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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

                          CFC #87115; Our EIN is 27-395464

(Postal Workers, Federal Employees and the Military (US and Abroad)


Circle of Hope has no active fundraisers at this time. All donations should be mailed to them or go through their pay pal link. Write Peggy to find out the link.

All donations from this memorial went to Circle of Hope. Thank you everyone!

Breast Cancer Awareness-Duluth News Tribune-Flip Book:

October 2020 fundraiser:
Art in the Planet, David Hoad, DC Testing, Wine Beginnings-raised $470.00 for a specific cause.

Superior Choice Credit Union in Superior raised $304.00 by wearing pink shirts in the month of October to raise money for
Circle of Hope!

Leann Gutting and Excel Energy Fundraiser

Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser


The Duluth Fire Dept. is selling t-shirts to its members as a fundraiser for Circle of Hope. After that some may be available to the  public. 

We love Texas Roadhouse. The patients love it as well!

Circle of Hope Mitigration Strategies

It is important to prepare for your safety and the safety of others.
1.Wash your hands with  soap and water. Some say it's like singing
happy birthday twice.
2.Sanitize your hands when soap is not available.
3.Do not touch your face.
4.Cover your nose with kleenex when coughing or sneezing.
5.Do not shake hands  or hug anyone.
6.Distance yourself from others. They say 6 feet.
7.Avoid contact with a sick person.
8.Stay home when  you are sick.
9.They state that one should only go to the grocery store, pharmacy,
gas station and buy take out. Go to essentia places.
10. Doctor appointments must be urgent needs. Contact your medical
11.Develop a cleaning schedule. This includes cleaning door knobs, light
switches, the phone, etc.
12. Avoid more than 10 people at a time.

Grandma's Marathon: Circle of Hope raised over $30,000 in two years from their runners of teams. Peggy and Jim Anderson from Circle of Hope were the coordinators of these runners.


Grandma's Marathon Charity Partner-2020-Circle of Hope

Donors to Circle of Hope

    Edmunds Company, LLP Real Estate and Appraisals 
131 W. Superior Street                                                                                     2200 Water Street, Duluth, MN 55812
Duluth, MN 55802                      600 E. Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802  218-724-7900
www.northshorebank                                              Website:

Madeline Island Ferry                                                                                    
100 Main Street
LaPointe, WI 54850

  Eating Bon Bon's, LLG, Golly G
                                                                             4776 Hermantown Rd, Hermantown, MN 55811

James Hacking, LTD, CPA
202 W. Superior Street, Suite 510                          
Duluth, MN 55802

   Gallery Dental
He has a facebook page.                     Address:

Margaret Anderson; Peggy and  Jim Anderson

Terri's Treasurers

Heartwood Construction Company, Duluth
WIPFLi's CPAs & Consultants, Duluth

These were our runners for 2020. The event was canceled due to the pandemic. They raised a lot of money!

Paula Konczal
Amber Sadlier
Amber Vidmas
Emmaline Childs
Tim Comfort
Rachael Perlinger
Kevin Glime
Lindsey O'Donnell
Dana Nicklas
Debbie Murphy Miller
Daphene Curtin
Adriane Brown
Mefree Lee
Sharon Lassila
James and Peggy Anderson
Jenny Jasperson
Haylie Ruedebusch
Chris Komanapelli
Renee Miller
Marva Smith
Jodi Lochner

Thank you everyone!
Feel More Like You-Walgreens-4501 Grand Avenue, Duluth
Paige Hellgren-218-628-2891,
(Ask of more details.) 
This program is Tuesday through Saturday

Circle of Hope announces that the breast cancer fundraiser held at Landmark Lanes on March 30, 2019 raised $3,151.00 to help local breast cancer patients.  In 7 years the funds raised totaled $21,132.00.  Circle of Hope Board of Directors has decided to NOT to have a bowling fundraiser anymore.  They want to thank Diane, Peggy, the volunteers, donors and participants each year.

To be moved over: (2019 Grandma's)
App for the weekend of Grandma's: 

A Special Thank You to These Circle of Hope Runners in 2019

1.Debbie Murphy Miller-Duluth, MN

2.Mary Nick-Shoreview, MN

3.Beth Gallagher-Louisville, Kentucky

4.Victoria Pagn-Gainsville, Florida

5.Paula Konczal-Elk River, MN

6.Becky McGraw-Stephens City, VA

7.Jenine Lillo-Duluth, MN

8.Hunter Follen-Bremerton, WA

9.Megan Jorgenson-Dickinson, ND

10.Marilea Griggs-Mpls., MN

11.Sarah Kowalczyk-San Francisco, CA

12.Amy Davis-Duluth, MN

13.Jenna Bosell-Duluth, MN


Thank You to Our Sponsors and Donors (Financial and In Kind)


1. Anonymous Donors                                                      2.Diane Miner

3. North Shore Bank              4.Peg and Jim Anderson, Circle of Hope

5.Circle of Hope Board Members and Volunteers

6.Texas Roadhouse                                      7.Tim and Shannon Rothe

8.FINI Fantasttic Painters                           9.Superior Chrysler

10.James Hacking, LTD            11.Heartwood Construction Company

12.Madeline Island Ferry               13.Crossfit Duluth (Hermantown)

14.Nora Cortese                                   15.Tortoise and Hare Footware

16.Austin -Jarrow Sports                              17.Grandma's Marathon

18. Duluth Running Company





THEY Raised Money But Did Not Raise Enough for the Registration:

Heather Frisk-$155.00

Amanda Tazaz-$75.00

Reilly Whahlers-$50.00

Kristine Buckman-$50.00

Carmen Novak-$50.00

Terah Ramsdell-$25.00

Shelly Hatch-$20.00

Sponsors/Donors: (2019) Diane Miner, James Hacking LTD, Northshore Bank,

Terri's Treasurers, Heartwood Construction, Superior Chrysler,  FINN-TASTIC PAINTERS 
(Ely and Duluth), Cross Fit Duluth (Hermantown-In Kind), Graymont (WI) LLC, Anonymous
Donor, Holden Insurance-Tim Rothe and Shannon Rothe, Madeline Island Ferry Line, Inc.


Circle of Hope has RoundUp (a phone app in the app store),
and you can round up your charge through the Stripe program,
once you have signed up. Their link is:

2018 Fundraisers To Be Moved:

The Month of October: (2019)
The Duluth Fire Dept. is selling shirts in the month of 
October to donate to Circle of Hope to help breast cancer 
patients. Sizes  S-XL are $18.00. Special order shirts are 
2XL-4XL.  Write to be on the next order.
They can be picked up at Duluth Fire Stations 10 Heath Wiersma, 
11 (Lisa Consie), and the Headquarters (Damion Laurion). Children's
shirts are also available for $15.00, special order XS-L.

The Month of October: Texas Roadhouse will be selling t-shirts to financially help Circle of Hope with their missions.



October 5-6-Pink Run, Gordon, Wisconsin-2018

July 16, 2018-RCC Rally for the Circle of Hope
Ridgeview Country Club

There will also be a Hole in One with a car as a prize. More 
details to follow.  



Crossfit Duluth-Hermantown Location
-A fundraiser for Circle of Hope

-They teach crossfit, personal training, Boot Camp, crossfit for kids.


Ruth Backlund, BSN, CGEI owns Energy Works Myofascial Release, 218-464-2349. Her website She is also a Beach Body Coach. She is on a mission to help active
men and women enhance their health and well-being, improve mobility, and avoid unnecessary 
surgery, and you can help!

     Anonymous-Diane-Thank you!





Thank you donors! Thank you Shirt Werks and Cross Fit Duluth (located in Hermantown!)

October 21: Concert