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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

Pink Run Gordon Wisconsin-October 6-7

8th Annual Pink Run is happening! A poker run, participants can ride ATV/UTV's, car, motorcycle, etc. Buy a pink card for $10 and visit and get stamped at all 10 sponsoring bars (Buckhorn, Bootleggers, Antler Inn, Golden Chipmunk, Pogo's, Viewpoint, Lookout, Moose River, North Shore Resort, ending at Circle Pines).

Riders may start on Friday, October 6.

Poker hands being dealt Saturday, October 7 at Circle Pines beginning at 5 p.m. All riders must be back by 6 p.m. to qualify for best poker hand prizes.

Raffles, door prizes, prize for best man and woman in pink. Be creative!

All proceeds go to Circle of Hope.

For more information contact Jean Bowe (715)376-4262.

October 15, 2018


Jay raised $947.08 for Circle of Hope. Jay donated another $50.00! It warms our hearts that he care about patients!

This was our recent raffle. The winners are:
Circle of Hope Raffle Results, 8/26/17, Reef, a Minnesota Licensed Raffle

Prize 1-Shooting Star package-Naomi Smith; 

Prize 2 is Jody K McMann-Grill, Cooler and $50.00 SuperOne Grocery card; 

Prize 3-Detailing-Tim Anvid; 

Barker's Island Package-Joanne Mattson; 

Grandma's Package-Neil Winters

Thank you to all who participated and helped our cause! This cause is a cause near and deer to many of us. Who is not affeced by Breast Cancer? THANK YOU!

We are having another raffle on October 15th with MORE items on the raffle. The raffle will take place at the Rockin for Hope Concert that will be advertised.

September 9, 2017-Biker's for Boobs                       



August-The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams:
Theme: Summer Fun-(Strike Out Breast Cancer Shirts)

We want to thank some of our sponsors: Circle of Hope, Heartwood Construction, London Road Car Wash, Sunrise Funeral Home and Cemetery, Allyndale Motel, Energy Works Myofascial Release, Dreamland SuperClub, Kay Gower, Arco Coffee, Sharon Buchanan, Terri's Treasurers, Hugs N Luv Gifts, Shirts Unlimited

In Memory of Jeanette/Lois Rowe and Team Mates
Thank you to: Tom and Sue Bernard


       Dreamland Supper Club                   

At the October Rockin for Hope concert we will be giving out plaques to our highest financial donors. Previous to this event plaques were given to: Susan G. Komen Minnesota, $85,450 from 2013-2016. This money helped 64 breast cancer patients in northern and a couple in middle Minnesota. It was money used for daily living expenses when patients were going through life saving treatments.  The Pink Run/Get Er Done in Gordon, Wisconsin raised $28,691.96 from 2011-2016. It was used for daily living expenses and uncovered bc medical expenses. Curves owned by Erin and Jon Kalkbrenner raised $26,634.72 with their members between the years of 2011-2015. It was used for unpaid breast cancer medical expenses. Landmark Lanes/Committee raised $11,756.00 between the years of 2013-2016. It was used for bc patients in Superior and Duluth. Karen Geegan, owner of Jacks and Capri Bars in Superior raised $10,955.00 for Superior breast cancer patients medical bills between the years of 2011-2013. The Minnesota Breast Cancer Coalition donated $10,500 between the years of 2014-2016 to help patients with unmet daily living expenses and breast cancer treatment expenses in northern Minnesota. 

We would like to thank our donors: H and R Block,  Bell State Bank and Trust, Sunrise Funeral Home and Cemetery, Energy Works-Myofascial Release, Allyndale Motel, Sappi, Superior Fire Fighters, Jay Gaare, Riverside Soy Candles, Sappi Paper, Wendy and Jeff Tucker, Ecel Energy, Heartwood Construction,  the knitters and crafters.

Thank you to Sinott Blacktop and Bears!
August 15, 2017-5-7 pm. Chamber of Commerce New Member Mixer-Silver Half Booth Sponsor-(You must be a member to participate.)

Ridgeview Country Club-Ralley for Circle of Hope-August 28, 2017

April 25,2017-Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 p.m. @ Lakdeside-Lester Park Community Club (54th Ave. E and Tioga Street (one block up from Superior Street) Bunco Time-Learn How to Play-$10.00 donation to Circle of Hope. Limit of 20.

April 29, 2017 Clothing Sale-Coppertop Church-Left Over Items to Salvation Army
Thank you to the volunteers: Peg and Jim Anderson, Joel Post, Buck, Tom Porter, Sam Rathe, Rebecca Bullard, Susan Poupore, Alex Dye, Matt Dester, Donald and Gail Matz, Jenne Kogl, Bobbie Ceryts, Chelsea Hammersborg, Sarah Sandc, Erica Androsky, Sue Midblood, Alex Cone, Matt Kanz, Mallory Carlson, Bridget Tuck, Steve Anderson, Christopher Anderson Pat Esse, Tom Buehen, Zack, Daryl and Patty Schwartz, Wendy and her daughter, Auntie Joyce, Laurie Donayre, Bart and Cheryl Porter

Thank you for the donations:  Sandra Ollestad, Peggy and Jim Anderson (Multiple times), Lisa Post (cumulative) (5x's), Rebecca Bullard, Terri Newman (Cumulative) and her sister, Chris Anderson (Multiple Times), Irene Enrico (cumulative), Anonymous/Private Donor, Sharon, Amber, Bobbie, Pat Esse, Teri Starkes Juntti (Cumulative), Terri Newman, Shari, Rachael Perlinger, Wendy Gretchen, Pat Esse (Cumulative), Sam Rathe (Cumulative), Shari, Carolyn Pappas, MN Pollution Staff, June Alsop, Marilyn Carlstrom, Marie Flalen, Darlyn Gower, Anne and Bill Fleishman, Anonymous, Anonymous, Darlene Carlson, Lee Emanoff, Kathy Ide, Joanne Kogl, Peggy Johnson, Jeanne Carroll, Bobbie Cerytes, Diane Kitch, Harold Eck, Ken and Mary Broman, Mary Lee, Barbara Caskey, Donald Manz, Rebecca Bullard, Wendy Struss, Jill, Diane Lewandowski, Patricia Hagen, Becky Caspers, Susan Strom, Jean Beauduy, Heide Smith, Dorthy Gum, Interfaith Care Center, Irene E.

Thank you:  Shopko, Energy Works Myofascial Release, Allyndale Motel, Sunrise Funeral Home, Cremation & Cemetery. The Coppertop Church

Thank you from Salvation Army Store as well!

April 29th, Saturday-Bowling for Breast Cancer-Landmark Lanes

May 6, 2017

March 26, 2017-Jodi McMann Benefit at Clyde

March 27, 2017-Precision Medicine and Health Disparities Summit at the University of Minnesota Medical School
(Circle of Hope has a booth.)

March 30, 2017-University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School Community Advisory Board Meeting-Peggy

February 22, 2017-Wholly Health Fair-Lake Superior College

March 11, 2017-Women's Expo-DECC
For a $5.00 donation, you get a Give Cancer The Boot shirt. The shirts are turqoise and run small. 
Give to Board Member, Cathy Jo
H and R Block Fundraiser Details will be given out by Liska and or Susan

December 20, 2017
Three Vendors Raising Money for Circle of Hope
The Giving Tree is Asking for items for Circle of Hope: Gas Cards, Grocery Cards, 
and Visa Cards

Wed 5 PM CSTGopher Bar and GrillDuluth, MN



Peggy Anderson "The giving season is upon us, and we are proud to host THE GIVING TREE SHOPPING EVENT @ The Gopher to help the Circle of Hope during the Holiday Season. 

For this event we are asking for GIFT CARD for FOOD & GAS & VISA cards for books to fill our Christmas Tree. The benefit for you is not only the warm and fuzzy feeling of giving but the amount of the gift card is the percentage off you get at Dragonfly Oils and Accessories products. So the larger the donation / gift card the larger the percentage off the item of your choice.

The Circle of Hope is an amazing organization that helps the people of MN and WI suffering with Cancer to get to their appointments, food, reading material and whatever else they can to help, we will have information for you. This isn't something that hits "close to home"; it hits our moms, dads, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, anyone and everyone is affected."

November 24th-Black Friday-Sip and Shop

-3 Vendors: Dragon Oils & Accessories, Just Jewelry & JJ Boutique and Lip sense.
-Gopher Bar and Grill, Downstairs , 402 N. Central Avenue, Duluth, Minnesota

-Free Gift Bag to first 25 Customers
-Thank you to The Reader, Who Sponsored This for a Non-Profit, Circle of Hope!