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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

2011 Fundraising Events and Activities

March 27, 2011-"Think Sunshine Benefit" for Vicky Yryanainen,a breast cancer survivor (who is
struggling with late stage Inflammatory Breast Cancer) at Clyde Iron Works, Sunday, from 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.
Peggy Anderson will have a Circle of Hope booth and American Cancer booth. She also will be a speaker. There
will be lots of entertainment in a celebration of Vicky's life and a benefit to raise money for her medical expenses. 
There will be a silent auction, kids games, performances from people she personally knows, a bake sale, and "many
fun surprises" in this very unique benefit. For updates on Vicky who is fighting for her life go to: If you can donate money please go to any Wells Fargo Bank and tell them
you want to donate to the: Think Sunshine Trust under the tab of Trish Berger (her daughter). If you can donate 
to the silent auction please write Trish at:   

April 2, 2011-"New Clothing Sale" with the Proceeds Donated to Circle of Hope, #2- at Wild and Crazy Bargain Prices
Men's, Women's, Girls, Teens, and Baby Clothing below wholesale prices. Lots of new boxes of clothing that include all
kinds of great bargains. Scrub Stuff, American Heart, BC, Camouflage Clothing, Scrapbook Supplies. There are new items
being donated all the time. For example, you can get 3 men's shirts for $10.00 or $5.00 a piece. We will have a bake sale and
quick lunch or breakfast al carte.

Clothing Sale
April 2-8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.,Clothing Sale- East Entrance, First United Methodist Church, "The Coppertop Church"
230 East Skyline Pkwy., Duluth, MN
A special thank you for First United Methodist Church/ Colleen Hasforth, and Peggy Anderson Publishing for co-sponsoring this event. 
Kudos to Maurices, Fine Line Clothing, Younkers for their help, A and E, Bea Larsen, Laughing Stock, Julie Tafte, B. Nimmo, Charter 
Media, Other Media Sources, Glenita Geving, Laughing Stock, Terri Newman (Terri's Treasurers), Peggy Anderson, Jim Anderson, Peggy
Rydberg, Janice Wallace, Rock Dranimals, Don and Nancy Brown, Pat Miller, Kelly Hughes, Gloria Erickson, Lori Pasley/Arbonne 
International, Ben Kimball, Brooke Tapp, Lauren Smude, Janice Wallace, Greg Wallace, Jerry Metcalf, Avis Hasforth, Pat Miller, Linda 
Hare, Judy Nelson, Kirsten Rupp, Gloria Erickson, United Way of Duluth (advertising), Paul Vance, Jerry Lassila, Pan O-Gold,Upper 
Great Lakes Food,The Duluth News Tribune, All Media Sources, Erin Turner, Linda Hall, Kathleen Howard, Bruce Hasforth, Avis Hasforth.
 Kathleen Howard, Central Key Club Members (Paige Schuler and Bre Spehear), Kelly Hughes, Sharon Rogers, Brooke Tapp, Cubs, and
 Sam Ratke. Together we can make the difference in the lives of others.

April 1, 2011, Bunco Night, Friday, 6:30- 8:00 p.m.
Location: Lakeside-Lester Park Community Club, 54th Ave. E. and Tioga St., 1 block up from Superior St.
This is an historic dice game. It is a blast and a great community mixer. No experience is necessary. The
simple rules will be explained at the event. Suggested donation is $10.00 at the door. Pre-registration is 
recommended by calling Wendy at 525-5099 or E-mailing: Players age 12
and above are welcome. The proceeds of the event will go to Circle of Hope.

April 19, 2011-First Circle of Hope grant given for breast cancer medical bills.
April, 2011- Craft Sale-Essentia Health-Circle of Hope/Peggy Anderson
June 10, 2011-Miche Bag Fundraiser, from 6:45 p.m.-8 p.m., First United Methodist Church, Fireside Lounge
Please RSVP if you are coming by E-mail to: or call her at 1.218.390.7898. 10% of 
the sales benefit Circle of Hope as well as a financial gift from each Miche bag sold. Check out the website at: This is Colleen Hasforth's party, a board member.
This is "The New June Group." All the other favorites are still available and Andrea has a catalog. Refreshments
and bars will be provided. Do a little retail shopping with some snacks for a cause.
These are the beautiful breast cancer purses that we get a portion of the sales from. There are others.

September 24, 201l-Lester Park Rendezvous
Peggy Anderson Publishing for Circle of Hope
-This booth sold home-made crafts, home made clothing, below wholesale clothing, breast 
cancer items, misc. items, dog and children items for sale. All proceeds benefit Circle of Hope
except for the dog items.These dog items go to a fund called, "Dogs Get Breast Cancer too.
Terri's Treasures will also have a booth with 20% of the sales donated to Circle of Hope.

October, 2011-Curves Benefit for "Circle of Hope" at Spirit Valley Curves,located at
5602 Grand Avenue, Duluth, 1.218.628.9238. There are lots of really fun activities planned
at this Curves. 

Circle of Hope Cans for a Cause-Donations for a Cause
These are located at Hair Tactics, Duluth Grill, Crafter Events (Several of us are crafters and have small businesses), Skyline Bowling Alley,
Sammy' Pizza (Downtown-can stolen), Fosters, Elite Dance, Four Curves in the region, Art UR Fingers, Wine Thyme, Miller Hill Car Wash, 
Proctor Milk House, LS Dry Cleaners, Arnolds Shirt Works, Laughing Stock, Medical Arts Pharmacy,Gruenke's (Bayfield), Art in The Alley 
(Duluth-Just Oct.), Trading Post (Herbster), Engwalls, London Road Car Wash-2 cans
 -If I forgot anyone let us know,

United Way of Duluth-Volunteer Affiliate, Needs by Volunteers:
Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting Items for A Cause-This is a continual project. If you can volunteer to sew (prayer squares), knit or crochet, 
sign up the United Way website. The items needed include quilts, prayer shawls, blankets, and chemo caps for breast cancer patients. The 
Circle of Hope poem and website will be attached to these. They do not have to be pink. Check out our page, "Thoughts To Think About" 
to see the poem used by Circle of Hope.
-You will get a donation slip for your donation (s). Contact Peggy Anderson at 1.218.525.1905 or To sign
up to volunteer for the project go to the United Way website at: The deadline for volunteers to register for the 
Day of Caring is June 10th. If you want to be an all year volunteer, just contact Peggy Anderson.
Project Supplies For A Cause-This is an on going need. We do not have a supply or operating budget, but some of our caring donors 
volunteer to this fund. Everything goes as designated to our block grant program (100%), our dragon boat fees (100% as designated), 
and operating costs as designated. No one is paid a salary.
 -We are in need of long white envelopes, stamps, post cards, toner, standard white photocopying paper, a financial accounting program.
 The types of toner. (add kinds) We would never turn down any photocopying credits at a printing shop.
-If Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny wanted to buy us a new computer or/and copier we would not turn it down.
-We were a non-profit in a box (es) so to speak. Our money goes as designated. We are strictly a charitable organization. We know have 
an office.
This is not not a United Way Project but we have Project Patient Help for a Cause 
-This is project is donations of the following for breast cancer patients and their families: restaurant certificates and cards, 
gas, and hotel stay certificates.
-If you would also like to donate these for a silent auction, we will accept them and give you a donation slip.
-We list you on our website In Kind, not in lieu of your donation. It's our permanent booking system. 
We belong to The United Way Volunteer organization, participate in Day of Caring, and participate in The Volunteer Fair.

Other Fundraisers:

Kathleen Wicklund and her niece-Destiny Glass Jewelry &Stained Glass- are giving 25%
of all sales of items that have been marked Circle of Hope. Many of the items are pink or are a mix containing pink beads and gems. 
This includes bracelets, Sarah's Bracelets, necklaces, barefoot sandals & earrings.
 Peggy Anderson Publishing/Crafts Business-Peggy raises and donates 100% of her sales to Circle of Hope and pays the taxes 
on the taxable items. She has sold breast cancer items for years along with her crafts and has donated 100% to breast cancer 
throughout the years. She and other Circle of Hope members will be at a variety of events this year.

Terri's Treasurers-Terri Newman-20% of all Jewelry Sales will be going to Circle of Hope. (Website will be developed soon
 and the details with her locations will be listed. If you want her or her friend to bring the jewelry to your business for a lunchtime
 jewelry buying sale, let her know. She is on the board of directors page.) This adds up fast folks.
Thoughout The Year:
Order The Hope CD locally and on CD You can listen to snippets of the music on the 
CD from each song. 

This CD is also sold at: Electric Fetus (Downtown Duluth), Dubh Lin Pub (Downtown Duluth), Laughing 
Stock Design EStore-324 W. Superior St., Duluth-http://www.laughingdesignbiz.index.aspx, most of the SuperOne 
Grocery Stores in the region Duluth, Superior, Two Harbors, Sweet Peas in Two Harbors (ask), and at events that 
Peggy Anderson is a vendor. They are all sold at the Duluth Grill.

On Going Fundraiser: Our Shirts are $10.00. Please support our partial sponsor.  
Support the cause, help get the message out there. Our sponsor for the above Circle of Hope t-shirts is Screen Graphics. They
do our Many Faces of Breast Cancer dragon boat T-shirts every year and do an amazing job. Our designer is
Screen Graphics website is:

November 17-18, 2011-Festival of Trees-Location: South Pioneer Hall, a Third Party Fundraiser 


November 19,  2012, Monday-4 p.m.- 8 p.m.-A Third Party Fundraising Night at Texas Roadhouse for Circle of Hope.
You need an invitation sheet, so contact, or any board member. Texas Roadhouse is located
at 902 Mall Drive, Duluth. They are donating 10% with an invitation sheet to Circle of Hope. You can all ahead at 218-624-7427. 
"Let's Round Everyone Up!"
 (Expenses: $62.50 printing coupons and paper ads; Donation: $75.00)
November 28, 29, 30, 2012-Mini Crafters Sale (Third Party Fundraiser) to Raise Money for Circle 
of Hope-Holiday Center, Skywalk from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.-Third Party Fundraiser/Crafters 


October Fundraiser:
All the other Curves are raising money for Circle of Hope
We are eternally grateful to the Curves in Duluth,  and Superior. We thank you with
all of our hearts! The owners, Curves managers, and all the participants will truly make a 
difference in the lives of others in our region.

October-November 2011-Community Day Booklets will be available for a five dollar donation. If you want
a community day booklet, contact a board member.Will you please help us to sell Community Day booklets? 
Pretty please! I think this time we will need to use a dog like Animal Allies at the mall.

On Going Fundraiser: Our Shirts are $10.00. Please support our partial sponsor.     
Support the cause, help get the message out there. Our sponsor for the above Circle of Hope t-shirts is Screen Graphics
They do our Many Faces of Breast Cancer dragon boat T-shirts every year and do an amazing job. Our designer is
Kyle: The Screen Graphics website is:

2011-Collaboration For A Cause-Laughing Stock and Circle of Hope joined forces for the breast cancer cause.
Shane Bauer, owner or Happy Spaces is selling T-shirts for Circle of Hope. They are only $10.00. He is also selling
the Think Sunshine Shirts for $15.00. The Circle of Hope T-shirts come in sizes medium through 2X. They support
Circle of Hope. The Think Sunshine shirts along with money from the each sale goes to Circle of Hope. There are 
children's through adult sizes and they are short sleeved. You can also buy them through Circle of Hope. The shirts 
on sale are at Laughing Stock Design Store located at 600 E. Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55803 (1.218.727.1063. 
Their website is: This is the home of Listen to Nature, Sustainable Apparel & Happy
 Space Positive. "We Remember Your Attitude is Everything."

October 1, 2011-Get-er-R-Done-Pink Run for "Circle of Hope"-A breast cancer benefit for clients in Douglas County. There will be a silent auction, and many activities for the participants. More details on the Get
Er Done website.

Oct. 2, 2011-Clyde Iron Works, "Zumba Fitness Class" for Circle of Hope from 3-5 p.m.  Sponsors are: Clyde Iron Works,
 Peggy Anderson Publishing, Terri Newman,  Zumba Instructors: Jill Heide and others..
Zumba is Latin American dancing. On TV Zumba advertisements say you can lose 500 calories per hour. 
The Zumba instructors in our city are super energized. Zumba clothing will be sold and breast cancer clothing. 
Proceeds benefit Circle of Hope for the breast cancer block grant program.

Oct. 4, 2011-St. Luke's-Financial Barriers/Resources-Booth with/B Nimmo.

2011-Stay Classy Contest

Pink Well Challenge-October 11-Oct. 14, 2011-On October 11th through the 14th you can go on the Pink Well Challenge 
website, FACEBOOK, and Twitter to vote for Circle of Hope, Duluth. We are 1 of the 155 organizations nominated for 
The Ellen DeGeneres Pink WellAward/$25,000.00 sponsored by The Smith Foundation. Nominated organizations can get from
 you up to 10 votes per day PER PERSON. WE NEED YOUR 10 VOTES. (Remember how we got 375 votes for Stay Classy? 
We were invited to San Diego! 
We were a qualifier but we didn't make it to the next level. Next year we will be prepared with videos and all the rest.) You can
 vote for multiple organizations on the Pink Well Challenge but we want to win! 
------We provide payments for breast cancer patients bills in financial distress and poverty in northern MN and northern 
Wisconsin. (Our board does not pay themselves a salary, nor do I as the secretary or coordinator of this website and activities. 
Our favorite word is a four letter word, "FREE." We are a grass roots organization of volunteers, many breast cancer survivors. 
We laugh a lot, it's better than feeling sad or crying for our friends who have died of breast cancer.
-------We all want to make a difference in the lives of others, and the money is paid directly to the provider based on 
confidential criteria. We totally follow Hippa rules.
-------On Oct. 11th, Lester Smith, creater of the Pink Well Challenge is appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk 
about his challenge and his new book, "You Gotta Dance Like No One's Watching." You can't miss this show. \
http://www.pinkwell.org Listen to Gloria Gaynor's song, "I Will Survive" under our 
resources tab on our website. It is a song that is sung every year at The National Breast Cancer Coalition conference, 
a number #1 organization in this country. (The NBCC count down to end breast cancer in this country is on our Board of Directors page.)
------We need to end breast cancer, all 32 kinds by 2020. Enough is enough.)
------In the mean time back at the ranch, we need to serve and help patients. Patients should be first, above all else. You shouldn't have
cancer, then be plagued with depression over how you are going to pay for it as you get one call after another.  That's what Circle of Hope 
does. We pay for breast cancer treatment bills of patients with no insurance, high deductible, low income,  those who have been turned into
collection, and the list goes on.
------You can help us and together we can make a difference in the lives of others. Let these patients, say, "I Will Survive," 
"I will Dance Because I Survived Cancer and The Bills That Came With It." Life should be a celebration. Let everyone celebrate 
as "Each Day is a Gift."

Oct. 22, 2014-Coppertop Church, "New Clothing Sale"-Sponsored by Peggy Anderson Publishing with the 
proceeds going to Circle of Hope. All ages of clothes and accessories. Below wholesale sales, bake sale, lunch available. 
We have lots of nurses scrub stuff,  lanyards,  men's shirts, and lots of everything. Do you want some nurse's bags? 
We have lots of these.WE have one garage full of donations to sell to you for a bargain.  This is "Bargains for a Cause."
Booths that will be there include: Terri's Treasurers, a Health Fair Table, and much more.
We thank the Coppertop Church for sponsoring us.
Partnering with Other Non-Profits for the good of all community partners. We collected certain items for Life House,
books for the Big Red Book Shelf and Clothing for the Hope Center in Lincoln Park with our left over items.

October 27, 2011- Thursday-"Hope Concert," Sacred Heart Music Center, 6:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.,  
Large Silent Auction and Concert with all the singers, musicians on the CD.

Our First Concert:
Hope Concert Fundraiser- (with Circle of Hope as the Beneficiary)-Sacred Heart Music Center
-A special thank you to our volunteers and board members: Peggy& Jim Anderson, Bonnie Nimmo, Terri & Jerry Metcalf, Colleen & Bruce
Hasforth, Sam Rathe, Pat Esse, Jaima & Tom Hanson/Duluth Grill (and the others who helped with the wonderful appetizers, five kinds), Janice
& Greg Wallace. We are also greatful to Eric Swanson on the sound board and the Sacred Heart volunteers. Together we made it a great event.
-This event would not have happened without our singers & musicans and their back up groups: Jane Aas, Peter Aas, Mary Nienaber; Kim Storm
and The Assumption Church Choir (Barb Hoag, Karen Barschdorf, Jim Barschdorf, Marilyn Stralka, Stacy Lundgren, Katie Lundgren, Nora
Korkalo, and Brian Lukasvitz, Peter Provost with John Thorene, Jerry Siptroth, Dave Winchester, & Ron Koivisto; Sara Thomsen with Peter's
back up group; Rachael KilgourJosh Revak with his friend. Andy Elwell, Bill & Kates Isles; James Moors. A special thanks to 
Jim AndersonMr. Hans Aas, and Ted Schick for speaking at the event. A special thank you to Carol, www.Lilybythelake.comand all the other
financial supporters listed in the program (below) that made this event happen. Thank you for the silent auction donations as well. Without your
help and support, it wouldn't of happened.
The Comments From The Hope Concert:  People were blown away by the music. They had no idea that there was so much talent in our region,
and that they had not listened to these musicians before. There were so many comments about how impressive the music was, the sound system,
and the coordination of the event. Some went home to bed early and others came later. It was a free flowing event with lots of fluidness to it. 
These performers are the most talented folk singers, acoustic guitar singers in the region with a little mix of everything else to make it a very sweet event.  
I don't know how many people said they wish we would do it again next year. One person said had they known what a beautiful event it was
going to be they would have invited ten more people.
--We were extremely happy with the attendance. We wanted it to be our donor  appreciation event as well.  It was a promotion of our Hope CD.
--We are grateful by those who have graced our lives with their kindness and help. Feel the love, the HOPE, the care, and the inspiration
by buying this great CD called, HOPE. It is sold at SuperOne Grocery Stores in the region, Duluth GrillArt in the AlleySweet Peas, and
Dubb Linn Pub. It is $10.00 for a great cause. 100% of the proceeds goes to breast cancer clients treatment bills in northern MN and northern
-This was a sampling of their music."The Circle Was Not Broken." All 9 musicians and groups showed up and sang with lots of hopeful
messages that made everything think and feel the emotions.
--Josh Revak came from Anchorage, Alaska.  He works in Representative Young's Office in the Wounded Veterans Program. He lost
10 friends in Iraq, has recorded in Nashville, been on the Huckabee Show playing two times, and has played at military funerals. "To
Know Josh is To Love Josh."
--Andy Elwell came from Mpls., and he will be coming out with his new CD in January called "Brave Soul." This will be his fourth
CD. He sings diary like songs that grasp at your heart and true emotions. Some make you wonder about the rest of the story. (Kim and
I listened to In The Morning Sun song on You Tube till we turned blue. Andy calls it his Disney song due to the attraction or magnetism
of it.)
--Kim Storm came from Chicago, and she will be doing our Circle of Hope You Tube video. She has at least 3 CD's out there. She is
our board consultant, our cheer leader. What would we do without her?
--Sara Thomsen is forever ingrained in our minds with her story like songs.  They all have woven stories. She can bring tears to your
eyes with her songs. She has sung at memorial services. I want her to sing at mine.
--James Moors is a true professional with REAL talent; my velveteen rabbit. He does an exceptional job as a one man band. His voice
sticks in your mind forever, and he gave one of his greatest songs to this project. It is the first song on the CD, "Welcome to Duluth." He
makes you REALLY CARE.
--Peter Provost is a talented professional. He sang at Black Bear on November 10th in a musical tribute to our veterans; all the songs
sung during every military time period, and it was called, A Musical Salute. I listened to his older song, "God Bless The Homeless" for
 2 years, and it is on our Hope CD. I know many people love that song and wish he would reproduce his older CD.
--Rachael Kilgour has always had lots of musical and singing talent. She is my former second grader, and I am so proud of her and
what she has done with her life. She sings from the heart. I have listened to her tunes over and over from, Will You Marry Me? to many
--Jane Aas especially wrote New Tapestry for the Hope CD, and it is so beautiful. No matter what she sings the songs have real
meaning. She sings and plays guitar with her friends and sometimes in a group. I hope she makes a CD at some point in time. I am going to
be her cheerleader. Check out one of her songs on this You Tube link:
--Bill and Kate Isles are full exceptional talent and are loved by many. They perform all over the states. My husband drives all over
and listens to their songs. He asks me questions about them. I tell him, "Ask Bill why he wrote it." They have two new CD's out.
Regional Singers/Musicians:Three had moved away, gave their music to the Hope CD project, and came back to keep our circle together,
so it would not be broken. We thank our singers/musicians who have graced us with their music, put songs in our minds and hearts. We are
eternally grateful to them for sharing their songs, stories, and talents with us and all the other people who need hope, inspiration, faith,
and courage.
Our Scrapbook of Pictures of Our Hope CD Singers/Musicians:

 November 2011-2012
Order The Hope CD locally and on CD You can listen to snippets of the music on the 
CD from each song. 

This CD is also sold at: Electric Fetus (Downtown Duluth), Dubh Lin Pub (Downtown Duluth), Laughing 
Stock Design,  E-Store-324 W. Superior St., Duluth-http://www.laughingdesignbiz.index.aspx, most of the SuperOne 
Grocery Stores in the region Duluth, Superior, Two Harbors, Sweet Peas in Two Harbors (ask), and at events that 
Peggy Anderson is at.

The "Hope" CD release in the "Super One Grocery Stores" for Circle of Hope to raise money for 
breast cancer block grants.They are also available atSuperOne Grocery Stores (service counters)The Duluth Grill, Art in 
The Alley, Sweet Peas, from Peggy Anderson, and Dubb Lin Pubb.
This project was possible because of: Lily by the Lake, Kiwanis of Friendly Duluth, Sacred Heart (Eric Swanson), Copy 
Cats, and Junior League of Duluth.The cost of these CD's is only $10.00, and it is truly inspirational.
This project would not be possible without the singers and musicians who made it possible. We are REALLY 
grateful to them for the songs and tunes. The extremely talented singers on this CD include:  Dr. Kim Storm,
 Bill and Kate Isles, Sara Thomsen, Jane Aas, Andy Elwell, Josh Revak, Peter Provost, James Moors, 
Rachel Kilgour.This CD is made possible because of Carol Snoyengaus (Lily by The Lake, Graphic designer),
Eric Swanson (Sacred Heart mixer), Copy Cats Media in Mpls., and consultants (Kim Storm, Eric Swanson 
and Jasson Waussow). We are grateful for Dennis from Northern Images for the CD pictures. Thank you for all 
of these people and those who remain unnamed who helped with this project. There are several recording studios 
that are owned by Steve Hormer, Steve Kuether, and Dave Hill. We are thankful to Super One Grocery Stores, 
Paper Hog, Real Estate Viewer, Ted Schick (Schick Corporate Learning), The Woman Today, Secret Service 
Entertainment, Integrity Health Network, The Duluth Grill, Alakef Coffee Roasters, Peggy Anderson Publishing, 
WDSE/WRPT, KUMD 103.3 FM, Animal Kingdom Chiropractic, The Duluth Transit Authority as well. 
There are more that needed to be added. They are on the poster and on the donated TV ad.

More Concert Details:
Our concert is below and is Oct. 27, 2011 at Sacred Heart Music Center from 6:30-11:00. The proceeds 
from this CD will be donated to Circle of Hope for the breast cancer block grant program. Some of the 
pictures used for the cover include some of the following:

October 28, 2011-"The BOOO-BIE Bash" at Black Bear Casino from 6:30-11:00 p. at Otter Creek Event Center.  This is a wedding 
reception for David Spud Apitz and Christine Capt'n Sheff Apitz and a fundraiser for Circle of Hope. They are presenting this 
event along with Black Bear Casino & Resort, Duluth Dodge, Spud & Captain, Danger Productions/Joe Danger FryeVan Halen 
Army Tribute from the cities and the Duluth band called, The Centerville All Stars will be playing. . There was a silent auction, a 
costume party/contest (costumes are encouraged but are not required) and all proceeds go to Circle of Hope. Circle of Hope had a table 
there.  Tickets can be purchased through the Black Bear website and ticket master. It should be a wild and crazy event in the name of  
fundraising all rolled into one rock and roll event.

Arbonne Fundraiser Through Lori Pasley-

Call Lori at, as she offers free shipping locally. She is offering any Unwind or Awaken aromatherapy

 products including shower gels, bath salts, body lotions, massage oils and body mist purchases with a percent (

20-100% depending on what it is) of the proceeds to be donated to Circle of Hope in the month of October. 

Check out the products at:    

2011-"Red Long John Sale For Breast Cancer"  and also the "Flag Shirts."
You can buy your red long Johns, the full suit at The Duluth Grill located on 27th Avenue West and help a
great cause. Just promise to not tell Santa Claus or he may buy them out. The sizes presently in stock are: large
and 2 X. Do you want to be the only person in the city without them?  Brrr it is cold; buy yours today at a 
very affordable price for a great cause .