishing ( A Third Party Fundraiser)
to make money for Circle of Hope.The same things from above will be for sale along with kids stuff, 
breast cancer dog items for Peggy's Dogs Get Breast Cancer Too Fund!
(Expenses:               Income:            )

August 30, 2012-Proctor Speedway Silver 1,000* (LM & Mods)-250 Circle of Hope frisbees to be 
thrown out by Tom Porter from Sunrise Cemetery,  6:30 Hot Laps, 7:00 Race,
September Fundraisers:
September 1-Gay Pride-Terri's Treasures Booth (Twenty percent is donated to Circle of Hope.)
September 3-Labor Day Picnic-Two Booths (Terri's Treasurers is selling jewelry and giving a percent to Circle of Hope)
and Peggy Anderson Publishing is selling sweatshirts for the same cause (plain and breast cancer, new, way below
wholesale) and Much More Help Circle of Hope. This was a Third Party Fundraiser. Come visit us! Thank you 
Jim and Peggy Anderson for volunteering.
(Expenses:                  Income:              )

Jerry Metcalf's Famous Coney Sauce Recipe:
Jerry loved to make this for Labor Day Picnics and for other Union Events. That and using his Pioneer Cookbooks to make other
delicious food. Many do not know what a great cancer he was, he loved to make wine and to cook. We all miss him dearly, so Terri
said we can share this recipe with you:
Items Needed:
1 pound of hamburger* (from Jerry, use fat as if lard, you get better results) (In other words don't use the lean hamburger.)
1 small onion, chopped
1 t. salt
1/2 t. garlic
1/4 c. of paprika
1/4 c. of chili powder
1 T. mustard
1 T. of vinegar
Brown all together before paprika and chili powder. Add 2 cups of boiling water. The water should be added before the paprika
and chili powder. Simmer for one hour until the water is gone. While simmering, Jerry sometimes do it covered or uncovered to
see what would bring the best results. Both ways work. Once done simmering, Jerry would put it through the food processor to
make it into tinier pieces. 

September 6th,7th, 8th-"The Garage Sale Depot", 5204 Otsego St., Duluth, 52nd Avenue East, a Third Party Fundraiser

Dates/Dates/Times: Thursday-September 6th from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Friday, September 7th from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m,
Saturday, September 8th from 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Cha Chin-We take credit cards. Go to a Garage Sale with Your Credit Card!
Whose Putting It On? Peggy Anderson Publishing and possibly others
Where Does The Money Go? Circle of Hope donation for operating. This is a Third Party Fundraiser.
What's For Sale? Below Wholesale New Clothing, Nurses and Medical Professional Accessories, 
Breast Cancer Jackets, Shirts, and Sweatshirts
Items from Peggy Anderson Publishing Sweet Pea Booth (which she is closing down).
(i.e. cookbooks, home made cards, etc.)
Other: Gently Used Items for The Cause from Various People such as household cookbooks,
misc. household and more.

The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams Participated in The Lake Superior Dragon Boat Races-2012
August 24, 2012/Friday Night/Parade/Awakening of The Dragon
August 25, 2012/Races and Our Picnic
Our Many Faces of Breast Cancer Picnic:
Mary Broman's Oriental Cole Slaw:
In a large deep pan saute:
1/2 cup of butter
2 T. of sugar
2 pkg. of Ramen noodles, crushed, discard the flavoring in the package
1/2 cup of sesame seed
3 oz. slivered almonds
Cook till lightly browned.
3/4 c. of vegetable oil
1/4 c. red wine vinegar
1/3 c. sugar
2 T. soy sauce
You also need:
1 pkg. broccoli slaw
4 green onions sliced (I forgot this for a Kiwanis auction barbecue, so don't forget the onions.)
Optional: chicken breast cut up into bite size pieces.
Mix and toss together, just before serving.
--We want to thank all those who brought and donated food and beverages to share with 
family, friends, and other survivors. Together we can made a difference in the lives of others. 
Thank you!
--We want to especially thank our food volunteers: Mary Broman, Donna Lenfest, Dominic 
Hughes, Kelly Hughes, Peggy Anderson, Rita Raudman. We want to thank all those that
donated food for the picnic for survivors, thrivers, family and friends of The Many Faces of
Breast Cancer teams. Thank you! Thank you!
--We want to thank the team captains: Jim Anderson and Colleen Hasforth for contacting 
and coordinating their teams. It is not easy rounding everyone up to work together.
--We want to thank Peggy and Jim Anderson for obtaining sponsors, getting registrations,
ordering T-shirts, coordinating the food, and picking up numerous items such as the ice, the 
coffee thermos from the Duluth Grill. --
--We want to thank Janice and Greg Wallace for picking up the majority of the buns.
--We want to thank our sponsors who love us!  We love you too!

August 22, 2012-Five Guys Benefit for Circle of Hope-4:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Order in or take out for the cause.

July 28, 2012-Woman-Made: Marvelous Things by Northland Women Art & Gift Fair, Unitarian Church, A Third
Party Fundraiser for Cricle of Hope, 835 W. College Street, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. This is a summertime indoor fair with local 
arts from within 60 miles of Duluth. There will be pottery, photography, glass, natural materials, fiber, clothing, jewelry, and 
other art times. Circle of Hope will have a food booth there as a fundraiser. A special thank you to Johnson's Bakery 
(Lakeside), Wal-Mart, Whole Food COOP, Cub Food, Peggy and Jim Anderson, and Circle of Hope as the food 
sponsors. They are serving three unique salads made at the Duluth Grill and much more. The volunteers to thank are: Peggy
 and Jim Anderson, and two others to be listed here.The menu is: coffee, water, pop, cookies, rolls, and three salads.The 
salads will be made at the Duluth Grill with owner Tom Hanson and Peggy/Jim Anderson. The volunteers for the event were 
the Anderson's, Kim Storm, Rita Raudman, and Linda.
Syrian Tabouleh 
(This recipe came from Nancy Brown's grandmother from Syria. My
friend Nancy is part Lebanese.This receipe has been handed down 
in her family.)
1c. cracked bulgur wheat (The Whole Foods bulgur is the best.)
Directions: Place 1 cup boiling water over the bulgur and soak for 
at least 1 hour. It needs to be soft. 
(Other folks boil it up. My daughter boils her and others soak
 theirs overnight.) Nancy states to squeeze out the excessive 
water and cool.)
Mix all of the following ingredients:
1/4 c. of chopped parsley
1/2 bunch of chopped fresh mint leaves.Fresh is best. (If you
use mint flakes use 1 1/2 T. of Spear Mint.)
4 very large tomatoes, chopped
Mix together:
Juice from 4 lemons that have been rolled first. Nancy 
states the more lemon you use, it is better. 
(We are using real lemon juice.)
1/2 c. olive oil
Sea salt and ground pepper to taste. (Nancy uses Lemon
Toss together and serve. She serves it on a lettuce leaf 
or cabbage leaf.
Serves 6
Cold Italian Spaghetti Salad
Pre-cook the spaghetti broken in half noodles with a 
little oil until it is cooked al dente;
pour cold water on the noodles as they are draining.
Steps and Ingredients:
1.Wash, peel and chop the cucumbers into cubes.
2.Wash and chop the green peppers into small pieces as 
3.Wash and chop the tomatoes as you desire.
4.Chop red onions into small pieces.
5.Take sliced pepperoni and chop into small pieces 
(1/4 size).
6.Add drained, double sliced black olives.
Add the cold spaghetti.
Toss with Wishbone Italian Dressing.
Serve with shredded Parmesan choose as an option.
Mediteran, Feta, Tomato Orzo Salad
Cook as directed until cooked, tender and firm. Drain 
and rinse in old water.
4 t. white wine vinegar
4 t. olive oil
1/4 t. coarse salt
1 pt. of cherry tomatoes
2 T. chopped green onions
1/4 c. feta cheese
2 T. chopped fresh basil
Pepper to taste.
A little lemon juice is optional. The more the merrier
in my book.
Add all of the ingredients together and serve.

Stay Classy Contest-We were in this contest last year and had 357 likes. We were invited to the Stay Classy Awards in San Diego. Please read about our organization on this link. We will know by July 9th if we are in the next level, public voting.

July 11, 12, 2012-Sidewalk Day Sales-Peggy Anderson Publishing and volunteers: This will be fundraiser is a 
Third Party Fundraiser and the proceeds are donated  to Circle of Hope. Day One volunteers: Full Day: Kim 
Storm and Peggy Anderson, Donna L (half day), Jim Anderson partial day including set up and take down. 
Thank  you so very much! A special thank you to Jim and Peggy Anderson for setting up the second day,
Peggy Anderson and Rita Raudman working all day the second day and Rita helping with closing up the booth.

July 7, 2012-Tee Off for Breast Cancer (A Third Party Fundraiser) by Jack's Place at Poplar Golf Course-
Tee Time at 10:30 p.m. Longest putting contest, activities back at Jack's, barbeque, prizes, karoke for the cause. 
The cost was $15.00 per person. Our Circle of Hope team consisted of Phil Haller, Julie and Ray Sosinski, Greg 
and Janice Wallace, Peggy and Jim Anderson. The women were the power drivers of the golf carts. Afterwards, 
supper at Jack's for the three couples.


July 4th-Circle of Hope Booth and Affilates at Fourth Fest-A Third Party Fundraiser for Circle of Hope
June 26, 2012-"First Annual Board Training Boot Camp/Retreat"-Sunrise Memorial Bldg. , Duluth, 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.
By Dr. Kim Storm
United Way Day of Caring
Our two projects are:
Project Supplies includes boxes of printer paper, a new copier, computer, copier, toner, long white envelo[pes, restaurant certificates and hotel stays for clients, and silent auction items.
Project Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting Items for a Cause are making chemo caps and prayer shawls. You can also sew us prayer squares with words of hope and inspiration on them
June 20, 2012-Five Guys Benefit for Circle of Hope from 4 p.m.-8 p.m.-Miller Hill Mall,
This is a Third Party Fundraiser
Dine in or Dine out for the cause. 10% of the sales will be going toward Circle of Hope.

December 2011-July 2012:You Gotta Dance Like No One's Watching by Lester H. Smith, a two time cancer survivor 
and national ballroom dance champion. Lester has gone 17 rounds with cancer and has beaten the odds time and 
time again. Today he has committed himself to supporting breast cancer organizations nationwide through the Pink
Well Challenge who were nominated for the challenge.
By putting in Promo Code CHD2, you can help Circle of Hope, located out of Duluth, MN get $25.00 for every book sold.
This is the perfect gift this holiday season or anytime during the year. It is one that can give back. Support Circle of 
Hope located out of Duluth, MN serving northern Mn and northern Wisconsin by providing financial help to breast 
cancer clients in financial distress. Lester Smith has generously offered to help this organization by giving $25.00 
from the sale of every book toward our cancer fighting mission is you use Promo Code CHD2. This is an inspirational 
book from two time cancer survivor, oil tycoon, and makes the perfect gift for any holiday. You will enjoy this book 
at anytime during the year. You will be inspired and laugh at his humor. You will find joy from a survivor who knows
how to live and help others.

June 7th Thursday, June 8th Friday, June 9th Saturday (2012)-Garage Sale from 8 a.m.-noon. The Early Birds Garage 
Sale on the back drive way for Circle of Hope, 5204 Otsego St., Duluth (Lakeside)
-We will accept small donations for the cause and give you a donation slip. We have LOTS of books for 50 cents to $1.00,
 craft items, household items, teaching items, Man Cave Stuff, a dog kennel, camping back pack. Most of this stuff is Dirt 
Cheap. There are treasures that await your purchasing them. They have your name on them. We will also be selling our way 
below wholesale clothing as marked. (These prices are firm.) Contact Peggy at 218-525-1905 or
if you want to donate some of your treasures for our Circle of Hope fundraiser.
April 16, 2012-June 1, 2012-Social Media Team raising money for Circle of Hope for Breast Cancer Treatment Bills-Peggy Anderson and Tricia Waltman. This account was not set up right, so there is now a different account that is below.
March 1-June 1, 2012-Pledge for Pounds Program-Trish Waltman, a friend of Peggy Rydberg and our friend, 
is raising money through a program she calls "Pledge for Pounds Program." This fundraising will benefit Circle 
of Hope.Starting March 1-June 1 she will be losing weight. She is taking pledges to lose the weight. I know I bid on per 
pounds and Jim by month. I think anything goes. E-mail her at: about your pledge. She 
can also be found on Facebook at: Tricia has designed cards, cups, notebooks
and various items for Circle of Hope that are on our second fundraising tab page. She is a great person, writes for the 
Reader and much more. Help her out and by helping her, you are helping us with our mission.
 (Expenses: 0, Income 0 )
May 23, 2012-Five Guys Benefit for Circle of Hope at Miller Hill Mall from 4 p.m.-8 p.m. Dine in or 
take out for the cost. 10% of the sales will be going toward Circle of Hope. This is A Third Party
(Expenses:              Income:             )

May 19, 2012-Saturday at Black Bear Casino- Otter Creek Event Center-11 a.m.-6 p.m.-
-This is a Northland's Premier Motorsports Event, featuring Motorcycle & Motorsports Dealers, Parts & accessories & Much More. 
Circle of Hope has a booth there and Peggy will be doing so free advertising for them. This booth will be A Third Party Fundraiser.

Come to the Circle of Hope Booth. A board member is selling Terri's Treasuers jewlery, including Harley Jewlery. (She donates a portion to Circle of Hope.) You can get our Circle of Hope website cardsand find out about our organization. (P. Anderson helped with some of the advertising of this event.)
May 12, 2012-Bowling for Breast Cancer (Boobies)-Landmark Lanes, Superior-This is a Karen Geegan Event but Circle of Hope is helping with it. The times to sign up to bowl are: 10 a.m., 12:30 p.m., or 3 p.m. We are collecting silent auction items. You can sign up to bowl, the cost is $15.00 per person. If you live in Duluth or around here, contact Peggy at 218-525-1905 or She will send you the information to fill out and send in with your check. You can also pay on line. She is collecting bowlers and bowling teams for Karen. If you live in Superior, contact Karen at Jack's Place. There will surprises!  Don't miss being there.
Most of the bottles fell of the bra. Silent Auction item.                   
May 5 2012-Amateur Radio Club-HAM Fest-9 a.m.-2 p.m./Private Event-Jim and Peg did a booth for Circle of Hope-Didn't make a lot of money, talked to breast cancer survivors, gave out cards and won a whole lot of drawing items.
April 19 2012- Sage Phone Bank-WDIO TV-Many from our board and volunteers did the Mammogram Phone Bank. We received 100 calls and 82% were eligible for free mammograms! Some of us have dont this event for many, many years.
April 20 2012-Sacred Heart Music Center-7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.-We are having A Dance Party (Sh-Boom)-The tickets are $12.00 and can be bought on the Sacred Heart Website, Electric Fetus, from board members or at the door.

September 24th, 201l-Lester Park Rendezvous-Peggy Anderson Publishing for Circle of Hope-This booth will be selling home-made crafts, home made clothing ideas, below wholesale clothing, breast cancer items, have free health fair flyers, dog and chldren items for sale. All proceeds benefit Circle of Hope except for the dog items.Terri's Treasures will also have a booth with a portion of the sales donated to Circle of Hope.

4.Community Days-October/November
Will you please help us to sell Community Day booklets? Pretty please. I think this time we will need to use a dog like Animal Allies at the mall.

October, 2011-Curves Benefit for "Circle of Hope" at Spirit Valley Curves,located at 5602 Grand Avenue, Duluth, 1.218.628.9238. There are lots of really fun activities planned at this Curves. All the other Curves are raising money for Circle of Hope. We are eternally grateful to the Curves in Duluth, Superior, and Cloquet. We thank you with all of our hearts! The owners, Curves managers, and all the participants will truly make a difference in the lives of others in our region.
October 1, 2011-Get-er-R-Done-Pink Run for "Circle of Hope"-A breast cancer benefit for clients in Douglas County- will be a silent auction, and many activities for the participants. (More details and the named account will be listed on our website.)
Oct. 2, 2011-Clyde Iron Works, "Zumba Fitness Class" for Circle of Hope from 3-5 p.m.  Sponsors are: Clyde Iron Works, Peggy Anderson Publishing,  Zumba Instructors: Jill Heide and (more instructors and sponsors will be listed here).. Terri Newman.
Zumba is Latin American dancing. On TV Zumba advertizements say you can lose 500 calories per hour. The Zumba instructors in our city are super energized. Zumba clothing will be sold and breast cancer clothing. Proceeds benefit Circle of Hope for the breast cancer block grant program.
Oct. 4, 2011-St. Luke's-Financial Barriers/Resources-Booth/Bonnie Nimmo
Oct. 22, 2011-Coppertop Church, "New Clothing Sale"-Sponsored by Peggy Anderson Publishing with the proceeds going to Circle of Hope. All ages of clothes and accessories. Below wholesale sales, bakesale, lunch available. We have lots of nurses scrub stuff,  landyards,  mens shirts, and lots of everything. Do you want some nurse's bags? We have lots of these.WE have one garage full of donations to sell to you for a bargain.  This is Bargains for a Cause. Booths that will be there include: Terri's Treasurers, a Health Fair Table, and much more.

October 27, 2011- Thursday-Hope Concert, Sacred Heart Music Center, 6:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.,  Large Silent Auction and Concert
Sponsors: Duluth Grill, London Road Card Wash, etc. above