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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

January 28, 2016-UMD Volunteer Fair.

February 29, 2016-"The Breast Party in Duluth" for breast cancer survivors, thrivers, patients, clients. 
This is an RSVP event. Call 218-464-1626 or 

E-mail: for details. 

The cancer centers have copies of the invitations:

Essentia-4 staff, St. Lukes-2 staff, Heide's Mastectomy Shop and Northland Plastic Surgery.                               

A Private Pink Party for Breast Cancer Patients-This year all breast cancer patients who would like to attend. 

"It is a feel good event."

The sponsors of this event are:  Inn on The Lake, Heide's Mastectomy Shop, Circle of Hope, Health Source.

The entertainment is from: Jane Aas, Laurie Arndt, Jodi Christansen, Ron Garatz, Wally Berg.

Donations are from:  Texas Roadhouse, Circle of Hope and the others are listed on the website.


Note: Wendy is the person who has craft shows all over in the churches and she puts on the Look at Lakeside 
newsletter. Check it out at:

March 12, 2016-Women's Expo-DECC-Color Dash Flyers, Shirts for a $5.00 Donation. 
Circle of Hope Give Cancer The Boot Shirts will be on sale. 
(Proceeds to local metastatic breast cancer research.)

February 6, 2016-34th Annual Mariner Mall Expo-Superior

March 12, 2016-Women's Expo-DECC

March 26, 2016-Donation Clothing Sale-Coppertop Church

Donors: Peg and Jim Anderson, Terri Newman, Pat Esse, Lisa and Joel Post, Private Donors, Terri Starkes Juntti, 
Irene Encrico, Christopher Anderson, Ann and Bill Fleishman, Gail Burns. Cathy Hill,Gloria Nelson, Anonymous 
(Estate), Katelynn J, Claudia Baney, Diane Mitizelle, Lyn and Keith Johnson, Laurie Donayre/Donna Cloulter, Lyn
and Keith Johnson,  Christine Captn', Deborah Isabelle Nelson,Kelly Barbo Pederson, Tracy Packingham, June Alsop,
 Lee Ellen Ermanoff, Patty Parker, Sam Rathe, Dolly Dahl, Terry Wasnick, Mary Miller, Pat Esse, Anonymous Donor, 
Anonymous Donor, Chris Winkler, Marilyn Lepak, Amy Dahl, Charlotte Frantz. Mark Carlstom, Leslie Lenox, Ken Broman,
Jeanne Vogl, Denise McDougahl, Kenzie Braden, Lyn Youngbloom, Durrall Richard, Marilyn Carlstrom, Marshia Snowdon,
Louie's Place, Jeanne Carroll, Darlene Carlson, Roberta Dwyer, LB Wasmek. Joyce Rathe, Joan Benuclair, Anonymous, 
Gail Manz, Jordan Milan, Cheryl Zupec, Debbie Nelson, Anonymous, Anonymous. Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, 

Thank you for Load Her Up Volunteers (Before The Event): Tom Porter, Peg and Jim Anderson, Buck Hirdler, Chris

Friday Volunteers: Thank you to Sam Rathe, Buck Hirdler, Joel Post, Jim Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Rebecca Buyllard, 
Terri Newman. Linda Haire, Susan  Poupore, Jennifer Olsen, Jeanne Kigel, Jordan Milan, Cheryl Zupec, Gail Manz, Joan 
Beauclair, Deb Klejeski, Goria Nelson, Patty Parker and others. 

Saturday Volunteers: Jeanne Kogl, Rebecca Bullard, Jim and Peggy Anderson, Sam Rathe, Joyce Rathe, Linda Haire, 
Alex Grizwold, Anakaren Sanchez, Moilly Connor, Kenzie Braden, Terri Newman, Cassie Jones, Gail Manz, Bobbie Ceryes,
Judy Nelson, Jan Luke Aaron Bruno, Paxar Bruno, Jennifer Olsen, Leslie Lenoz, Cathy Jo Tastsides, Deb Klejeski, and
 Matt Breen

Take Down and Move: Thank you to Buck, all the volunteers that helped to pack up. Thanks for Matt Breen, Deb Klejeski
 for bringing stuff to Anderson's House.  Also thank you for those bringing the truck load of items to Salvation Army, returning
 bins to another location.

March 22, 2016-WITC Health Fair

April 9, 2016-Health Fair-UMD Community Wellness Gym-Romano

March-April, 2016
H and R Block Fundraiser-All Year Long


Parking Spots at UMD:

Bowling for Boobies-May 7, 2016

Thank you Landmark, Pat Pachello, Landmark Committee, Landmark Lanes,  the donors and teams not listed.!!






May 8, 2016-Minnesota Susan Komen Mother Day Run-Walk in Edina

June 1-Leadership Duluth Circle of Hope Volunteer Connection Opportunities-12:15 pm.-1:15 pm.

June 8, 2016 (Wednesday) Essentia Health Fair at Clyde Iron Works-5:30 pm.8:00 pm.

June 11, 2016-Fond du Lac Health Fair

June 17, 2016-Circle of Hope William Irvin Team-Canceled due to health problems with 2 of the individuals.

WE meet with our former singer for the Hope Concert and on our CD...Jim's former student, Josh.

June 29, 2016-UMD Moonshot Presentation and speed event

May-December 2016- 

August 26-27, 2016

Lake Superior Dragon Boat Races-The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams-Team I and Team II
This is a feel good activity for us.

We are taking a few more breast cancer survivors on our team and are looking for more sponsors.

Theme: Country Western Picnic and Give Cancer The Boot theme

Thank you to our donors:  Circle of Hope,Heartwood Construction,
James Hacking, CPA, London Road Car Wash, AJ Tanning Salon, LLC,
Sue and Tom Bernard, Dwight Swanstrom Company, Lois Rowe,
Terri Newman, Kay Gower

September 10, 2016-Color Dash Fundraiser-Canceled


Packet Pickup starts at 7 pm, Dash starts at 9 pm.The Wandering Photographer will be taking pictures and video clips as was done in 2014. 

The area will be full of vendors and sponsors.  

(50% of the merchandise and registration profit stays local to help Circle of Hope breast cancer patients.) 

There will be prizes, giveaways and much more! See you on September 10!  

Platinum Sponsors: Northland Plastic Surgery,  Maurices, WDIO TV,  
Porter Development Company/Adjacent to Sunrise Memorial Park, 
and The Tortoise and Hare, Red Rock Radio

Silver Sponsors: Pro Print, Integrity Health Network LLC,  Graymont, 
Texas Roadhouse, UMD Recand Sports Program, College of St. 
Scholastica, Brent's Biffies, Allyndale Motel

Gold Sponsors: North Shore Bank of Commerce, Lily By The Lake, 
National Bank of Commerce, Cartier Agency, 

Other:  Vitamin Shoppe, The Wandering Photographer, Jeff Foster Trucking

This event is taking place at the following address: 4798 Miller Trunk Hwy. You may park at Sunrise
Memorial Park entrance or at North Shore Bank across the street. These are two of our sponsors.
The property being used is Porter Development Properties, Inc. 

This Fun Run-walk is on the perimeter of Sunrise Memorial Park. (They have 80 acres; 40 of undeveloped
land.) It is NOT in the cemetery section. This 5 K is 3.15 miles. 

The event takes place at night and will be going through the woods, on grassy areas,  on paths, very little 
pavement, and on dirt roads. 

Be ready to have the time of your life! Vendors will be by buildings due to electricity. (This is the same
building that has had other events, celebration of life events, support groups, military events, weddings,
and much more.

The dance party will be on the grassy area near the start and finish.

This space is being donated by Sunrise, a part of Porter Development Properties Inc., who cares about
others and wants to help Circle of Hope raise more money to help local breast cancer patients.

"The UV Splash is back on September 10th for it's 3rd year partnering with Circle of Hope! Dashing through
the night in this untimed family friendly run/walk We welcome all shapes, sizes and ages, and 
abilities. Start white (we provide the Tee), and blast through electrifying (not actually because that would be
frowned upon) colors until you arrive at the end of the 5k course plastered or soaked with UV powder or water
in the most brilliant of exhilarating colors -- under black light. 50% of every ticket and merchandise profit 
goes to a local charity. It's what makes the Dash the Difference. Walk, Run, Dash or Rock n' Roll,
whatever your method...Let the Color Move You (TM).

There will be many surprises: 
A surprise to all the racers from Texas Roadhouse. 
There are donations such as a "Shooting Stars" Casino Package, tickets to the "Duluth Ballet-Dracula Play," 
"Mall of America" Package, "Lake of The Torches" 1 Night Stay, "Harley Davidson", "Big Top Chautaugua", Target and More


August 31, 2016-UMD's University Honors Program-7-8:15 pm.Health, Rehab and Senior Care
Kirby's Rafters-Jim and Peggy

September 6, 201-Speaker at Breast Cancer Group on Conference and What Circle of Hope Does

September 8, 2016-"Options Conference"

General Health, Breast Health, Research and Breast Cancer Conference



The Vendors include our sponsor tables, Salvation Army, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, H and R
Block, Energy Works Myofascial, a Pampering Booth, Vitamin Shoppe, and many more.

Sponsors: Pfizer, Circle of Hope, Clyde Iron Works,University of 
Minnesota Duluth Medical School, Heide's, Health Source,Lakewalk
Surgery, St. Lukes, Integrity Health Care, Northland Plastic 
Surgery, Essentia, Fond Du Lac  and more to be announced.

September 10, 2016-Bikers for Boobs-Money being donated to St. Lukes and also Circle of Hope.


They will be having a silent auction, raffles, dinner, entertainment after the ride.

A special thank you to the $4,000 to Circle of Hope. Also thank you to Gail for sales of $23.00.


September 10, 2016- Circle of Hope, Inc. Not participating in UV Splash Fun Run/Walk Due to
Controversy- (The Event Has Been Postponed and Rescheduled Under A Different Name)


October 28-Important Meeting with VIP

Tuesday-October 18, 2016-Speaker at Chamber Ambassador Lunch


***Participation Hour Sheets Available

Thank you to Tortoise and Hare Footwear, Salvation Army, and Many More

September 11, 2016-Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser


Give Cancer The Boot shirts ($15.00) 
Scarves and Boot Key Chains ($2.00 each)

Donation Container will be there. (Receipts available for donations other than for products.)

Proceeds will be going to The University of Minnesota Medical School Stage IV Breast Cancer Research Fund-Circle of Hope

September 10, 2016- Circle of Hope, Inc. Not participating in UV Splash Fun Run/Walk Due to
Controversy- (The Event Has Been Postponed and Rescheduled Under A Different Name)-
Color Dash canceled the event. The October event is not our event. 

(Breast cancer patients will suffer the most because this was their main fundraiser for their
daily living expenses in 4 counties. After a diagnosis they may have to quit work to receive
life saving treatments and often REALLY need help! These referrals come from cancer centers,
patients themselves, and even the Mayo Clinic because some patients live in these four counties. 
It also helped local patients who worked at hospitals, etc.) 

In the past 2 years this UV Splash Fun Run event has raised more than $29,000.00. (Including
all related event donations.) 100% of this money has helped breast cancer patients with daily 
living expenses. 

Note from Circle of Hope:

Circle of Hope has worked hard to provide the much needed help patients so desperately need. 
Since last October they have paid forward $53,751.00 to help breast cancer patients. This is with
medical bills, daily living expenses, and $15,000 has gone to designated Stage IV breast cancer 
research at the University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School. 

Since April 19, 2011, Circle of Hope has paid forward $200,611.56 to help patients. Circle of Hope is
a non-salaried organization (coordinator, Board of Directors and over 125 volunteers from various
events). Donations go into designated funds.

Options Conference: This was our first big conference. 
Circle of Hope wants to thank their sponsors: Phizer, Clyde, Integrity Health Network, Lakewalk Surgery, St. Luke's Regional Cancer Center, University of Minnesota Medical School, Northland Plastic Surgery, Health Source Chriopractic, CMH-Community Memorial Hospital, Fond Du Lac, Essentia Health, Pro Print, Heide's and Circle of Hope. 
We wish to thank our speakers: Peggy Anderson, Becky C, Rebecca Bullard, Nancy Larrivy (Essentia Nurse Navigator), Tricia Schmalz (St. Luke's Whiteside), Dr. Paula Termuhlen (Dean of the University of Minnesota Medical School), Barb Anderson Tanski (H and R Block), Denise Houle (Fond du Lac Cancer), Dr. Friday (Essentia Health), Katie Frinifrock and Dr. Mayo, Dr. Thom Rishavy (Northland Plastic Surgery), Vendors: Doris Sampson, Ruth/Energy Works, Courtney Kile/Legal Aide, Barb Hoag/Bowling for Breast Cancer. They also want to thank the vendors above and including Circle of Hope, St. Lukes Programs, Northland Plastic Surgery Staff, Denise and Helen for the Papering Booth, Heide's, Essentia-Nancy and Colleen Baggs, Fond du Lac, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Health Source, Age Well, Wellness Renaissance, Sunrise Funeral Home. 

They also want to thank Clyde for the great lunch: Two types of sandwiches, a vegan wrap with peanut sauce and healthy chips and coffee. 
We thank Bill and Kate Isles for singing great songs and putting songs in our hearts and minds. 
We learned a lot from the vendors and speakers. We will remember the stories. The evaluations were amazing! We thank you from Circle of Hope. 
Thank you to the Circle of Board members who volunteered: Sam Rathe, Peggy and Jim Anderson, Rebecca Bullard, Tom Porter, and attendee Liz Gleason. We couldn't of done it without you! 
Especially thank you to all the attendees that made the event extra special! We are glad you learned a lot!
Thank you for the donations for the drawings. 

Oct. 1, 2016 -Pink ATV Run in Gordon and Wascott, Wisconsin


A poker run, visit 11 local businesses and get stamped. Be at Crystal Lake Bar by 6 p.m. for your poker hand, door prizes, raffles and free food. Cost $10/person.

Prizes awarded for best dressed female and male. Wear your pink!

Participating bars: Buckhorn Bar, North Shore Resort, Moose River Bar, Lookout, Bootleggers Bar and Grill, Antler Inn, Pogo's, Golden Chipmunk, Viewpoint, Circle Pines and Crystal Lake Bar.

All proceeds raised donated to Circle of Hope to help breast cancer patients going through treatment. 

For more information or to make a donation please contact Jean Bowe

October 5, 2016-USG/Cloquet Health Fair-Circle of Hope sharing a booth with Prostate Cancer Group-Noon Onward
-Shirt for Drawing

October 7, 2016- Pink Pub Crawl-

Coordinated by Cathy, Carol and Rebecca on the Board-Give Cancer The Boot! Donations
Collected in Pink Cowboy-Cowgirl Boots and Cans. Also other.




The proceeds (after expenses) from this event are being donated to University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School for the Circle of Hope
Stage IV breast cancer research fund. 

Sponsors: The Reff, Road Trip Limo/partial, Circle of Hope,


October 16, 2016-Rockin for Hope #4-"Rage N Country" 


"Rage N Country with MAC Sound & Lights"

Location:  Clyde Iron Works (Downstairs)



 James Hacking, CPA           

Our raffle this year is a licensed raffle and will include:

Char Broil Gas Grill/Old World Meat Certificate-$200.00

Coleman Cooler with Beer-$100.00

Basket of Restaurant Certificates-$100.00

Prairie’s Edge Stay  and  Meal $100.00

Fortune Bay Stay and Bottle of Wine-$100.00

Barrel of Wine-$100.00

 2 Baskets of Groceries-$100.00

Give Cancer The Boot shirts will be for sale. $15.00-4 colors

Door Prizes that include Kwik Trip $50.00 cards and Harvest Bread Gift Cards

Pizza Party

Awards and Announcements, Drawings

The proceeds (after expenses) from this event are being donated to University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School for the Circle of Hope Stage IV breast cancer research fund. 

There will NOT be a silent auction this year; it will be at a different location and at a different date.There may be a very small silent auction.

Amy Thomas Pink Tupperware Fundraiser for Circle of Hope

----Forty percent is what will be donated from Amy.
Call of text Amy at 218-428-8595 in the month of October. Her e-mail is: (during the week) and check out her website at:

Free Shipping. Checks can be written out to Amy Thomas. Cash is accepted, if you have the correct change.


All three Curves-Superior-Curves North and Miller Mall Curves-Fundraisers

Each is waiving the $30.00 registration fees at each club for October in lieu of
a donation to Circle of Hope. Each club has other fundraiser activities.

Miller Mall-4925 Matterhorn Drive-#279-2878

Woodland North-1610 Woodland Avenue-#724-7097

Superior-1410 Belknap Street-#715-398-6179
November 2, 2016-City of Duluth Health Fair
Caribou Coffee-Stone Ridge Caribou-Circle of Hope-October

November 3-Government Services Center Health Fair-8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.-Breast Health (Peggy),  Prostate Cancer (Jim)

Lost in the 50's-By and Also Hair Tactics
Chili Cook Off
Saturday November
$5.00 entry fee or donation to Circle of Hope By 
Pay Outs

November 11-12-Festival of Trees-Circle of Hope booth

November 12-Lost in the 50's Chili Cook Off-Superior/Barb

902 Hwy. 33 South, Cloquet-Call 218-878-1910

Ladies Night is Thursday, November 17th from 4-6 pm. We have 22 vendors signed up as of now and they will be selling all kinds of different products- jewelry, makeup, skincare, clothing, houseware items and many more! 
We will be having free pizza at the event as well as a cash bar. Admission is free and we will be holding a raffle that night with prizes from all of our vendors up for grabs!
All proceeds from the night will be donated to the Circle of Hope. This event is put on by Health Source.

November 17, 2016-"Food, Wine and Wishes"-Moorish Room of Greysolon Ballroom by Black Woods

Corwin Pederson and Scott Hauswirth

Our silent auction, wall of wine, entertainment  by Scott Hauswirth and Corwin Pederson.
It will be at the Moorish Room at Greysolon Plaza.
Sponsors: Velocity Payment Systems, Greysolon Ballroom, Northshore Bank, United Piping, Inc., Twin Ports Night Life, My 95.7, Holden Insurance,



       Terri's Treasurers

The proceeds of this event will help local breast cancer patients going through treatment with 
daily living expenses and medical bills. Those who have had to quit work to receive treatment. 

You may pre-pay for tickets for this event by going to the donation portion of our site and paying $20.00.
You can register for your ticket on our Circle of Hope Store portion.

The licensed raffle will be one Grandma's Marathon registration($120.00), Center for Personal Fitness 
(1 year membership worth $400.00), Dad's Car Starter ($330.00) and Chanhassen Dinner Theater Tickets ($175.00).

Highlights of this event include a wine wall, music by Scott Hauswirth and Corwin Pederson, a large silent auction, 
appetizers and more.

December-Picture Taken with Mr. and Mrs. Claus in Superior

Give a Donation to Circle of Hope

The University of Minnesota Event Sponsored by Circle of Hope
Order Cutting Boards and Other Items

Our 2016 Ongoing Fundraiser:
"Give Cancer The Boot"-Fundraising Efforts for Metastatic (Stage IV) 
Breast Cancer Research-This is our theme for 2016.
Shirts come in black, brown and white backgrounds. The cost is $15.00 (Women's Sizes Small, 
Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2XL, 3XL).
Men's sizes are Unisex Large and Extra Large, 2XL and 3XL.
We can get larger sizes by special order. All shirts run true to size. If you have questions please write: You can pay for these online.  To have one mailed to you,
please include shipping. We can give a refund, if you over pay us.

November Fundraisers

Energy Works Myofascial Release is teaming up with the Circle of Hope.
Energy Works Myofascial Release will donate 10% of its proceeds, up to $1,000, for Myofascial Release treatments, Comprehensive Break Free From Your Pain Programs, and Gift Certificates purchases during the month of November 2016.

As an RN and Expert Level John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist, I use a clinically comprehensive whole body approach to healing. Energy Works Myofascial Release uses gentle myofascial stretching to decreasepain and increase range of motion.

My goal is to help you achieve physician and emotional health and well-being by facilitating your healing journey,teaching self-care techniques, and enable you to sustain long-lasting relieve.

"Break Free From Your Pain"
Ruth Backlund, BSN
Energy Works Myofascial Release
405 E. Superior Street, Suite 220
Duluth, MN 55802


To order a shirt, go to our Circle of Hope Store. Fill out the information. 
Pay for the shirt on our donation site with a credit card or mail us the
information with your check and shipping (if applicable.) We will
be selling this at various events and locations in 2016.

Go Fund Me-Circle of Hope