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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

                          CFC #87115; Our EIN is 27-395464

(Postal Workers, Federal Employees and the Military (US and Abroad) 


Lake Superior Dragon Boat Races

Bikers Event:  September 8, 2018-Checkerboard Bar, Wisconsin



October 5-6-Pink Run, Gordon, Wisconsin

July 16, 2018-RCC Rally for the Circle of Hope
Ridgeview Country Club

There will also be a Hole in One with a car as a prize. More 
details to follow.  



Crossfit Duluth-Hermantown Location
-A fundraiser for Circle of Hope

-They teach crossfit, personal training, Boot Camp, crossfit for kids.


Ruth Backlund, BSN, CGEI owns Energy Works Myofascial Release, 218-464-2349. Her website She is also a Beach Body Coach. She is on a mission to help active
men and women enhance their health and well-being, improve mobility, and avoid unnecessary 
surgery, and you can help!

     Anonymous-Diane-Thank you!





Thank you donors! Thank you Shirt Werks and Cross Fit Duluth (located in Hermantown!)

October 5-6: Pink Run, Gordon

October 21: Concert 









Texas Roadhouse is having a fundraiser for Circle of Hope
 in October. Buy a $15.00 shirt and/or a $5.00 bracelet to help patients. 



Superior Chrysler is having a fundraiser for Circle of 
Hope in October. Drive and Buy a Car.  Circle of Hope
gets a donation for each car sold. They will also be 
having a benefit. 


-Check out our new facebook page at: 

---We are looking for "free" likes. 

Moon Shot Meeting in Duluth:


Circle of Hope/Bear's Heavy Duty, LLC

Peggy Anderson/Circle of Hope-218-464-1626 and Sherry Saari/Bears-218-628-2385

If you are looking for a new plow for your HD truck these PINK 8'6 and 9'6 Fisher 

XV2 V-Plows come standard with a high carbon steel cutting edge, increasing wear

resistance, and feature a 70-degree attack angle for enhanced scraping and back digging.

The XV2 V-plow features extreme flared wings that soar from a 31" center height to 39"

at the outer edge on 9' 6" models. For questions call 218-628-2385.

Bear's Heavy Duty donated $1,000 to a local non-profit, Circle of Hope. The 

organization, Circle of Hope is donating that money to their fund at the University

of Minnesota Duluth Medical School for Stage IV breast cancer research.

All Year Sponsors:



October: Annual Drive-Letters and Envelopes

People can donate to our Go Fund Me Page, Pay Pal direct, eBay, Humble Bundle 
and other Platforms for Circle of Hope

Donate a Car or Vehicle:

This is our direct link to our page below:



Great Non-Profits Badge-


The National Breast Cancer Coalition-The 2017 U.S. breast cancer incidence and
 mortality statistics have been published by the AmericanCancer Society (ACS)[1]. Once again, there is
 an increase in incidence in women: this year 316,120 women will be diagnosed, 252,710 with invasive breast
cancer and 63,410 in situ. 

In 2016 those numbers were 246,660 and 61,000, respectively. It is estimated that in 2017, 2,470 men 
will be diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2016 that number was 2,600.

Estimated 2017 deaths from breast cancer are reported as 40,610 women and 460 men. The rate of 
decrease in mortality is 1.8%.


Other Programs That Are Fundraisers:

E-Bay Charity Program:

Giving Grid:

Thrivent:  Choice Dollars:

Thank you to the donors.We appreciate what you do with all of our hearts.

Benevity Community Impact Fund-A Fund of American Endowment Foundation

Thank you donors! You are so helpful!