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 Circle of Hope is a member of the Minnesota Better Business Bureau Association since January 7, 2016.
Circle of Hope, Non Profit Organizations General Membership, Duluth, MN

Circle of Hope has its financials on Guide Star:

We provide: 

Emergency Breast Cancer Financial Help for Those Going Through Treatment
Raise Money for Local Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Locally-University of Minnesota Duluth
 Medical School 

Education on Breast Health and Breast Cancer;  Provide Speakers

Survivorship Skills and Engagement Activities for Patients, Survivors and Supporters

Contract Info:
Call: 218-464-1626, ask for Peggy 
Hours: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 pm. M-F or if you can reach me at another time.

Areas Served based on available  financial resources from donors, We do not have financial help for various counties. Call to find out if there are financial resources available. Feel good and educational boxes can be sent to all breast cancer patients in these counties.  We also send them to gynecological cancer patients in northern MN and Northern WI.

Financial Help in the Highlighted Areas is available:
*There is some money for northern MN in uncovered areas not listed above.

*Also: Marshfield Clinics in Northern WI.

Our Primary Mission:

Circle of Hope is located out of Duluth, MN and is an organization committed to serving breast cancer patients in northern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin. We serve a lot of local breast cancer patients from cancer center referrals, physicians, oncologists, social workers, financial workers, nurse navigators, advertising, and from patients themselves.  It is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization serving the public interest of helping people with a breast cancer diagnosis. of any age or gender in poverty and/or financial distress from a breast cancer diagnosis.

Our mission is achieved in several ways: 

1. Circle of Hope pays bills for breast cancer treatment bills from designated funds. The funds raised come from fundraisers, third party fundraisers, small grants and designated donors. These payments are paid to the providers of the services and not to patients. These determinations are based on specific criteria. The patient fills out the paper work and a release of information, so billing (and other) information can be checked.The patient needs to first send it through their insurance and then apply through hospital community care programs. We are the 3rd payee when funds are available in a designated area.

2. Circle of Hope has set up funds for paying bills to help breast cancer patients with rent/mortgage, utilities, food and gas cards. The money from these account comes from donations, fundraisers, third party fundraisers and grants if they are available. Donors request how money should be used. Gas and grocery cards are sent certified mail. These are available when not given out by cancer centers.There are other ways that patients maybe receive help. Rent, a house payment, utility bills (lights, heat) are bills paid directly to the provider of the service by Circle of Hope, if funds are available in the designated area. (Date 2/3/14)

Financial help is available for those breast cancer patients who struggle with poverty and those in financial distress. These are patients currently going through treatment: surgery, chemo, radiation, reconstructive surgery, and in some situations Stage IV breast cancer patients. These are often times patients who have had to quit work to receive life saving treatments.

3. Circle of Hope raises designated money for metastatic breast cancer research locally (University of Minnesota Duluth Medical School/Circle of Hope Fund). (Date-3/2/15)

4. Stage IV programs are available locally:  Feeling Joy and Compudyne Photography Project. The Quilt Program is available for Stage IV breast cancer patients in northern MN and northern Wisconsin that are clients we work with. 

5. Circle of Hope is committed toward helping patients with a breast cancer diagnosis by improving their lives. This involves many sporting activities.  Feel good, participation  and educational activities are available for all breast cancer patients. Breast Cancer patients and supporters knit, sew, crochet to make feel good boxes available for all breast cancer patients in the area in which Circle of Hope serves. Many others make chemo caps for the cancer centers through Circle of Hope.

What Do We Cover In Regards to Financial Help?

This is from the current designated application (2018).

1. Circle of Hope pays breast cancer treatment bills from designated funds. (These are funds from fundraisers, third party fundraisers, small grants and designated donor money.) These payments are paid to the providers of the services and not to patients. The patient fills out paper work and a release of information. Billing must be verified. Patients are asked to apply for community care help their cancer center or hospital second after insurance payments. After this they are asked to apply to Circle of Hope. Circle of Hope does not guarantee payment in all areas of the states it serves. It is based on designated account monies.

Breast Cancer Treatment bills include breast cancer surgery, oncology/chemo, radiation, dental work (related to chemo and the teeth are rotten and have to be pulled), lymph edema expenses and prescription loophole drug coverage. 

How does the block grant treatment payment program work? Financial help will be given based on the application and meeting specific criteria from a grid developed from the application. The Board of Directors votes on designated applications from a criteria grid. Names are not used.   This organization follows H.I.P.P.A. policies, adheres to patient privacy and pays directly to providers for breast cancer treatment services.

These applications will be available through clinics/hospitals, as there are specific people who need to fill out portions before the patient fills out his or her section.  Talk to an oncologist social worker or financial worker.

2. Circle of Hope has set up designated funds for paying daily living bills to help breast cancer patients with rent/mortgage, utilities, food and gas cards. Donors designate where they want the money given spent, and it does not mean there is money in your city of town. . If cancer centers offer grocery and gas cards for appointments or a special diet allowance, then Circle of Hope does not pay for these services. If the cancer centers do not pay for daily living expenses related to gas or groceries, the organization may pay for these items. Gas and grocery cards are sent certified mail. Rent, a house payment, utility bills (lights or heat) are bills paid directly to the provider of the service. The patient must send copies of the bills to Circle of Hope.  Circle of Hope does not pay for other services. Circle of Hope does guide all breast and gynecological cancer patients are where they can get financial help in their time of need, should they ask for this type of counseling. 

The money from these account comes from donations, fundraisers, third party fundraisers and grants, as they are available. Businesses and donors designate how they want the money used.  

3. Circle of Hope is committed toward helping breast cancer patients by improving the quality of their lives. Feel good, sporting events, and educational activities are for all breast cancer patients. Gynecological patients may participate as well as supporters. Circle of Hope has a resource library of materials, books, and CD's. They give out and send out feel good and educational boxes with a variety of items. It helps to know the diagnosis of the patient.

Circle of Support at this time is a personalized 1 on 1 conferences,  Call anytime to discuss an issue.  We will set up a time that we can meet you. It maybe in the office or we can go out for coffee. We have a resource library of materials. Call our office at 1.218.464.1626 or e-mail: They also recommend the online website in which they are a member:

A partnership of ours: abcd-after breast cancer diagnosis-the power of one-to-one, Take Your Breast Cancer Journey With Someone Who's Been "In Your Shoes."Call 1.414.977.1780 or 1.800.977.4121, You can get immediate support from breast cancer survivors, helpline mentors, be lined up with individualized matches from Match Mentors, and they can even connect you with more resources. This is a free service. Check out their website at:

4.Circle of Hope also collects money for local metastatic breast cancer research at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. In 2015, they donated $10,400.00 for the cause from designated funds. In 2016 they donated another $10,400.00. So far in 2017 they have donated $10,400.00. They also donated $100.00 to a special project. 

Circle of Hope is exclusively educational and charitable.

Other Help:

What are other ways a breast cancer patient can receive help? 
There are other services offered as well by Circle of Hope. If one does not qualify for financial help, the coordinator can point out the resources that are available locally, statewide and nationally to get the needed help. They have programs for local metastatic breast cancer patients.

Circle of Hope has partnered with a few other organizations that can help breast cancer patients. One is: abcd after breast cancer diagnosis,
the power of one-to-one. This is the former Y-Me staff and the organization is located in Glendale, Wisconsin. Call and they will line you up with a trained mentor or companion with your same diagnosis to speak to about unanswered questions you may have. They want your calls and there is "the power of one-to-one." There is no cost. It is a non-profit as well. Call 1.414.977.1780 or toll free: 1.800.977.4121. Their website is:

Another partner we are recommending is the The Cancer Support Community, a global network of Education and Hope. This group has an online support group that is great. They are located out of Washington, D.C. Both of these agencies Peggy talked to in Texas and has written them. This is a free service.

The following has our old address: