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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

January 20 and February 12, 2015-Chemo Brain-St. Scholastica

February 7, 2015 10:00-3:00-Annual Community Health Expo-Mariner Mall

Feb.10, 2015-Rotary

February 19, 2015-Fond du La Wiidookaage Cancer Program-Presenter

February 23, 2015-Private Pink Party-Invitations with RSVP's will be sent out. This is an invitation only event.
This is the Breast Party in the city. 
This is a Feel Good Event. There is no income involved. It is to give some sunshine to those who need it. This is 
possible because of local donations and because of a specific created fund. It is local and the referrals come from 4 
medical breast cancer providers.

This is our 3rd Annual Event. The first year we had the event at Hawthorne Suites. This donated event
included two local caters, one musican,  games, drawings, and freebies. We will never forget the games
and the "Breast Cake." The second year was at Inn on the Lake, food was catered by Savories. We had
a larger space, had three musicians, many, many pampering stations, pink limo rides, drawings, and 
freebies. It was amazing. This year it is going to be a light supper, speakers, entertainment, drawings. 
It will be motivating, lots of laughing, inspirational, and lots of kicks and giggles.
A special thank you to: Joanne M, Kim C, Inn on The Lake, Blackwood Catering, Circle of Hope Board
Members and Volunteers, Health Source Staff and Heide's Mastectomy Shop, Sherri, local cancer centers
(St. Lukes and Essentia). A special thank you to the patients and the referrals.
A special thank you to the following businesses: Aces of 29th, Nemadji Golf, Anonymous Donors, Black
Woods Catering, The Rose Man,  Circle of Hope, Epicurean, Lake Superior Glass, Red Mug Coffee Shop, 
Superior Being, Great Lakes Candy, Chilly Billys, Serendipity,  Circle of Hope, Pat Esse, Peggy Anderson,
 Jim Anderson (pick up and delivery), Rebecca Bullard, Sam Rathe, Nancy Eifeson, Sak's Photography, 
Serendipity, Lulu, Great Lakes Candy Company, Judith, Penny's BC, Beauty Shop on 45th, Cold Fusion, 
Mary Rae Annear, Snow Goose, Dickey's Barbecue, Zak,  EOS Electrolysis (Superior), Deb K, Waxing 
in the City, Sandi V, Fig Leaf, The Roseman and Many Others.
Some of the speakers and presenters are: Stephen Shaner, Region 4 Toastmaster's Coordinator, Head 
of Duluth Health Partners and Greg, Jennifer Crown, Maurices  Cooperate Office, Dr. Kim Storm, Board
 Consultant, and Jane Haubrich Casperson, Waxing In The City-Duluth and former CSS Retreat Speaker.

March 4, 2015-Recipe for Health!-Lake Superior College

March 7, 2015-Woman's Expo-DECC

March 28, 2015-Clothing Sale-Coppertop Church-Our 6th Sale 

A special thank you to these donors: UMD, Lisa and Joel Post, Peggy, Chris, and Jim Anderson, Janice and Greg Wallace, Chris Capriglione, Dave and 
Amber Eastman, Bill and Lindsey Braman, Pat Esse, Chris and May Downey, Arlie McGinnis (The Rock Star)  and Others, Irene Enrico, Sandi V, Patty
P, Latino Group/UMD,Emanuel Baptist Church (Lots and Lots), Marge Burke, Rick Houg/Dr. Houg Estate, Marilyn Carltston, Patti Parker and Other 
Employees, Dorthy Glazer, June Alsoph, Mary Lou Tavers, Terri Newman, Sam Rathe, Darlene Roebke, 15 folks who didn't want slips, Joanne M. 
Bauclair, Jim Winkler, Dottie Gum, Diane Bean, LeAnne Washatter, Allison Listiak, G. Hendrickison, Roger and Karen Mattson, Jeanne Carrol, Roberta
 Dwyer, Vicki Everett, Gloria Moen, Melissa Shaw, Ken Broman, Sam Rathe, Joyce Rathe, Jenny and Judi Carlson, Darlene Carlson, Lynn Youngbloom, 
The Haven in Cloquet Drive, Deborah Klejeski, Tom Porter, Annette McDonald and all others that we missed. A special thank you to the financial donors: 
Gloria Moen, Sarah Maddy, Lynn Youngbloom and all those that dropped a $20.00-$1.00. Thank you so much.

A special thank you to our volunteers: Buck Hirdler, Tom Porter, Jim Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Rebecca Bullard, Sam Rathe, Nancy Wentz, Linda Haire,
Cathy Jo Tastides, Terri Newman, Susan Poupore, Marge McCArthy, Arlie McGinnis, Patty Parker, Laurie Donayre, Judy Nelson, Olivia McGovern Loesche,
Helen McGovern, Judy Consideine, Linda Hilder, Joyce Rathe, Bobbie Ceryes, Maria Gomez, Marilyn Martinez, Tony Salazmisin,  Deborah Klejeski, Hecter
 Rosales, Becca Smith, Andi Tieberg, Adison Smith, Abigail Etterson and anyone we may of missed.

A special thank you: The Coppertop Church, Circle of Hope, the volunteers, Shopko and Sunrise Funeral Home.

A special thank you to the Circle of Hope Grunt and Groan team: Tom Porter, Jim Anderson, Buck Hirdler, Peggy Anderson

April 18, 2015-3rd Annual Bowling for Boobies Event by Landmark Lanes in Superior

*Lane Sponsors, Large Donors, Small Donors and Committee Members will be announced at a later date. Thank you everyone!

Thank you for the donations from Circle of Hope, Anonymous Donors, Fig Leaf, Dan Neff, Electrolysis (Superior), Aces on 29th, Packer's Blanket and Pillow (Peggy Anderson), fleece blankets by private donors, Jazzercize certificates, Superior Inn, Party America, North Shore Scenic Railroad.

April 30th-Strike Out Breast Cancer-4:30 pm.-Superior Middle School Softball Fields-The Superior High School softball team is raising money for Circle of Hope
May 5, 2015-Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, Medical School, Duluth, 2015 Annette Boman Cancer Research Symposium-Northland Country Club

Fundraiser Ending April 20, 2015

June 15, 2015-Bunco 6 pm-Lakeside Lester Park Community Center-106 S. 54th Avenue East, Duluth. This event is from
6-7 pm with a suggested donation of $12.00 to go to Circle of Hope. Age 10 and older are welcome. This is the third time 
Wendy Grethen has done this for Circle of Hope. If you could let her know at E-mail:, so she
can get a rough head count.This is a fun dice came. You may want to have bunco parties after this!

Sappi Health Fair
June 8, 2015-Sappi Paper-5-7 p.m.
June 11, 2015-Sappi Paper-11:00 a.m.-1:30 pm.

Essentia Health Fair
June 10, 2015-5-8 p.m. Clyde Iron Works

May 30, 2015-Power of Pink Team-11:30 wave; 31 team mates, Circle of Hope and Herbal Life

July 16, 2015-Pop of Color Ladies Night Out and Circle of Hope Fundraiser, Facebook, Studio One, Superior

July 11, 2015-Rajun Cajun Bobbie Jam
July 11, 2015- High Hopes for Cancer- of Hope team

Thank you for these donations: Daugherty  Appliance Sales and Services, Edelweiss Nursery, Epicurean, Fleece Blankets 
(private donors), Great Lakes Candy Company, Snow Goose, Aces on 29th, Superior Being, Cold Fusion, North Shore 
Scenic Railroad, Nemadji Golf, Circle of Hope/Afghan, Denny's Lawn and Garden, DECC Concert tickets, John Prihe, 
Benna Ford, Kari Toyota, Grandview, Douchette's, New Scenic Cafe, Circle of Hope, Peggy Anderson, Road Trip Limo, 
Mount Royal, Sam's Club, Holiday Gas, Blue Arrow Boutique, Great Lakes Alarm, Bent Paddle, LOLL Design, Legendary
Water, Grand Casino, Mont du Lac, Party Bus, Trends, Circle of Hope, Uptown Sundries, Our Tupperware Friend, Terri's 
Treasurers, Maurices,  Grizzly's, Perkins, Taco Johns, Superior Spartan, Woodland Liquor Store, Aces on 29th, Nemadji,
Grandma's Restaurants, Jim Anderson, Tom Porter

Thank you to our volunteers: Greg Schultz, Phil Haller, Pamela Miller, Cheryl Bjuoid, Rebecca Bullard, Cathy Jo Ogston 
Tastides, Peggy Anderson, Becca's son (Kyle), girlfriend, and client, Tom Porter, Jim Anderson, Jean Bowe, Christina Luoma, 
Eleanor Porter

Thank you to Elari and Scott at Nemadji Golf Course

Coupon Booklets-$20.00 (Donation) for Local Restaurants and Businesses-Circle of Hope receives $10.00 for each booklet sold.
 For information on purchasing one, contact:
These are primarily restaurant certificates except for Adventure Zone, Enger and Lester Park Golf, Incline and Skyline Bowling, Mont Du
Lac, London Rd. Car Wash, Darlene's, Play It Again Sports, Up North Airbrush, Yarn Harbor, Savors, Rustic Olive, Expert Auto Repair,
Anderson's Greenhouse (Two Harbors)

Choice Dollars-Thrivent for Charitable Organizations-Circle of Hope Duluth

Benevity Community Impact Fund-A Fund of American Endowment Foundation

Amazon Smile Program-Please give your points to Circle of Hope Duluth, MN . The link to log in is:
To read more about it go to:

One line Fundraiser

August 15-16, 2015-Craft Booth for Children-Make Cards for patients, etc. Make some for yourself.  Other arts and crafts for kids
and teens.
A special thank you Kiwanis of Friendly Duluth, Julie Nynas Anderson, Circle of Hope, Peggy Anderson, Jill Bungee, Oriental Trading,
Cathy Jo Ogston Tastsides, Rebecca Bullard and the Volunteers (Survivors and Supporters)

August 21-22, 2015-Lake Superior Dragon Boat Races
The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams- I and Team II
Theme: A Mexican Fiesta
Thank you sponsors: Circle of Hope, Heartwood Construction, AJ Tanning, Diane and Tom Lewandowski,
Kirk/ Haldorson and Pincombe, Tom and Sue Bernard, Terri's Treasures, Screen Graphics, Lakeshore Ice Company, 
James Hacking (CPA), 202 W. Superior St., Suite 150, Duluth, Lois Rowe, London Road Car Wash, Trish Berger, 
Peg and Jim Anderson, Camille Zelen -Mt. Royal Dental, 1624 Woodland Avenue, Duluth,

August 26-Cloquet Memorial Hospital-Prostate Cancer Group-co-speakers-Genetic Cancers

August 23-24, 2013-Lake Superior Dragon Boat Races-The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams, 
Circle of Hope teams

Volunteers: Eleanor Porter, Peggy Anderson, Jim Anderson, May Broman, Ken Broman, Donna Lenfest, Karen Vuckonich,
Rita Raudman. A special thank you to all that participated with such joy and enthusiasm.

A special thank you to our dragon boat racers, family, friends, and supporters who attended the races and our picnic.
We loved the pink Foster Truck at the bus stop for two days. It brought tears to our eyes. Thank you Jeff Foster!

Peggy's Spanish Quinoa Salad
3 Tablespoons of olive oil
4 cups of cooked red Quiona
1 medium yellow onion chopped finely
1 medium red onion chopped finely
3 cloves of garlic, very minced or from the jar
1 t. of chili powder
1 t. of garlic powder
1 t. of cumin
1/2 c. of lemon juice
cherry tomatoes, as determined by the person making the salad
slivered carrots, as determined by the person making the salad
cilantro, as desired
chopped cucumbers, as determined by the person making the salad
Mix all together, chill and serve.

2014-2015-Chronic Crochet Hats by M. Jill Bugbee-25% will be donated to Circle of Hope-218-724-3150, 

September 12, 2015- 5K UV Splash Color Dash, #2

2015-Donation for Daily Living Expesnses for Breast Cancer Patients-From The Color Dash-$6,466.86- 
Private Donations to help patients-$1305.00; After Party-Grizzly's-$1,116.00;
Total: $8,887.86 for daily living expenses in 2015.
Current Financial Sponsors 2015: 
Maurices, Tortoise and Hare, Northland Plastic Surgery, Integrity Health Care, Circle of Hope, Color Dash, Northshore Bank, Duluth Dodge, Lakewalk Surgery, Duluth News Tribune, St. Lukes Cancer Center, Essentia Health
In Kind Donors: Harvest Festival, Pro Print, Lamar, UMD, St. Scholastica, Grizzly's, Visit Duluth, Bayfront Festival Park, Northland Runner, MN Runner, Midwest Radio, Grandma's Marathon, Hey Event, Running in the USA, Gametiime, Duluth Event Lighting, Twin Ports Night Life
Patient Care Only Money: Sappi Paper, New Page, Graymont 
2015: A special thank you to the sponsors (Financial and In Kind) so far: Maurices, Northland Plastic Surgery, Lamar, Midwest  Radio, Tortoise and Hare Footwear, Lakewalk Surgery, Forum Communications, Duluth Dodge, Integrity Health Care, Pro Print, Northshore Bank, UMD, St.Scholastica, Visit Duluth, Northland Runner, Minnesota Runner, Essentia, St. Lukes, Bent Paddling

Sponsors (Financial and In Kind): Maurices, Integrity Health, Pro Print, Lamar, Northland Plastic Surgery, 
Tortoise and HareFootwear, Northland Runner, MN Runner, Northshore Bank, UMD, St. Scholastica, Visit 
Duluth, Sappi (patient care only),Midwest Radio, Grizzlys, Lakewalk Surgery, Midwest Radio, Duluth Dodge, 
Duluth News Tribune, St. Lukes Cancer Center,Essentia Health, Bent Paddle Company, Grandma's Marathon, 
Perkins (Mall and London Road), Sir Ben's, Pizza Luce, SuperOne Lakeside,Uncle Louie's, Sammy's Pizza, 
Amity Coffee, Canal Park Brewery, Lakeside Clinic, Cubs, Mall and London Road Car Wash, Dairy Queen-Canal Park.
Thank you to these volunteers: Terri Newman, Pat Esse, Peggy and Jim Anderson, Rebecca Bullard, Cathy Jo Ogston Tastsides.

October 18, 2015-Rockin for Hope, #2-Road Kill Boys and The Rest to be Announced
-Two Choices of Pasta's this year.

Thank you to the following sponsors: Circle of Hope, Madeline Island Ferry, Midwest Radio, Holden Insurance-Duluth, 
Allyandale Motel, Twin Ports Night Life

October 2015-Superior Fire Dept.: $15.00 for adult shirts, $10.00 for youth to raise money for Circle of Hope
These shirts can be purchased from the main headquarters at: 3326 Tower Avenue. They are also for sale at these 
locations in Superior: The Thirsty Pagan Brewing, Red Mug Coffeehouse and Bake Shop, Blue Arrow Boutique, 
and A Dozen Excuses Doughnuts. Some of the firemen will be at Rockin for Hope, Oct. 19th selling them with 
their pink helmet. They also will be at the Roller Dames Oct. 25th bout at the DECC. They will also have their
navy shirts from two years for sale there for only $10.00. Help support the cause. The fireman in Superior are 
wearing the shirts while at the station for the month of October.

Get Your Cheer Bear On-Support a Local Breast Cancer Organization, Circle of Hope, % of Proceeds
Will be Donated to the Organization to Help Local Women

Year-2015-Halloween Spoke House for Kids in Hermantown-Feel Good Event

October-Punch Out Breast Cancer-Curves-Curves will be waive the joining fee for any gal that has had a mammogram or
breast exam in the past year. Free materials will be offered to its members for breast cancer prevention. Proceeds from the 
three silent auctions and other activities benefit Circle of Hope of patients.

November 5, 2015-City of Duluth Health Fair