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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

Circle of Hope's Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018  In Progress:

We have paid out $386, 457.82  to help breast cancer patients struggling financially from a breast cancer 
diagnosis and with survivor ship skills needs from April 19, 2011-October 10, 2018. This includes $41, 300.00
in Stage IV breast cancer research through the University of Minnesota Medical School.  $200.00 of this is for
another cause there. 

Our high lights in 2018 include: Boot Camp, Bowling at Landmark, Cross Fit Duluth (located in Hermantown), 
Rally for a Cure Golf at Ridgeview Country Club (2nd year) by a group of wonderful women, Dragon Boat 
Races (Our 10th Year), The Many Faces of Breast Cancer, Our Last Year), Bikers for Boobies (3rd Year), 
Curves Fundraisers (3), Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser, The Duluth Fire Dept Fundraiser, Rockin for Hope 
(9th Concert), Pink Run (Gordon), Denium Event at National Bank of Commerce, Fundraisers for Grandma's 
2019,  Superior Chrysler Ads, Chrisine Jensen Boutique,  and

Annual Report 2017:

We have paid out $380, 531.47  to help breast cancer patients struggling financially from a breast cancer 
diagnosis and with survivor ship skills needs from April 19, 2011-September 10, 2018. This includes 
$41,100.00 for Stage IV breast cancer research through the University of Minnesota Medical School

In Kind Donations: We also donated more than $2850.00 of $2850.00 of in kind donations. Also another
$1,000 worth of In Kind Donations.

(The University of Minnesota Medical School received $10, 400.00 toward local metastatic breast cancer
(Stage IV) in 2015 and $10,400.00 in 2016.  In 2017, we have donated $10,400.00 from designated funds.
(Also another donation for a designation for $100.00) We donated $5,000 in January 2018,  $300.00 on 
April 26, 2018, and $100.00 on May 7, 2018.The total donated is $36,700.00 as of 7/22/18. We donated 
$100.00 on July 22, 2018 for a special project.) 

In 2017, Circle of Hope received $9,529.00 from the Ridgeview County Club Rally for Circle of Hope. This 
was a woman's golf event that was an amazing event. This money is to be used for local breast cancer patients. 
Circle of Hope announces that they they received $2,000 from Bell State Bank and Trust. (Thank you Billi Jo 
Carpenter.) They received large donations from Excel Energy, They received $1,242.64 from United Health 
Care in 2016. They received $997.08 from Jay Gaare for his personal fundraising efforts! They received 
donations from Superior Fire Fighters, Sappi, Sunrise Memorial Funeral Home and Cemetery, Wendy and 
Jeff Tucker, Energy Works Myofascial Release and Allyndale Motel. Circle of Hope received $2,656.00 
from a patient. They received $1,165.00 from Superior Chrysler Center.We received $5,000 (2017) from
the Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition to help patients in Minnesota. Circle of Hope received $250.00 from
Superior Curves, $2,137,99 from Miller Hill Curves, and $1317.00 from Curves North.  They are grateful
to all of these donations and others! It really impacts patients lives. 

Circle of Hope recognized larger donors for the 2017 business year. This is at events, 
sending the plaque in the mail with a letter or delivering the plaque with a letter. Some
businesses were recognized in 2016 with plaques.

Susan G. Komen Minnesota helped 64 patients in grants to Circle of Hope from two

grant calendar year during 2013 & 2016. ($85,450.00) Those patients will be forever 

grateful. The funding was for northern Minnesota and was daily living expenses 

to help patients. There are a lot of rural patients who need help.These patients often

have to quit work to receive life saving treatments. Over half of the patients in the 

last calendar grant cycle were Stage IV.

We are grateful for their help as well.  Circle of Hope got a lot of educational materials

for health fairs.  Sometimes businesses ask us for materials and we provide breast 

health and breast cancer information.

The Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition has helped many patients in northern Minnesota, 
rural Minnesota with the grant/donation monies of $10,500.00 n the years 2014-2016. 
Patients often have to quit work to receive life saving cancer treatments. The patients are
very grateful for the help! 

   Jon and Erin Kalkenbrenner and their Curve Clubs
donated $26,634.72 to help Duluth, Superior and Cloquet breast cancer patients with breast cancer
medical Bills from the years 2011-2015. The patients and Circle of Hope thank them for their support
through the years. Also most importantly, their club members who worked so hard over these years
to raise a significant amount of money.  Thank you from the patients and from Circle of Hope Board 
of Directors!
  Karen Geegan along with her supporters and
volunteers raised $10,955.00 between 2011-2013 to help Superior Breast Cancer patients 
with unpaid medical bills. This was possible by selling sweatshirts and shirts through Circle 
of Hope, doing golf events at Poplar Golf Course, bowling events at Landmark Lanes, and 
ice golfing. Circle of Hope thanks Karen Geegan for her help! She surely did make a difference in
the lives of others. Thank you from the clients/patients and Circle of Hope!

The Pink Run/Get Er Done has donated $28,691.96 from 2011-2016 to Circle of Hope to
help breast cancer patients in Douglas County with bc medical bills and daily living expenses.
We thank the committee that works so hard at putting on this event. The patients so appreciate
the help. The plaque will be presented on October 7, 2017 at the 2017 Pink Run event!
Thank you from the Board of Directors. 


Circle of Hope thanks Landmark Lanes for raising $11,756.00 between the years 2013-2016. 
The money was used to help breast cancer patients going through life saving treatments. It 
was for daily living expenses and breast cancer medical bills and used in Superior and 
Duluth.  The patients/clients thank the Landmark Lane committee, as well as The Circle
of Hope Board of Directors.  
Circle of Hope thanks H and R Block for raising $4680 in two years-2016 and 2017 for Circle
of Hope! Clients/Patients so appreciate the help!
Circle of Hope recognizes a a former board member and Chair of the Board, Terri
Newman who owns Terri's Treasurers. This is during the time period of  2010-2016
for In Kind and  being a continual Financial donors. She was always there for Circle
of Hope by donating jewelry for benefits and fundraisers, as well thinking of the organization.

Circle of Hope recognizes Ridgeview Country Club, Rally for Circle of Hope 2017! Thank 
you to Ridgeview Staff, Women's Group and Participants for Raising $9,529.00. 


Thank you Bikers for Boobs for taking us under your wing and helping Circle of Hope. We feel
like a part of a community that really cares about others! Thank you!
Thank you to the Coppertop Church for hosting 7/8 rummage sales for Circle of Hope. We made some money and donated the
left over items to Damino Center, Lincoln Park Hope Center, and the Salvation Army Store many times. We also collected baby
clothes for Safe Haven and childrens books for The Big Red Book Shelf! We loved the setting, the people, and the new friendships
we made with donors!


Thank you to Sunrise Funeral Home and Cemetery for all that you have done for Circle of Hope...Financial...In Kind and Support. We could not do what we do without your help. YOU HAVE HELPED US IN SO MANY, MANY WAYS. WE SO APPRECIATE YOUR HELP!






Thanks to Wendy and Jeff Tucker for financial support and in kind support for many years! You rock!
Thank you Integrity for advertising Circle of Hope all these years and sponsoring our events!
A special thank you to Billie J from Bell Bank!!!

A special thank you to the Wisconsin Red Hat Ladies for helping Wisconsin breast cancer patients!

Amazing what Jay did below! Thank you Jay!


Thanks Carol for all that you do!!!We couldn't do it without you.






2016 and 2017 Annual Report
(Our  Patient Programs/Research in February 2017 was: $5,840.00 ; In March 2017 it was:$6,267.88; In April 2017 it was: $5,124.53 to date.) 

In our 2016 Taxes ending January 31, 2016, our contributions received were $83,748.00. The Programming Expenses were $65,962.00.  The Management and General Expenses were $9,823.00.  The Fund Balance or Net Worth is $58,080.00 on January 31, 2017. Our records are recorded by and audited by two CPA's on a monthly basis and then the 990 at the end of the year. 

2015 Annual Report

In reviewing all of our taxes since 2010-Jan. 31, 2015, Charities Review Council came up with the following information: 
(Circle of Hope did not give out grants until April 19, 2011.)
We collected the following amount of money from the public and from grants: $284,399.00
Programming-$208, 297.00-Patient Programs (88.6% has gone to patient needs)
Management-$26,788.00-This would be insurance policies (2), CPA fees, accounting fees, website fees, paper, 
toner, printing, advertising, computers, printers, office rent for two years, website expenses, lawyer fees 1x, board
retreats, etc. from 2010-2015. (11.4% has gone to management expenses)
Money in Accounts: $49,314.00

This plaque was given in 2017. Three thousand dollars of the money was used for Stage IV breast cancer research through the University of 
Minnesota Medical School Duluth. The rest is being used to give a wish to Stage IV breast cancer patients. Many choose going out with a family member or members. Some choose a part of a day of pampering. (Etc.) Thank you Minnesota Lynx!!!

Large Donors: Susan G. Komen, Minnesota-$23,200.00 to help patients in northern MN with daily living expenses
not covered by other programs (April 1, 2016-March 31, 2017). This grant helped 21 patients. (Note on April 1, 2013-
March 31, 2014 they received $62,250.00 and helped 42 breast cancer patients in northern MN.) The total grant money 
was $85,450.00 that helped 63 breast cancer patients in northern MN. (These grants are complete. There is no more 
Komen grant money at this time.)

Circle of Hope also received $2,500.00 from Phizer for a conference. 
Circle of Hope is partnered with the following health care providers with their Komen grant for "daily living expenses."
(April 1, 2016-March 31, 2017) (They received a grant April 1, 2013-March 31, 2014 as well.) These are patients going 
through life saving treatments and complications related to treatment. They have to quit work to receive treatment oftentimes. 
These are patients from northern MN and some from middle Minnesota when approved by Komen.  Essentia Cancer Centers, St. Lukes Cancer Centers, Corborn Cancer Centers, Standford Medical Center, Northland Plastic Surgery, Lakewalk Surgery Center, Altru Health Care Systems/ Cancer Centers, Rainy Lake Medical Center, Lake Regions Cancer Center, Reservations: Red Lake, Bois Forte, White Earth, Cass Lake, Lake Superior Chippewa, Grand Portage Band, Mille Lacs Band of Chippewa, Fond du Lac 
of Min No Aya Win Reservation, Riverwood Health Care, Lakewood Health Center, Cloquet Memorial Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Cuyana Regional Medical Center, South University Medical Oncology ( Northern MN patients), Mayo Clinic (Patient Referrals from Northern MN) and Sandford Roger Maris Cancer Centers (Northern MN patients), Midsota Plastic Surgery, the Main U, and the Mayo Clinic. 

 Circle of Hope has earned the Meets Standards seal by voluntarily participating in Charities Review Council 
Accountability Wizard review process. The process examines four key areas: Public Disclosure, Governance, Financial Activity and 

 Serving northern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin

Circle of Hope was nominated for the BB Torch Awards for Ethics. They could not participate be they are a non-profit 
and not a business, even though they are a member. They were honored to be nominated.

Circle of Hope was nominated for the Rural Health Care team award. They did not get selected but are honored to be nominated.

Breast Cancer Volunteer Engraved Metals were given out on Oct. 16, 2016 to the following volunteers:


Christina Luoma-volunteer, large donor, Circle of Hope pro motor, advertised the organization, participated in MANY events
Jean Bowe-from Pink Run (large fundraiser ( Jean is one of the coordinators), participates on our dragon boat races with her husband each year, and supportive in helping breast cancer patients
Buck Hirdler-volunteer from putting posters out, hauling tables, golf carts, putting out yard signs, posters, hauling boxes to and from from events, on our dragon boat team in honor of his wife
Pat Esse-former board member, volunteer, picks up auction items, donates auction items and misc. items through out the years, works on various projects, participates in events
Rebecca Bullard-board chair, volunteer, financial and in kind donor, has done many events from MN Lynx, Pink Pub Run, Bikers for Boobs meetings, clothing sale, baking, donating, Private Pink Parties, Options Conference and  much more
Cathy Jo Ogston Tastsides-vice chair and volunteer, participated in MN Lynx, organizing Pink Pub Run, volunteered at Bikers for Boobs event, clothing sales, participates in many other activities 
Sam Rathe-past board chair and volunteer, donates to clothing sale, participates in many events from clothing sales to concerts to the Options conference, private pink parties and much more.
Tom Porter-board member and volunteer, donates money and in kind donations, has put out uncountable posters and signs, done PR in the community by being a strong advocate for the cause, hosted Circle of Hope meetings and much more.

Peggy Anderson-Coordinator-for all that she does. Jim Anderson for being a board member and
treasurer. Jim is the "voluntold" of the organization.

(All of these awards were possible because of Christina, our donor.)

Past Board Members Who Are Still Very Active Awards-November 7-16, 2016

1.Janice Wallace
We are sending you this plaque as a past board member who was also on our finance committee! You did a great job! You could balance everything to the penny.Thank you for being a board member, being on committees, obtaining financial donations from various businesses and organizations. Thank you for being a continual supporter by making baskets, gathering clothing items for our sales, baking for our bake sales, and so much more!We DO appreciate your continued support even though you live somewhere else! Missing you!Peggy Anderson on behalf of the Board of Directors

2.Terri Newman/Terri's Treasurers

Thanks for all that you have done through the years and continue to do.  You have been a board chair, vice chair, volunteer and a financial donor year in and year out.We thank you for the financial donations and could not make it without your help. We also thank you for all the jewelry you have donated for Circle of Hope silent auction, fundraisers for Circle of Hope, and patients benefits. Thanks for all the donations for the clothing sale, and participating in so many events through the years.We cannot thank you enough! We could not of done it without you. Peggy Anderson on behalf of Circle of Hope Board of Directors

Advertising Awards to Businesses That Have Supported Circle of Hope-November 17, 2016

1.Elite Tinting and Graphics for their continued support and great graphic work on many vehicles
2.Jeff Foster Trucking for their continued support and promoting Circle of Hope
3. Esse Racing for their continued support and advertising on two race cars 
4. Duluth Police Department for this advertising Circle of Hope for 6 months and continued support
5. WDIO TV for their continued support and advertising throughout the years.
6. Midwest Radio for their continued support and advertising throughout the years.
7.The College of St. Scholastica for adverting an event for 3 years.
8. Integrity Health Network for advertising Circle of Hope on their website for so many years and their continued support
9. Twin Ports Night Life for their advertising and continued support
10.Lamar Advertising
11.Pro Print


Circle of Hope is at the top level of transparency.                                                                              

Circle of Hope became a member of the Duluth Chamber of Commerce in July of 2016.

University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School-Breast Cancer Research-PDK4 in Drug Resistant Breast Cancer.

Duluth Police Dept. put the Circle of Hope logo and website on their police car.

2015 Annual Report

Summary of 2015 IRS Finances:
At the beginning of the year: $36,980.00
Support and Revenue for 2015:
Contributions from the Public: $69,055.00
Excess or Deficient: $13,137.00
Total Net Assets: $36,980.00
The Income at the End of the Year: $50,117.00

2015 Details from The State of MN
Total Functional Expenses: $55,918.00
Program Costs-$48,264.00
Event Expenses: 0
Management Expenses: $7,634.00

Highlights: Circle of Hope was nominated for the 2016 Torch Awards for Ethics but could 
not participate, as they are a non-profit.
Peggy Anderson, the coordinator received a scholarship to the Rural Health Conference.

2014 Annual Report:

Time Period-January 31, 2014-January 31-2014
Giving Financial Help and Support to Breast Cancer Patients Since April 19, 2011.  Circle of Hope has been
around since January 5, 2010 when they were recognized by the Federal Government as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. 
We serve local, regional and northern MN and northern Wisconsin clients.

Reaching Out and Wrapping Our Arms Around Clients: We serve all breast cancer clients of any age, sex, 
race, religion and national origin who demonstrate a financial need.

Vision: Circle of Hope is a vibrant organization consisting of a volunteer Board of Directors. The Board along 
with its volunteers serve as ambassadors to increase our mission, resources, and community impact to help the 
lives of those most in need in the breast cancer and gynecological areas.

Our Values: We value who we are and what we stand for in the communities that we serve. We take pride in 
the fact that we have impacted the lives of others and will continue to impacts others lives by the contributions
of our dedicated volunteers and donors. These values serve as the foundation of Circle of Hope. 
-We value each clients needs, and we will try to help them to the best of our ability.
-We value the spirit of volunteerism and leadership in ourselves and others who we help to engage in this mission.
-We value the friendships we gain from supporting each other, our volunteers, and donors.
-We value the diverse perspectives of our board members, volunteers, donors, and our clients.
-We value our organization and all it does to help clients.

Board of Directors in 2014: Chair: Terri Newman; Vice Chair: Pat Esse; Treasurer: Jim 
Anderson; Secretary: Peggy Anderson; Board Representative: Rebecca Bullard; Board 
Representative: Tom Porter
Coordinator of Circle of Hope: Peggy Anderson
Board Members are also on committee's.  (Finance, Fundraising, Volunteer Personnel, Marketing)
Volunteers: Over 125 volunteers for various events help Circle of Hope.

Major Programs: 
-Paying Breast Cancer Medical Bills (treatment of breast cancer) We pay the providers. 
-Sending Our Feel Good/Educational Boxes to Breast and Gynecological Cancer Patients (2010-2016)
-Paying Daily Living Expenses (rent, house payments, utilities, gas, cancer drugs, and grocery cards) 
for Breast Cancer Patients Who Have Had to Quit Work to Receive Treatment (2012-2016) We mail 
the bills out to the providers of services. Some patients get gas and grocery cards sent to them, if they 
are not given help at the cancer centers.
-Special Programs for Stage IV Breast Cancer Patients (Compudyne Photography Project 2014) and 
(Project Joy-2015)
-Education, Health Fairs, and Speaking Events related to breast cancer (2010-2016)
-Survivor ship Activities for Clients, Supporters, and Volunteers ( ie Golf Teams, Walking Teams, 
Running Teams, Jumping such as Dare Me for Charity and Other Races), Dragon Boat Racing teams, 
Gathering, Arts (Knitting, Sewing, Crocheting), Support Group, Small Group Conferences 2010-2016
-Putting on Events (Volunteering, Advertising and More), Participating (2010-2016)
-Caring For Others Cancer Patients (making chemo caps, prayer shawls, prayer squares, quilts) 2011-2016

Program Accomplishments:

-Metastatic Breast Cancer Projects-Compudyne Photography Project  (2014)- Patient have their pictures
taken with family members.
-Project Joy (Finding Joy for Metastatic (Stage 4) Breast Cancer Patients) (2015)-Patients are given some 
JOY. Most were restaurant certificates, one was a feel good event, massage, another was taking her young
children to a water theme park for 1 night. 

Funding of Metastatic Breast Cancer Research at the University of Minnesota Duluth (2015) with the help
of MN Lynx and other designated donors.

February 22, 2016-We have paid out a total of $173,238.07 total in helping breast cancer patients as of March 3, 2016.

Fact Sheet or Cumulative Annual Report: 2010-2016:
Volunteer Hours 
January 1, 2010-August 6, 2012-3,264 volunteer hours; 
August 7, 2012-August 5, 2013-3,000 volunteer hours, 
August 6, 2013-August 6, 2014-3500 volunteer hours,
August 7, 2015-January 31, 2016-3200 volunteer hours 
February 1, 2016-
Number of Chemo caps, Scarves, and Wigs Given Out
(hospitals, clinics, Heidi's for the hospitals, patients direct and in prayer boxes)
This is possible because of our wonderful crafty donors!
June 1, 2011-January 31, 2017-5875 caps, scarves, wigs

Number of Items Given Out to Breast and Gynecological Cancer Patients
February 1, 2014-876 items 
February 1, 2015-625 items
February 1, 2016-650 items
February 1, 2017-19

Number of clients that Circle of Hope has helped obtain other financial resources through other 
2010 through 2012-$1711.00-2 clients;
through 2013 -various from other organizations-$22,000.00-6 clients;  
through 2014-7 clients from various organizations, value unknown
through 2015-20 clients from other organizations, value unknown
through 2016-

Number of breast and gynecological benefits members of Circle of Hope helped with in some way:

April 11, 2011-February 1, 2014-14 benefits;
February 1, 2014-February 1-2015- 8 benefits; 
February 2, 2015-February 1, 2016-7 benefits;

Number of women served in "Circle of Support Group"
2011-2012-15 clients; 
2013-12 clients; 
Number served by 1 on 1 conferences, telephone calls, going out for coffee
2014-10 clients;
2015-25 clients;
Number of breast cancer clients helped with specific items through Circle of Support-
2012-2013-75 clients