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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

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Breast Cancer Mover and Sharkers Stories:
Peggy Rydberg with Barb Hoag
Barb Hoag's Breast Cancer Story:"I have been an advocate of breast cancer awareness since 1991. On September 18, 2006 after my annual mammogram I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My co-workers bought me the book, Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul.This book became my support and played an important part in keeping a positive attitude."
"I am an avid bowler and received pledges during my 2006-2007 bowling season. During my treatment, I was able to bowl over 300 games and raised $4,225.00. I used this money to purchase 400 copies of Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul and donated these books to the two hospitals in Duluth, MN. These books were given to breast cancer patients. Approximately 400 patients are diagnosed in our area each year."
"In order to continue purchasing these books, my "Fab Five" (5 special friends-Barb Lucia, Moe Miller, Cindy Miller, Pam Savoy, Janice Stack) and I started an annual bowling fundraiser on Oct. 27 &28, 2007. This annual event is held on the third weekend of October. On April 1, 2008, "Bowling to Beat Breast Cancer, Inc." became a non-profit 509 (a) (2)."
"The 4th Bowling to Beat Breast Cancer fundraiser was held on Oct. 16 &17, 2010 and generated a profit of over $10,000 for the 4th straight year. To date 1050 books have been distributed to breast cancer patients. My hope is that other breast cancer patients will find the same comfort that this book continues to give me."
"The 5th annual Bowling to Beat Breast Cancer fundraiser will be held on October 15 &16, 2011. The co-author of Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul, Mary Olsen Kelly, will be attending the 5th annual event."