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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:


January 12, 2013-Chili Cook Off at Lost in the 50's (Bar) -Superior Wisconsin, a Hair Tactics, a 
Third Party Fundraiser for Circle of Hope
Lost in the 50's is located at 1919 N. 3rd Street, Superior Wisconsin. The time of the Chili Cook Off is 2 p.m.-6 p.m. Contact
the 50's; Register by Jan. 9th, Wednesday at 1.715.392.1855. Entry fee is $5.00 for voting and there is a pay back.What kind 
of chili will you make? vegan, turkey, white chicken chili, Christmas Chili, Tex Mex, Sirloin Chili, Smokey Chile, Veggie Chili, 
Italian Sausage Chili, Boiler Maker Tail Gate Chili, Beer Chili, Drunken Chili, Winter Chili, Firehouse Chili, Crock Pot Chili, 
Potato Sausage Chili, Drunken Meat Ball Chili or Red, White and Blue Chili. How creative can you get? Get the Chill out of 
January, support some January Chili Fun in the cool town of Superior, Wisconsin.Donations taken for Circle of Hope that 
provides financial help for breast cancer patients.
A special thank you to the Fitch family, the employees and friends of Hair Tactics, Lost in the 50's
Bar for the $320.00 raised for Circle of Hope for a patient (s) in Douglas County. Hair Tactics is located
 at 5008 E. 2nd St. in Superior, 1.715.398.6996. 
(Expenses: $37.80 ad)


February 2, 2013 (Saturday) Health Fair- Mariner Mall Health Fair, A Third Party Health Fair/Fundraiser a.m.-3 p.m. There will be some free items given out!
February 7, 2013 (Thursday) Community Involvement Fair, UMD Ballroom-9 a.m.-2 p.m., sponsored 
by the Office of Civic Engagement, There will be some free items given out.
(Expenses: Free Booth)

February 9, 2013-Ice Golfing, Superior for Circle of Hope-cancelled, Third Party Fundraiser

February 7, 2013-Pink Party for Breast Cancer Thrivors/Survivors, Wear "Pink" to "The BREAST PARTY" in town, 
"A Feel Good Event" -Invitation Only (Free), Sponsored by Circle of Hope

Pink Party #1-A Sweet Thyme

The Suites, 325 S. Lake Avenue., Duluth, 218-727-4663,
They have party rooms , Jacuzzi bedrooms and more. A high quality hotel in the
The Duluth Grill Restaurant & Catering, I-35 & 27th Avenue West, 218-726-1150, They are our supporters, and we really appreciate their support!
Check out their catering menu and their cateringe-mail is:
They have a great cook book out that is full of color, local products. 
It is the best non-fiction read ever. This is not just a cookbook but a top quality table top book.

Scenic Cafe, 5461 N.Shore Drive, Duluth, 1.218.525.6274, 

We want to thank The Rose Man for the pink carnations for everyone. The Rose Man is
located at 36 W. Central Entrance, Duluth,1.218.722.4835,
Kathy from Heide's Mastectomy Shop701 1/2 N. 6th St., Duluth, 218-727-7860,, There is also a store in Edina. They have swimwear for
cruises, lymphedema products for men and women, chemo scarves, breast cancer bras 
and prosthesis. Personalized care and help to meet your needs.


How Sweet It is Cakes & Other Deliciousness!  324 W.Superior St., Duluth, 218-464-1185,
Cookie Temptations, 4025 Woodland Avenue, Duluth, 218-724-2000, 
https://cookietemptations.comEvery kind of cookie you can imagine!
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, 395 S. Lake Avenue, Suite 4, Duluth,
They have the best chocolates ever!
Cake Occasions-129 E. Central Entrance, Duluth, 218-348-2136-The best ever cupcakes
and cakes from a creative designer.
Wine Tyme-4932 East 2nd St., Superior, Wisconsin 54880, Tuesday-Saturday-11:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
These wines are are low in sulfide, roughly 1/6-1/8 compared to store wine.If you are a cancer patient or
get headaches from wine, these wines are the ones you should try. They are for those with allergies to sulfides.
One cannot get rid of sulfides because the yeast makes sulfides during fermentation, so no wine can be sulfide-free.
Wine donated by Wine Tyme, Peggy Anderson, Terri Newman. This will be for sampling.
A special thanks to the committee members:  Terri's Treasurers(Terri Newman), Circle of Hope, 
Peggy Anderson, B. Nimmo, Pat Esse, Sam Rathe, Janice Wallace, The project coordinator was Peggy Anderson.
(Expenses: $27.50) 

February 20, 2013 (Wednesday) Health is Contagious, Catch it at the LSC Health Fair 
-Lower Concourse, Lake Superior College-
(Expenses: Free Booth)


March 23, 2013-Gently Used Clothing and Accessory Sale, A Circle of Hope Event
with some Third Party Fundraising

-First United Methodist Church or the Coppertop
-There will be some Board vendors at the event who are Third Party Fundraisers For Circle of Hope:  
Terri's Treasurers (home made jewelry and jewelry dolls, Janice's HomeMade Items (fleece blankets, home
made towels, home made pillows, baby-children cloth books).
-There will be a Bake Sale, a Quick Breakfast and a Coney Lunch for purchase.
Kim Storm will be singing some tunes in the afternoon (noon till 2:00 p.m. with her new guitar before the bag sale!
-Lots of clothes, a boutique of many items. The room is full of stuff!
-There will be a Bag Sale at 2:00 p.m.$2.00 Donation. All left over clothes go to the Salvation Army Store this year
with the exception of baby & children's clothes going to Safe Haven Women's Shelter. 
-We want to thank the Coppertop Church or First United Methodist for being a supporter.
Donated Clothes:  Peg and Jim Anderson+++++, Lisa Post,Take 2 Consignments, Dennis and Judy Anderson, 
Pat Esse++++++,  her friend, her son, Rhonda Nagorski, Linda Marsh, Rosemary Tripp, Mary Lou Tarves, Terri Newman+++,
Lee Lemanoff,++++ Carol Newkumet, Sandra Warp, Jeannie M/anonymous++++++++, Mary Gummerson, Barb Ellingson+++,
Marianne Schaub, Annette McDonald, Debra R/anonymous, Liz Shannon, Lucile Kengsley, Bruce Hasforth, Janet Nelson,
Carol Fike, Stacie Hansen++++, Rozlyn Brandt, Carol Bjorlin, Sandy Haggy, Susan Bathory, Sandi Ollestad, Ken Broman, 
APO-Nu-Mu (UMD), Bill Buschette, Sam Rathe, Joah M. Beauchlain, Sharon Buchanon, Karen Mattson, Gail Wall, Roberta Dwyer,
Jean Olson, Marilyn Lepak, Sam Rathe+++, Chris Sheff, Chris Davila/Latino Group/UMD

-A special thank you to First United Methodist Church, the Coppertop!!!!!
-A special thank you to the following donors: Terri Newman (hot dogs), Peggy Anderson (bottled water & lots of bakeditems), 
Sharon Lindberg (baked goods), Janice Wallace (Lots of baked goods), Lori Rassmussen (cookies), Peter Regis/Coney Island 
(sauce),Yvonne Petcher (bread and cookies), Pat Miller (cookies), Kirsten Rupp (cupcakes), Kim Storm (donating her time to
-A special thank you to the Hope Moving Company (Thursday Eve): Peg and Jim Anderson, Tom Porter, Janice and
Greg Wallace, Joel Post. The truck hit a snag and stopped working but we get it jump started.
-A special thank you to the Hope Unloading Company (Friday a.m. &p.m.):  Jim Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Greg Wallace,
-A special thank your to the volunteers: Kelly Hughes, Dominic Pitoscia, Grandma D, Judy Nelson, Glenda Nordberg,
Peggy & Jim Anderson, Greg & Janice Wallace, Terri Newman, Colleen Hasforth, Sam Rathe, Pat Esse, 
-A special thank you for the volunteers on Saturday: Terri Newman, Janice & Greg Wallace, Peggy& Jim Anderson, Colleen
Hasforth, Pat Esse, Sam Rathe, Nancy Wentz, Glenda Nordberg, Judy Nelson, Grandma D, Dominic Pitoscia, Kelly Hughes,Sandy
Ollestad, Pati Rongstad, Deb Kulas, Jennifer Califf, Laurie Donayre, Angel Hughes, Jainee Maddy, Helen McGovern, Linda Haire, Sharon
Rogers, Judy Nelson, Grandma D, Tessa Lasky
-A special thank you to the Hope Moving Company (Saturday p.m.): Jim Anderson, Tom Porter, Peggy Anderson, Colleen
Hasforth, Jason Buhl, Bruce Hasforth (church clean up), all the volunteers that bagged and helped to clean up, Janice & Greg Wallace

"Decorated Bras for a Donation" to Circle of Hope; Terri's Treasurers Jewelry with a % to Circle of Hope
Bowling at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
i.e.-Poker Bras, Hawaiian Bras, Gardening Bras of 50 types of home made bras....
These are two bras I made: Let Us End Breast Cancer and Button Up Breast Cancer
Make a unique bra, bring it in, donate that day. We can give you a donation slip.

March 13, 2013-Private Party at Lillians, a Fundraiser for Invited Guests Only, A Third Party Fundraiser
Party Coordinator: Colleen Hasforth,
(Expenses: 0)

March 26, 2013-WITC Health Fair
(Booth: free)

Thoughout The Year:

2013 Fundraiser For Circle of Hope
If you would like to help us, these are a $10.00 donation. Sizes are large, extra large, and two extra large.
These only come in long sleeved sizes and women's.



April 11, 2013-Essentia Spring Craft Fair-Circle of Hope Booth is a Third Party Fundraiser
(Booth in Lieu)

April 27, 2013-Northland Community Wellness Day-UMD, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
(Booth: free)

April 20, 2013-United Way Volunteer Fair, Miller Hill Mall
We are a member of the United Way Volunteer Program.
(Booth cost: $15.00)


May-3-Crafters Sale-The Three Sisters-Holiday Center-Third Party Fundraising
(Booth: $180.00, fees back: $120.00 fees back: $60.00)


May 12, 2013-Mother's Day Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for The Cure
(Booth: free)

May 11, "Bowling for Boobies"-Landmark Lanes, Superior     
$1679.50 to Circle of Hope
This money is for daily living expenses for breast cancer patients in Superior who are struggling financially.
From left to right is Jan Christianson, Dianne Mencel, Peggy Anderson, and Danielle Hadacek. Yvonne
Pank was unable to attend due to a family emergency. Those in the white shirts are on the committee.
Landmark Lanes is located at 1914 Broadway Street in Superior, WI 54880, 1.715.394.4422. Find them
on Facebook! Form a team next year!

"Decorated Bras for a Donation" to Circle of Hope; Terri's Treasurers Jewelry with a % to Circle of Hope
Bowling at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
i.e.-Poker Bras, Hawaiian Bras, Gardening Bras of 50 types of home made bras....
These are two bras I made: Let Us End Breast Cancer and Button Up Breast Cancer
Make a unique bra, bring it in, donate that day. We can give you a donation slip.


May 18, 2013, 2nd Annual Twin Ports Motorcycle Expo, Black Bear Otter Creek Event Center, 
Black Bear Casino, Carlton, MN 11 a.m.-6 p.m. -Third Party Fundraiser, sponsor as Peggy does 
some advertising.
-For more information call Joe Fye at 1.218.348.7625. Th expo will cater to Northeastern
Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin's robust motorcycle culture.
-It will be a day for riders and enthusiasts of the motor sports industry and will feature all makes and models. 
Vendors will include motorcycle/Motorsports dealers, parts and accessories, suppliers and motor sports 
related products. All things related to motor sports industry as insurance, lawyers, banks and more will be 
included. (2012)
(Expenses: $50.00, Income $25.00, This Booth is a Third Party Fundraiser Booth)

April 20, 2013-United Way Volunteer Fair, Miller Hill Mall
We are a member of the United Way Volunteer Program.
(Booth cost: $15.00)

Indiegogo Fundraiser for Circle of Hope-Peggy A
I am raising money for daily living expenses for breast cancer clients in
Douglas county and for the MN breast cancer block grant program that
pays money to hospitals and clinics. Help make a difference in the lives of
others. Please share this with others.


June 12, 2013-Five Guys Benefit for Circle of Hope-4-8 p.m., a Third Party Fundraiser

June 17, 2013-Board Boot Camp 102

June 19, 2013-Non-Profit Financial Management Workshops
June 21, 2013 Friday-" Start Healthy, Stay Healthy, Prevention is the lst Step,"Fond du 
Lac 35th Annual Health Fair-9:00-3:00 p.m., Objibwe School, 49 University Road, Cloquet
Minnesota 55720

June 25, Tuesday-Intern Workshop

June 26, 2013-United Way Day of Caring Project
We need quilts, prayer shawls (knitted, crocheted, sewn), chemo caps (knitted, crocheted, sewn),
prayer squares, silent auction items. A donation slip will be given to you. We are tax exempt to the
extent of the law.


July 4, 2013- Fourth Fest, A Third Party Fundraiser

July 12-Sandi V-Hotdog Fundraiser-Thank you to Pepsi, Coke, Keyport, SuperOne, Casey Duffy/Premier Real Estate, Kelly Raunio, Rod Powers and

July 9-10-11, 2014-Sidewalk Days Festival New Items for a Donation or Just Make a Donation for A Great Cause-Thank you to Tom Porter, Jim Anderson,
and Greg Wallace for giving out over 600 flyers.

July 10, 11 & 12, 2013-Sidewalk Day Sales, a Third Party Fundraiser
(Expenses: free booth as a member of The Greater Downtown Council

July 19-20th, 2013-Gently Used Rummage Sale and New Clothing Sale, A Third Party Fundraiser


August 16-18, 2013-Jokes, Pokes and Chokes, A Tattoo Arts Convention and More
Black Bear Casino Resort, Carlton, MN, 75 tattooist/piercers, heavy on wrestling, Northern
Light Burleque, Comedian-Dwight York

August 2, 2013-The Health/Family Day Sappi Paper Fair and Picnic-Veterans Park
-Sharing a booth with Us Too.


September 1, 2013-UMD Honors Program-Co-speakers
Order tickets for a game in Minneapolis. Circle of Hope gets a portion of the ticket sale

September 17, 2013-Health Fair City of Duluth employees only-8-3 p.m., various
(Booth free)

September 18, 2013, Wednesday-Community Involvement Fair-University of Minnesota

September 21, 2013-Chester Bowl Fall Fest-Third Party Fundraiser
(Expenses: $50.00 by Peggy Anderson)


October 4-5 below

Throughout the Year:

Our Graphic Designer


October 2013-Whose Going To Punch Out Breast Cancer? Together, We Can Make A Difference
Curves is offering a purchase a 10-Workout punch cards in October with Proceeds going to The Circle
of Hope, The offer is a limit of 1-10 workout punch card per person. It is not valid with 
any other offer, with no cash value and new fitness members only at participating locations. The 10 visits must be 
completed by November 15, 2012. For more information contact your neighborhood Curves. Mount Royal 
218.724.7097, Superior 1.715.6179, Hermantown 218.279.2978. Proceeds benefit breast cancer treatment bills in 
the region.

Oct. 5, 2013-Carlton County Health Fair
September 28th-Lester Park Rendezvous-Third Party Fundraiser
(Expenses: free booth in lieu of  free advertising project)


Oct.13-USG Health Fair

2013: Also a special thank you to Tubular Studios,www.TubularStudios.comWells FargoThe Reader, and So Many Others..








October 12, 2013- 12 Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Conference, Mpls. Convention Center
1.651.487.35.78, contact for conference attendance, sponsorship, advertising, exhibitor information, presenting
seminars, or to be a volunteer.
Expenses: Booth/Non-Profit-This is a Susan G. Komen, MN Affilate sponsored event
Prevention, Treatment, Survivorship,


October 17-18, 2013-31st Annual St. Louis County Health & Human Service Conference, DECC

October 23, 2013-Senior Expo-"The Round Her & Him Up Booth"-Circle of Hope
and Sunrise Cemetery and Funeral Home Booth
(Expenses Split with Sunrise Cemetery and Funeral Home.)

Oct. 24-25, 2013-MN Non-Profits Conference DECC

October 17-18-31st Annual St. Louis County Health & Human Service Conference, DECC

Fond du Lac's Women's Health Brunch

Oct. 31, 2013-UMD Health Fair for Emplyees
Oct. 26 and 31st, 2013-Halloween Monster Clothing Drive for Circle of Hope in Hermantown. Our clothing sale is in the spring but
we are looking for gently used clothing and accessories for this sale. We want any size or age clothing. Financial Donations
are also being accepted.

Oct. 31, 2013-UMD Health Fair for Employees

Oct. 4-5, 2013-Pink Run Gordon, Wisconsin: The Get-Er-Done Recreation
Club from Gordon is hosting its 4th Annual Pink Run on October 4th and
5th 2013.
For a $10.00 donation, participants visit 10 sponsoring businesses, collecting 
stamps for a poker hand. the run concludes at Buckhorn Bar and Grill in 
downtown Gordon at 6 p.m. with prizes for the best poker hands, raffles, 
door prizes and food. Proceeds benefit Circle of Hope for their breast cancer 
treatment program for southern Douglas county. for specifics on the Pink Run, 
contact Jean Bowe @ 715.376.4262.




Oct. 20, 2013

A special thank you to Lounge Hounds: Peter Provost, Jerry Siptroth, Ron  Kovisto, Rick Mowers, Dave Winchester, John Thorene.
A special thank you to GRRRL Band: Diane Winkler, Cheryl Husby, Dorothea Diver, Becca Lindquist, Janet Bissell, Joanne Piper-Maurer
A special thank you to: Kim Storm, our board consultant.
A special thank you to: Cool Hand Luke,  Brian Lukasavitz, our legal consultant
Super Major Sponsors:  Maurices, Clyde Iron Works, Twin Ports Night Life, Escape Limousine, Curves